Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Good ole Insomnia, I am sure many of you have experienced sleepless nights at some point in your lives and know how incredibly debilitating it can be.

When I am really stressed, busy, kid's are poorly or I am worried or unwell my pain ( Previously mentioned HERE) gets worse and with that comes the dreaded Insomnia. It. Drives. Me. Crazy! It doesn't matter how many warm baths, books, hot milks, honey, turmeric, massages, windows open, lavender sprays, lettuce induced remedies I drown myself in. I just don't sleep! Well, That's a lie actually, I maybe fall asleep by 1am then wake up like a lark at 3am. Job Done! That's why, when I had my second child I was as happy as Larry with the sleepless nights because it gave me something to do for those two years that he decided night was day and day was night hahaha.

I can then go months and months and sleep like a log, but I have finally come to know my triggers and almost expect not to sleep when I am suffering from any of the above. I had read so many amazing things about this following product that I was so excited to give it a go.

Aromatheraphy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil - Aromatherapy Associates was founded in 1985 by Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey who had been training in aromatherapy and essential oils since the 1970's. Teaching about the benefits and links of essential oils with the sense of smell and emotional wellbeing, they were able to create expertly blended products that harness therapeutic properties and have natural healing benefits for a huge array of situations. These can vary  from Acne and skin issues through to emotional wellbeing and sleep.
Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

The Bath and Shower oil I used is the Deep Relax restful and Tranquil Oil. Firstly, can I just say the packaging is beautiful. The square shaped Glass bottle is so luxurious just like an expensive scent. It also comes beautifully boxed and I think would make an amazing gift to someone that you know needs some serious relaxation. It's so funny because when I go through my bouts of Insomnia I am always so desperate to try anything ( legal and within reason!) But, the bottle is so gorgeous I was really struggling to force myself to stop staring at it and actually use it hahaha!!

When you first remove the stopper of this award winning oil, you might find the scent of Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandlewood quite heady, as I did, but please do not let that put you off. This 55ml bottle contains enough for at least 20 baths so it is very concentrated. When you add one capful of this gorgeous, Amber coloured oil to a lovely deep bath, the aroma is amazing. It is immediately so relaxing and you can feel you cares slipping away like being in a spa. It feels so lovely on the skin and when you step out of the bath after at least 20minutes, the skin is left delicately scented and feeling beautifully hydrated and nourished. Now, I would really like to paint a gorgeous picture of fluffy clouds and Angels singing after using this product, but I literally had enough time to brush my teeth, put my Pj's on and collapse into bed before I completely zonked out. That's it, that was me, not going to lie, I was out like a light. Which of course I knew nothing about until I woke up the next morning completely thrilled with myself, thinking all my birthdays had come at once because I had slept!! I felt fabulous, I had slept about 8 hours and woke up feeling brilliant!! This happens each time I use this product so I certainly wouldn't recommend using this before a romantic night with your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend hahaha!

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

This Deep Relax oil can also be used in the shower by gently rubbing a capful all over your  damp skin and rinsing away. Please, please remember this is an oil and so the bath/shower will be very slippery after use so please show caution when getting in and out and rinse after. This particular product is not intended for pregnant women or children. Aromatherapy Associates have a vast array of products containing Essential oils which all look and sound absolutely beautiful. I have used some of the relax Travel oils and have never been disappointed. Obviously this is only my experience with this product but if you are someone that struggles with switching off or, relaxing and sleeping, I would urge you to give this a try!

To Purchase The above mentioned Deep Relax Oil from Aromatherapy Associates click HERE

I would love to hear how you get a great nights sleep as I am so interested. Please leave me a comment below.

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I know the title of this post sounds a bit ominous, but im sure at some point in our lives we have all been through periods of muscle and joint aches and pains.

Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

With me, due to suffering many illnesses, some which i'm happy to talk about now and others which I may do at some point, and being the kind of person that seems to stress about EVERTHING, lack of sleep and pain seem to go hand in hand. With regards to products I have just discovered to help aid with my insomnia, I will add the Link to the post HERE.

