Judith Williams Cosmetics Future Skin Range uses the latest scientific research in plant Stem cells to bring a highly sought after range of "Anti-ageing" skincare products.
Judith Williams Future Skin Tsv

Whilst "Anti-ageing" are not my favourite words as we are all going to age, for some of us our skin may appear more mature than our years. This can be due to environment issues, health, genetics a whole host of reasons. Therefore skincare is as important as what we eat to make us look good and feel great. I first started using the Future Skin Range from Judith Williams over 18 months ago and find that it really delivers results that are up there with some incredibly pricey brands.

With a huge client base at her Famous Beauty Institute in Munich, Judith Williams has created a global brand that is available for us to purchase either from her online store HERE or on Qvcuk. Today I will be featuring an upcoming collection from her Future Skin range that will be the QVCUK Todays Special Value on 30th June.

Rich Cleansing Cream 100ml -
Judith Williams Future Skin Cleansing Cream Very Lightweight

This gentle cleanser is great for anyone with dull, maybe thinning skin that needs some attention and stimulation.
Judith Williams Future Skin Cleansing Cream turns milky

 The gentle foam feels lovely and soft on the skin and is great at wiping away impurities and grime and make up. I have not tried it on eye make up as I always use a separate eye make up remover but on long wearing foundation and just daily dirt and grime it cleans deeply. Using the innovative combination of plant stem cells it works deep down into the skin at stimulating the cells and waking them up. Suitable to use morning and evening, just apply a small amount onto damp skin and gently massage in. Wipe away with warm water and the skin will look and feel soft, bright and smooth. For me it feels really lovely even on my dehydrated skin and doesn't leave me with that really parched feeling after.

Cell Booster 30ml -
Judith Williams Future Skin Cell Booster Light, Fluid

Probably my most favourite product from the Future skin range, this Cell Booster does what it says on the bottle. I have had such great results with this product. Firstly I love the futuristic shape of the bottle, its always nice to have something a little different on the dressing table. Secondly I adore the fresh scent, it smells like fresh rained on grass and plants, so uplifting and light. Whilst its looks like a very light, white lotion, it has a fluid, serum like texture that is very cooling on the skin. A little really goes a long way and used after cleansing and before moisturiser it just kind of "relaxes" those fine lines and wrinkles on the face. I pay particular attention to my "Smile" lines and gently massage into this area and really have noticed a huge difference in them over time. My skin looks plumper, fresher and the lines are certainly less pronounced. This really is a product, I think, that your skin will thank you for using. I have repurchased this many times and will continue to do so.

Future Skin 24 Hour Face Cream 50ml - 
Judith Williams Future Skin 24hour Cream

A beautiful, cooling, lightweight cream, which at this time of year feels lovely can be used both day and night. The plant stem cell ingredients are great at rejuvenating the skin and giving it a much more youthful appearance. With time it can improve skins elasticity and help with any saggy, droopy skin that may be starting to appear.
Judith Williams Future Skin Moisturiser lightweight Texture

A small amount is needed to really feed the skin and my skin stays hydrated all day and again through the night. I know for some of us the idea of an all in one day and night product may seem bizarre, but it works during the day keeping our skin protected against the elements and at night by repairing our skin whilst we sleep. I love the aroma and really enjoy using it. My skin is left feeling smooth, youthful looking and it is a great base for make up.

 Future Skin Concentrated Eye Cream 15ml -.
Judith Williams Future Skin Eye Cream

 This works by smoothing and moisturising the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and really leaves them looking hydrated. The small spatula applicator at the end of the tube is brilliant! You really can aim it into any fine lines and wrinkles by gently squeezing out the product and rubbing in with the spatula or gently tapping with your ring finger.

Judith Williams Future Skin eye Cream precision applicator

 I gently apply and tap around my delicate eye area and it sinks in quickly, leaving no greasy residue. This tube really does last a long time as a small amount goes such a long way. The ingredients are so hard working and concentrated that there is no need to overuse. It feels lovely and cool when applied and works great on my morning eye puffiness. Recently on a really sunny day I also cheekily applied it during the day as I knew I had been squinting in the sun and, it just settled everything down. This can be applied both morning and evening and can really help strengthen that fine, delicate area around the eyes.