I have M.E ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and some other illnesses, all of which are very debilitating. Now many people would not look at me and think I have any of those, I am one of those that can " Suffer in Silence". I have also come out the other side with a lot of it. I have been in wheelchairs,  had walking sticks, hospital, bed for months at a time and now, due to a collection of medication, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, stubbornness, positivity and inspiring my children, I can live a very different life. That's not to say it hasn't been hard, and everyone and every case is completely individual and different.  I know I have glossed over it, but its something I have dealt with for 15 years. However, I know I have alluded to another illness which i am not ready to talk about, but that diagnosis 4 years ago seemed to take over everything else and it was a life or death situation and you just find an inner strength you never knew you had.

Anyway, I have completely digressed and will probably delete all of the above, but basically I am someone that deals with pain. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I know there are thousands of people out there that suffer everyday and it can be so hard to control and to some point, you get used to being in agony.

 A couple of weeks ago, I knew it was to much, I was tired, emotional, in pain, grumpy and needed to find something I could use at home. I love acupuncture and reflexology, but,  to be fair, it can be both expensive and time consuming. I think I have discovered something wonderful  and boy oh boy am I happy! My pain is everywhere but usually more so in my head, neck and shoulders, lumber region and legs. I had luckily been sent some samples to try of various things a while back  and lo and behold stumbled across a little gem.
Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

Kneipp Joint & Muscle Sparkling Arnica Bath Tablet - I have a lot of love for Arnica based products especially the Intensive warming arnica gel from SBC, but sometimes it is so nice to just lie in a warm bath and wash away those stubborn aches and pains. This gorgeously, bright yellow effervescent bath tablet from Kneipp absolutely did that for me! Wow!  This was exactly what I needed. I am obviously not making any medical claims here whatsoever, everyone's level of pain is completely different from aching legs after a long walk to aching muscles due to illness, but for me this was perfect. This huge 80g bath tablet is designed to relive aching muscles and is also a natural anti-inflammatory.
Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

 Containing :

Natural thermal spring salt
Pine Oils
Arnica Extract
Rosemary Oil
Orange Oil
Sunflower Oil
Eucalyptus Oil

Free From

Mineral Oils
Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

This bath tablet feels and smells absolutely amazing. So easy to use, literally drop the tablet into a warm bath ( mine are always too hot! I know! I know!). and watch as it fizzes around and unveils a beautiful selection of colours and smells as the essential oils are released. Then lie back for at least 20 minutes and enjoy. Im not going to lie, it is quite a funny experience as the colours go through various shades of - wee'ing in the bath colour haha! The reason I mention this is I popped my tablet in the bath before I got in and my son and I were watching it and he said to me - "Euuurggghh it looks like you have wee'ed in the bath"  ( Which led on to a whole other conversation But that's 8 year olds for you!). Anyway, the end result is a beautiful bright, sunny, happy, yellow bath that you cannot help but feel calm and relaxed in. I love how the colour changes as the tablet melts. The scent is amazing, quite citrusy with a hint of herb in the background. It was beautiful. When I got out of the bath I was so surprised at how wonderfully soft my skin felt! I wasn't really expecting that as I was focussing so much on pain, but my skin felt so soft and conditioned. The next morning when I woke up I certainly felt in less pain, less achy and so much happier. I was absolutely thrilled by the results! Now as I have said I cannot make any medical claims or say the same will happen for you, but it really gave me some amazing pain relief. My eldest son who is an athlete loves these after training as they help ease his muscles. The only problem is I DONT HAVE ANYMORE!!! aarrrrgggggghhhhhh! You can purchase these Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets and more from the range  HERE and at £1.95 per tablet I am definitely stocking up.
Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablet Arnica

If you have any of the conditions above and have found any other pain remedies for use at home, I would really love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below.

For more information on M.E. please click HERE
For more information on Fibromyalgia please click HERE

The above is  based on my own personal use and not meant as a medical diagnosis or cure.

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It seems that these days everyone is looking for a way to look younger than their years or perhaps than their skin will allow.