My overall thoughts on this collection  Plant stem cells are really huge in beauty products right now and lots of big named brands have started using them. Judith Williams was one of the first to do this and the price of her products is amazing considering the ingredient's and innovation used. So firstly, based on price alone this is an outstanding collection. Secondly this would be suitable for a whole range of ages in my opinion due to its incredibly lightweight formula. It does not roll off and sits beautifully on the skin allowing make up to be applied easily on top without compromise. The strength of the plant stem cell complexes can protect the skin against the elements, so if you are someone that regularly travels whether that be abroad, walking to work or on the underground etc, it really forms a lovely barrier. It also helps fight those signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles by promoting Collagen synthesis and skins elasticity. It really gives your skin a good kick up the backside and awakens the cells from deep within. If you have tried other ranges but your skin is not performing how you would like - this could be a great solution. I highly recommend the Cell Booster and it works great layered under other products too. To read more of my thoughts on other product from the Future Skin Range click HERE

This collection as a whole is available only via QVCUK for 24 hours on 30th June whilst stocks last, HERE. To purchase individual items or for more information on Judith Williams Skincare click HERE.

Its no surprise that I am a huge fan of SBC gels as they feature heavily on my blog. These easy to use skincare gels are a firm favourite in my family from the very young to the more mature, males and females alike, and have been for many, many years.
SBC 5 piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

SBC are very clever at creating skincare products from natures finest ingredient's including plant extracts and essential vitamins that are easy to mix and blend and help us with a range of skincare concerns. More info from my previous posts can be found HERE.

The 5 piece Supercharged Skincare Collection  has been put together with 5 products each aimed at Supercharging our skin and allowing us to create the perfect signature, bespoke blends for us.

The first Collection Consists of:
SBC 5 Piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

 500ml Collagen Skincare Gel
100ml Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Lavender Skincare Gel
100ml Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Propolis Skincare Gel

The second choice of collection consists of:
SBC 5 Piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

500ml Arnica Skincare Gel
100ml Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Lavender Skincare Gel
100ml Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Propolis Skincare Gel

Collagen Gel 500ml -
SBC Collagen Skincare Gel 500ml

 Ok Rewind a bit...yes I said Collagen Gel. This Collagen Gel is Amazing! I cannot even begin to tell you how many people I have bought These Collagen Gels for! Why? Because personally on me I know it works for my skin and I receive so many compliments. Used regularly my skin is definitely looking firmer, my forehead lines less visible and across my stomach, marks from pregnancy have definitely faded with regular use. I know everybody's skin is different but personally my results have been outstanding. It is great at dealing with the existing signs of ageing, wonderful on Crows feet around the eyes, it can also be used as a relaxing eye mask by squeezing a generous amount of this gorgeous pink Gel onto a cotton pad, fold in half  and place under the eyes around the area where you may get dark circles! My dad - in his late 6o's - also adds a pump of Arnica to his Collagen and puts under his eyes and this helps him with swollen under eye bags and dark circles. You really can play around, mix and match and find your own unique blend of gels for you. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in all our ligaments and connective tissues and skin, as we get older our Collagen levels significantly decrease, therefore leaving some of us with dry, creapy, ageing, droopy skin. This Gel is in such a huge size that you really can slather it on everywhere, I use this across my stomach, thighs and "bingo wings" and really massage it in well to help give a firming feel. I use it on my face, paying particular attention to my forehead and lip lines. It smoothes in so easily,  leaves no sticky residue, and allows me to apply make up straight away and get dressed straight after applying to my body. The great thing about these Gels is if you already have a body lotion that you absolutely love, then why not add a pump of this to that lotion? Everybody could do with extra Collagen so this is an amazing way of adding it.

Arnica Gel 500ml  -
SBC Arnica Skincare Gel 500ml

Arnica, Arnica, Arnica!! Ok, as mentioned before I have previously blogged about this product here. I love it and have been using it on my family for at least 17 years so I think it is safe to say I am a fanatic!. This was the first product I ever tried from SBC and for many years the only one.  As I was so impressed by its ease of use, ingredients and integrity, I moved further into the range. In my option Arnica is way up there as my top notch "Medicine" cupboard staple. Obviously it would be wrong of me to sit here and state all the medicinal things it can do because it really is a personal thing, however I can tell you how it helps me. This is an amazing Gel for treating your wellbeing. If you have any aches and pains in your body you can rub this Gel in and it really helps get into the soft tissues and gives so much relief. If you are lucky enough to have someone massaging it in for you it is wonderful to use, there is no redness, no dragging, it is very easy to massage in and sinks in without being sticky, it is great for flushing out toxins using lymphatic drainage and you can use it as many times per day as needed. If I have lots of pain in my neck and no one around to help, I sometimes put a few pumps on a towel or cloth and just lay it across my shoulder or back of the neck and leave it to sink it. Its great to use on children on bruises and bumps and really an amazing all round product. School summer holidays this is my must have and whenever we are out with friends its me they turn to for "The magic lotion" hahaha!