LightStim for Wrinkles uses patented LED light therapy to help reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Personally, I love wrinkles, I think they tell the story of our life, but that could be easy for me to say as, at the age of 42 I have very few. When I speak to other people that appear to have more than me, it does seem to be a real concern of theirs and I will admit, if it is something that upsets and concerns you then doing something about it is so much easier these days.
LightStim for Wrinkles

Of course leading a stress free life, resting, relaxing and eating well may help keep such wrinkles and lines at bay, but who in the real world is able to keep up that lifestyle. You also have the option of great skincare, which I love, but if these are real, deep down concerns for you, then LightStim for wrinkles is the product that aims to help massively. This is not a quick fix though, you need to be dedicated to using this device.
LightStim for Wrinkles

In just a few minutes each day you can use this portable hand held LED device on targeted areas of your face and be left with younger, more radiant looking skin. Large pores may appear reduced, wrinkles finer and skin tone looks better and feels smoother. Used and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons you really are in safe hands with this device.

LightStim for Wrinkles

The first thing I noticed about the packaging was how much explanation of the product there was. It immediately makes the device appear user friendly without having to worry about reading through a long user manual so that was a big plus for me. However, as much as I enjoyed that side of the packaging there was a lot of it! Two boxes in a box in a box in a sleeve!
LightStim For Wrinkles inside the box

I do understand that a product this expensive needs to be packaged well but it is a lot. Anyway all that aside it is what is inside the box that counts right? LightStim for wrinkles is one of the quickest and easiest items of its kind that I have tried and I have tried a fair few product similar to this. It is incredibly lightweight and has a great feel in the hand, it is so easy to use just by pressing one button.

LightStim for Wrinkles

After cleansing the skin, get comfortable somewhere near a plug socket and plug your LightStim in. Press the button on the back and the red light will come on. Do not worry if it looks as though not every light is on some of these are infrared and not visible to the human eye.
LightStime for wrinkles device and included Collagen Serum

Apply some of the included Collagen Peptide Serum if you want, to your face, this hydrates and oxygenates the skin and then gently apply the led light to the area of your face you wish to treat that has wrinkles. Now try not to press to hard as the bobbles on the device will leave little, temporary marks on your skin.
LightStim For wrinkles device

Keep the device still so that your skin can absorb as much of the light as possible. After you hear the timer beep after three minutes move on to the next area of your face that you wish to treat. If you are treating those laughter lines around your eyes, then close them as I find the light so, so bright. Do not use over your eyes though. It Feels very comfortable to use with a slight warming sensation that I really enjoy.

You can continue to use your usual skincare regime after as this will not interfere with the product. Just to note the device will switch of after 30minutes of use as a safety feature but you can switch it back on and continue if need be. The suggested use for this item is 5 days per week for 6-8 weeks to start seeing some results, then you can use a couple of times a week as maintenance. As we age and through times of stress our collagen levels and elastin deplete, our skin can become dehydrated we loose that ability for our skin to bounce back. Led light is used for wrinkles because it can increase circulation in the skin and plump it out and therefore decrease the look of lines and wrinkles from deep down. The LightStim works deeps down to penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin. Obviously results will vary greatly so I would suggest you look up the testimonials that have been mentioned  on the LightStim for wrinkles website. Please also take not of the warnings as this product is not suitable for everyone especially children and pregnant women. Also make sure you do a patch test on an area of the body not too visible, maybe the inner arm and see whether you get any kind of reaction such as redness, if so stop using it.

Now I know im fortunate to not be a very wrinkly person, and I do use other products all the time which I test for the blog so its hard for me to tell whether I look less wrinkled now around my mouth and forehead than I did 8 weeks ago because of this device only. In the interest of honesty for my readers and to the brand I  will add photos when I feel I have dedicated the time solely to this item.
LightStim for Wrinkles

If you are looking for an item like this it is very lightweight and incredibly easy to use. You can also use it on the backs of your hands and décolleté if needed. The LightStim also comes with 30ml of the collagen serum mentioned above, the power source and a very handy, bag to put it all in when travelling.

Please be aware that I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions or results that you may or may not receive. Everything noted above is based on my own findings when using this device. For more information please contact LightStim for wrinkles HERE You can purchase HERE

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried this machine or LED light therapy, for wrinkles before. Please leave me a comment below.

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If a smell can evoke a memory, then this beautiful collection from Philosophy smells like "Kissing in the rain"

When I opened this gorgeous 4 piece head to toe collection from Philosophy's Falling in Love Range I was transported to a warmer climate, with a tropical storm and a passionate kiss! Oh yes! To me this is the scent of romance, passion, of love. Falling in love is not a romantically light, floral fragrance but more a warm, tropical scent thanks to sun ripened Blackberries, sparkling Jasmine and Vanilla. This is the perfect summer, layering collection in my opinion. Inside this beautiful gift box are four Products from the Falling in Love range which we rarely get to experience in the UK so this collection is a real treat, I will go into detail below. For more information on Philosophy as a brand and their other scented products, please read my previous post HERE.

Philosophy Falling in Love Shampoo, Bath and Shower

Falling in Love Shampoo, Bath & Shower 480ml - This pale blue, almost Lavender, silky 3 in 1 product is ideal to Relax into. As Relaxing as it can be uplifting, thanks to the fruity ingredient's, your mood and sense of smell will really determine how best you enjoy this. I love this fragrance of an evening as I really feel it is a relaxing fragrance, it just makes me feel really dreamy and happy. This can be used in the bath just by adding a few pumps to running water to create a soft, creamy lather, on a shower sponge it really foams up and creates a gorgeous cleansing product for the body and on the hair it offers a thorough deep clean. I use this in all 3 ways and it leaves my hair beautifully clean and not at all dry and my skin beautifully soft and lightly scented. I just really wish the Falling in Love Conditioner was available to follow on with as my hair smelt more of my own conditioner after.  The bathroom will smell amazing for hours. The scent is ever so light on the body with this so I would happily add my own perfume after without it clashing. A great start to the layering routine of this collection. Just to note this does contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate so if that does not work well on your skin then this is unfortunately not for you.
Philosophy Shampoo, Bath and Shower Soft, Creamy lather

The philosophy on this bottle reads

 "falling in love doesn't begin with falling in love with others. it begins with falling in love with ourselves. loving ourselves is healthy and a fulfilment of out purpose. love must first grow from within us. learn to deeply and fully cherish your heart, your soul and your body and, only then, will you understand what it is to truly love another"

How beautiful is that?

Philosophy Falling In Love Perfumed Olive Oil Scrub

Falling in Love Perfumed Olive Oil body scrub 480ml - I have always been a huge fan of Philosophy's Scrubs and exfoliators, I think this is something they do really, really well. This is no exception. A huge Bottle of cream coloured scrub in Olive oil that has a slightly lighter fragrance than the bath and shower. If you notice that your skin is looking dry, scaly and your body creams are not sinking in, it could be that you have a layer of dead skin cells on top that need sloughing off. This Body scrub is gentle yet hardworking enough to take away the grime, the dead skin cells, the layers of patchy fake tan and leave you with the most soft, glass like feeling skin.
Philosophy Olive Oil Scrub is very gentle

 I use this in a few ways, if I am being good and remember to exfoliate regularly then I apply this to my wet body in the shower or bath, gently massage in all over from neck down to my toes and rinse off. However, if I am removing a faux tan, or just coming out of winter when my body has been in hibernation, I apply to my dry skin. This gives me a denser exfoliation in which I can pay more attention to those rough areas such as heels, knees, backs of the arms. I then slip into a beautifully warm bath or shower and let the scrub rinse away whilst the oil sinks in. It really is a beautiful experience that leaves the skin beyond soft. Use it on the backs of your hands when you first try it, I bet you will be surprised how soft they are!!

Philosophy Falling in Love Whipped Body Creme

Falling in love whipped body crème 240ml - This huge pot of body crème will last such a long time as a little goes a long way. It was this that I opened and smelt first which transported me off to Rainy days in sunny places. It just.smells.divine! This whipped body crème really is as light as air, it has a spongey texture that melts onto the skin and slides and sinks in beautifully.

Philosophy Falling in Love whipped Body Crème light, spongey texture

 It layers perfectly after the Body scrub and leaves a beautiful sheen and lovely scent on the skin. Personally I would not wear another fragrance on top of this item if layering all these products as I think the scent is enough on its own, especially in this whipped crème as it really comes alive, but feel free to try yourself as you can always wash it off.