Lavender Gel 100ml -
SBC Lavender Skincare Gel 100ml

 This very travel friendly Lavender Gel really is a great all rounder. Firstly, it is an amazing gel in its own right as it is very cooling, calming and de-stressing on the skin, but secondly it blends beautifully with the Arnica gel to create a very relaxing massage treat. Great used all over the body and face, it is perfect to use this before bedtime to help aid restful sleep. My Little boy sometimes struggles with sleep and he LOVES this massaged into his feet at bed time! ( Little Diva) It just really relaxes him and smells beautiful. I love this gently tapped into my temples and massaged into my neck and shoulders when I suffer from headaches, but also it is very gentle to use on dry, stressed skin thanks to the Witch Hazel content. A very handy Gel to have. Beautiful used straight from the fridge on those (Hopefully) hot days. Can be used as often as necessary but please be aware that this contains essentials oils which may not be suitable in pregnancy.

Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil 100ml -
SBC Jasmin & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel dries down Matte but leaves a glow

This was a new gel to me, which I cannot believe as I thought I had tried them all! It smells really beautiful and intoxicating which I love. Very cooling and easy to use this very lightweight gel is great for oily skin or dry skin, so the two extremes. This is because it has a real balancing and clarifying effect on the skin. With Added extracts of Evening Primrose and Starflower rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids it is beautiful at hydrating the skin and offering a beautiful glow when used regularly. Again, be careful in pregnancy as this does contain essential oils. This can be used on face and body as often as needed and you can add a pump to your favourite moisturiser if you want to and even to your favourite body lotion to help with dry skin. A lovely one to add on the back or chest if you are oily and prone to stressed skin in those areas.

Rose & Argan Oil 100ml -
SBC Rose & Argan Skincare Gel 100ml

 I adore this skincare gel from SBC and use it on and off when my skin needs it. Containing a gorgeous combination of Rose essential oils, Argan oil, Chamomile and Passion Flower, this works at cooling and calming the skin whilst also repairing and strengthening the skin. Now whilst I do not suffer extreme bouts of Rosacea I do have some red in my skin as I am getting older so I apply this on my cheeks and forehead to calm it down. If you do suffer from high colour in your skin, this would be perfect to apply as your moisturiser twice a day on face, neck and décolleté to help soothe and calm the area. I also enjoy this after a day out in the sun, when my skin is feeling hot and bothered as it instantly cools, calms and refreshes the skin. I have recommended this to so many people as it is also great for ageing thinning skin as it contains rose oil which is amazing at strengthening the skin. The smell is beautiful. It is your typical, full bloom English rose, but it is not cloying just very subtle. Again, you can mix and match with other gels or add this to any of your favourite moisturisers. Suitable for use on the face and body as often as needed.

Propolis 100ml -
SBC Propolis Skincare Gel 100ml

 This gel is an absolute skin saver. This has been used for so many reasons in our household along with the matching shower gel. When my eldest son was going through his teenage acne phase, this was a godsend. This helped keep the area protected and clean and seemed to calm everything down. When my youngest son was going through the phase of picking the skin around his fingers, this again, helped calm and protect that area and soothe everything. In the winter this is great smoothed over chapped skin on the face, around the outside of the lips and cheeks. It works anywhere on the face or body that needs protecting from the elements and is dry, cracked, or blemished. This time of year this is perfect mixed in with foot lotion and rubbed into dry cracked heels, it works and absolute treat, also fab mixed in with hand cream. The possibilities of this one are endless. A great skincare gel to take on holiday with you too.

My Thoughts on these collections - Whichever choice you make each collection is fantastic and the value for money is outstanding. Each set will come with a fully comprehensive booklet so if at first you are not sure what to do with each gel you will soon become a master blender and have your own treatment room/spa at home. As mentioned they never leave any sticky residue behind at all so if you need to be out the door fast they are perfect. If used on the face they dry down Matte and make a great base for make up within seconds. They can be mixed, blended and layered together or with your other favourite products and are suited to all skin concerns and ages ( pregnant women please check). My family have been fans for at least 17 years and love that SBC are continually striving to bring out new products and formulas to move with our skincare needs. For best results store away from direct sunlight.
Create your own bespoke SBC Blend

All these products can be purchased from SBC HERE however the 5 Piece Supercharge collection with your choice of either 500ml Collagen or Arnica Skincare Gel above are exclusive to Qvc and can be purchased HERE.