Philosophy Falling in Love Eau de Toilette

Falling in Love eau de toilette spray fragrance 60ml - "when it comes to love you need not fall but rather surrender, surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. You must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and, most importantly, you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another."

This fragrance is definitely going to be my scent of summer, it is so beautiful in a way that I wasn't expecting. I just wasn't expecting to like it! I love spicy scents or sexy floral's, but this is a warm, sensual fruity floral that has melted me. It is so hard to describe fragrance as it really is different on everyone, but when I spritz this I smell an effervescence, a bubbly fruity, uplifting scent of Blackberries, then as it settles a little I get the lift of floral from the Jasmin, followed by the warming almost buttery note of Vanilla that has a slight musky undertone. This really is a complex fragrance. When I wear this on cold rainy days it suddenly smells a lot sweeter, however on warm sunny days on me it dries down to a more sensual fragrance.  I think this is a happy-go-lucky, uplifting scent that may suit a younger wearer who loves sweeter tones. However all I know is it reminds me of happy times each time I wear it and that's good enough for me. As this is an eau de toilette the fragrance may disappear after a few hours but this 60ml size is perfect for carrying around in your handbag.

This complete collection comes beautifully boxed as shown below so it would make a gorgeous gift to yourself or someone else, although good luck parting with it!!
Philosophy Falling in Love Collection

My Overall Thoughts - If you are someone that adores scented bath and body products then you will love this as each product really carries the scent beautifully. If you love to layer the same scent in different ways, again you will enjoy this collection, but more importantly if you love sweet, sensual, fruity fragrances then this is for you. If floral's are your thing then I would suggest the Amazing Grace collection. If you are looking for the ultimate gift collection then again, due to the beautiful packaging, this would be a great set to choose.

Philosophy is available in many Boots stores sold individually however the complete 4 piece head to toe collection mentioned above is available for 24 hours only or until stocks last on Friday 20th May from QVCUK HERE  ***UPDATE*** The Link is Live to purchase now, yay. The collection is priced at an amazing £38.98 which is outstanding value. It also comes in Amazing Grace and Pure Grace and I think this would make the perfect gift to yourself.

I would love to know how this scent smells on you as we are all so different, please leave me a comment below.

Have a lovely uplifting day!

Pr Sample or Gift

I have been sitting on a secret for a few months, a secret beauty product that I wanted to keep to myself because I have become completely and utterly addicted to it.
Eloquence Beauty Nourishing Treatment Oil

However, as im not really a selfish person and I have had so many compliments recently on my skin and hair, I need to fess up to the fact that I have been using a Nourishing treatment oil from Eloquence. I adore Facial Oils and have been using them for a couple of years, I especially love the A'Kin Rosehip Oil on my dehydrated skin and Judith Williams Raspberry Seed Oil for redness in my skin. But when I heard of this new oil from Luxury brand Eloquence Beauty that combines my obsession with Coconut and my love of Beauty oils, I was ready to try it!

Eloquence is a natural, Organic, cruelty free skincare range that uses Sacha Inchi Oil, a rich plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids sourced from Peru. This South American super food from the Amazon Rainforest has been cultivated for over 3000 years. As one of the best oils from the Argan oil family due to its high protein content, Omegas and vitamins, it works wonders on the skin and hair. Containing no artificial  additives at all it is suitable for all skin types including super sensitive, acne prone, oily, or dry skins. This amazing oil can be used all over the hair and body. Nourishing Treatment Oil can create balance in the skin, hydration for super dry, scaly skin, and helps fight those signs of ageing due to the Omegas which improve skins elasticity and give it a more youthful glow. Blended beautifully with coconut and sweet almond oils it has a lovely slip factor which makes it incredibly easy to use.
Eloquence Beauty Nourishing Treatment Oil

The pump bottle is a huge 50ml size so you can be super generous with it and believe me I am. I use it over my face to lock in my moisturiser, I add some to my conditioner and use as a hair treatment, I rub it into my cuticles, my feet, my legs you name it. It sinks in so well without leaving any oil slick behind, that's why I love it on the ends of my hair too.  It also has a deceptively citrus smell rather than a coconut fragrance, which is very uplifting.

I think now the weather is warming up this will prove invaluable on skin that has been out in the elements and needs some soothing and rehydration. I have even mixed the residue on the back of my hand and added some powder blush which turned it into a beautiful crème blush. There are so many uses for this oil that you will be looking, feeling and smelling absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend it.

For more details on the Eloquence Nourishing Treatment Oil and to view the rest of the range which I will be reviewing soon click HERE

Simply Beautiful Collection (SBC) are launching an amazing value skincare collection on Qvcuk this Wednesday 18th May 2016.
SBC QVC May 2016 TSV Collagen Collection

The special Collagen collection that forms the Qvc Todays Special Value is only released once a year and therefore is highly anticipated amongst regulars. However, if you are new to the brand or even the Collagen range, let me explain what it contains and why is it so special.
SBC Collagen Bath and Shower Creme

Collagen Bath and Shower Crème 500ml - I have been a huge fan of this product for years and years and years. It smells absolutely gorgeous thanks to the inclusion of Passion Flower Oil and Kukui Seed Oil. It is also these two highly important ingredient's along with soluble Collagen that make this product deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory and nourishing. Perfect for aged, mature skin, skin that is dry and needs some love and just to give and all round healthy, soft looking, plumper, smoother look and feel to the skin. Suitable for the whole family including children, it only takes 2 pumps under running water in the bath to create a luxurious foam, that leaves a delicate scent on the skin.
SBC Collagen Bath and Shower Creme

 Fantastic when adding a pump to a shower sponge and used in the shower to wash head to toe, it really lifts away the grime and impurities of the day whilst leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated and not tight and dry. You really will feel so soft that you may find you can escape a night without body lotion! A huge 500ml Pump size means this will last an age in the shower. Really beautiful product.To read more of my posts on SBC shower gels please click HERE Shelf life opened 12 months
SBC Collagen  3-in-1 Cleanser

Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser  250ml - I know there are many sceptics out there for all in one cleanser type products and believe me I was one but there are some brands that really do it right. SBC is one of them. This lightweight triple action cleanser is so fast at removing all signs of make up, dirt and impurities of the day whilst being kind and gentle to even sensitive skin. This cleanser works well on dry, dull skin as it really does leave a radiance and hydration after every use. It gives a very delicate exfoliation whilst cleansing and is suitable and gentle enough to use over the eyes to remove all signs of make up. Containing
  • Cocoa Butter: moisturising, nourishing, anti-oxidant
  • Soluble Collagen :hydrating, smoothing, anti-ageing
  • Shea Butter: improves skin tone
  • Passion Flower Oil: anti-inflammatory, calming
  • Kukui Seed Oil: tropical nut oil, moisturising, hydrating, anti-ageing
  • Papaya Seed Oil: conditioning, moisturising
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, nourishing, repairing

  • SBC Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser
    It really gives a great payback for so little work from us. Apply 1-2 pumps onto dry skin, over the face, eyes and neck and gently massage in. Using a shammy or cloth, rinse in warm water and wipe away. Repeat until all traces of cleanser and make up and dirt have been removed. The clarity and softness in the skin is amazing. Do not forget this cleanser contains Collagen!! This is a great product to travel with as it comes in an airtight, lockable pump bottle and is suitable for the whole family. (Including little persons face paint #justsaying hahaha). Shelf life opened 12 months
    SBC Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum

    Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum 30ml - This Serum is amazing! There I have said it, and yes I am a serum junkie, and yes I think lots of serums are amazing! I also think many are not so great and for such an important part of a skincare routine, I make sure I shout loud for the ones I love. Do not forget this is a 10% inclusion of Collagen serum we are talking about here and some brands charge double the price for a lesser amount so to get this 30ml bottle for £35 (if bought direct) is outstanding. Firstly the packing is sleek and lovely looking. Simple yet effective, airtight bottle which keeps the product clean, is also see through so you can see that it is filled all the way to the top and also great to keep an eye on when you need to restock, I love that touch on a serum. This intensive serum is packed with Marine Collagen which is used in products all over the world because of its anti-ageing benefits. This important ingredient is amazing at plumping and deeply hydrating the skin whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works wonderfully on mature, thinning skin and also on dry or dehydrated skin as it is gentle but effective and gives great results. Applied after cleansing this product lifts and brightens the skin and is an important part in your skincare routine. I adore the scent of this serum which is similar to the other collagen products.
    SBC Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum

     A cooling white serum that is very easy to apply by gently tapping into the skin or, if you have an area of dryness or fine lines that you are more concerned with, you can afford to apply a little more as a mask treatment. I have a very dry upper lip area, that has started to wrinkle more, which is due to sun damage, so I like to apply a thicker layer here and let it sink in. Also lovely around the outer laughter lines on the eyes. This lovely serum is water based and also works really well with the Lab Life Pro Lift Plus machine I wrote about HERE. Shelf life opened 12 months
    SBC Collagen Neck & Bust Cream

    Collagen Neck & Bust Cream 100ml - This Brand New Launch Product From SBC is very exciting! A beautiful pot full of gorgeously pink, decadent, neck and bust cream. Oh wow this is sooo addictive, I cant stop smelling it, I cant stop using it. It actually makes my mouth water every time I remove the lid. This pot, to me is over and above worth the price of the whole collection. It is outstanding. Enriched with Oceagen. Marine Collagen and Kigelia Africana Extract ( a fruit extracted from the African Sausage Tree) The key benefits are to tighten and treat the breast, neck and décolleté area. Infused with luxurious Sweet almond oil, Passionflower oil and Kukui seed oil, which all gives it the incredible scent, it is full of antioxidants and vitamins.
    SBC Collagen Neck & Bust Cream

    If you are concerned about slackening skin and the signs of ageing around the mentioned area, this is perfect to use. Twice a day apply a small about from the bust area all the way up and under the chin In upward strokes. This cream is so light and cooling and has a lovely slip factor, so the skin will not pull or tug. The skin immediately feels softer and looks lifted. With twice a day use I can imagine the benefits will be amazing. Shelf life opened 12 months.

    SBC Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel

    Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel 500ml - If you are someone that is concerned with ageing skin, or find yourself waking up each day with a dull, tired looking complexion, for me this is where Vitamin ACE Gel comes into its own. This cooling gel  which contains Vitamins A, C and E can be used all over the face and body. This is able to protect your skin against the elements and any damage that they can cause and therefore protect it against more signs of ageing. This gel contains pink beads which contain Vitamin C and E, the Vitamin A is in the gel itself. As this gel is massaged into the face and body, these beads, that have been kept as pure as possible, burst onto the skin giving it an intensive treatment.
    SBC Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel

     Encapsulated beads always deliver the best form as possible and a really high concentrate. These beads burst gently and easily over the skin and do not leave anything behind. This powerful moisturiser enhances collagen promotion whilst feeding the skin and giving it a brighter, smoother, younger looking appearance. Safe to use from head to toe or blend with other SBC gels to create your own bespoke blend. The gel feels cool to touch but dries quickly without leaving any stickiness behind. Would be great to use after sun exposure to protect and cool the skin. Apply after serum as your moisturiser.

    My overall thoughts. This collection is absolutely outstanding. It really is the Ultimate in affordable skincare.  I have been using SBC for over 10 years as do my whole family from my youngest child to my 82 year old nan so it really is a brand I have a lot of love and trust in. This Collagen  Collection is amazing for anyone really concerned with those signs of ageing or maturing skin. If your skin appears dull and dry, this long lasting Collagen collection really does contain high end ingredient's to work with your skins needs and wants and drip feed it.

    These products are ionized + & - so are great on salon machines too.
    This five piece set, if bought individually from SBC themselves, would usually retail at over £130.00.

    This collection, as a whole is, only available on 18Th May for 24 hours or whilst stocks last from QVCUK HERE. For more information on SBC Gels click HERE.  To search for more of my posts on SBC Gels, please type SBC in the search engine on the top left of my blog or click on the links posted above.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this collection.

    Pr Sample or Gift