I would love to hear your thoughts on SBC! Have you tried them before? Which are your favourite products? Please leave me a comment below

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Facial oils have become such  buzz beauty items recently and something that I have wholeheartedly embraced.
Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

There are so many oils available now and as long as you choose what is right for your skin type and concern they will make a huge difference to your skin. I will go into more detail about the benefits of facial oils in my next post but for now I would like to mention a brand new Oil Launch from one of my absolute favourite brands and possibly the only brand I have used consistently since its very beginning.

Elemis have launched their new SuperFood Facial Oil and boy is it good. The reason this oil is so different is that you can use it in the morning without fear of your skin looking shiny and feeling slippery. This Oil contains some amazing ingredients that we may be more used to drinking in a smoothie than putting on our skin. It feels like a dry oil to the touch and yet leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and deeply moisturised.
Elemis Superfood Facial Oil - the glow is evident on my hand

Rich in Omegas and with a 100% natural blend of highly concentrated Superfood Oils including

 Broccoli Seed Oil
Cucumber Oil
Daikon Radish Oil
Flax Seed Oil
Macadamia Oil
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Poppy Seed Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Rosehip Oil

it really is jam packed with goodness.

Perfect for all skin types including Oily skins, this incredibly lightweight oil, feeds the skin deeply whilst leaving it balanced and with a healthy radiant glow. It smells lovely too, in a herbal kind of way thanks to the Naturally fragranced Essential Oils of top notes: Orange, Lemon, Galbanum, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Middle, Herbal notes of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa and bottom Woody notes of Amyris, Cedarwood, Vetivert and Patchouli. This really is a Unisex scent and a very Unisex product that will benefit all skin types.
Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

The blend of oils included and their benefits make this oil different from others I have tried. Just the fact that I can use it in the morning is amazing as my skin really, really drinks it in. I have dehydrated skin due to medication and using oils is one of the fastest ways of hydrating my skin and making it look brighter and feel softer. After cleansing apply 3-4 drops of this Superfood Oil into the palms of the hands and breath in the aroma, gently sweep outwards and up over the face, neck and décolleté avoiding the eyelids.
Elemis Superfood Facial Oil


90% of women agreed that the product left the skin feeling smooth
93% of women agreed that the product left the skin feeling soft
90% of women agreed that the product left the skin feeling hydrated
88% of women agreed that the product left the skin feeling deeply nourished
88% of women agreed that the product left the skin feeling subtle
84% of women agreed that the product left the skin looking healthy

Immediately and from the first use I noticed how soft my skin felt and how bright it looked, it also helped my moisturiser last longer as I applied it after the oil and my primer and make up sat as perfect as normal on top. It felt like my skin was being dripfeed goodness all day and the scent lingers ever so lightly but beautifully. It really has had a huge impact on my skin so far and my skin is brighter, softer, smoother and has a lovely texture. I can really recommend this oil if you need to see a real improvement in the look, texture and feel of your skin.

This Superfood Facial Oil from Elemis is currently exclusive to Qvcuk and you can purchase it HERE.

 However the lovely Elemis team have given me one brand new 15ml Elemis Superfood Facial Oil to giveaway! This giveaway is open to UK residents only. Neither Back to you Beauty or Elemis will be held responsible for loss or damage of this item during postage. The Winner will be chosen at random and must claim their prize within 72 hours. All decisions are final.
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You can read more about my previous Elemis posts by typing ELEMIS is the search engine above or clicking HERE

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As you may be aware my blog is part of a fab collective for the over 30's. Thirty Plus was created by Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen as a celebration of Women and Men bloggers in the over 30 age category.

As much as it is fantastic to get a view point, opinion, make up look from someone younger, you may be more my age - 41 - and appreciate my hints, tips and advice just a little bit more. On my blog I aim to show that regardless of age, we can wear sparkly glitter on our eyes if we want to, we can follow make up trends and new brands or we can happily stick to what we know and love. I bring you lots of new brand launches and try and break down the sometimes baffling scientific jargon into more easily, digestible information. I love sharing my honest ( and sometimes quite scary ) before and after photos with you, when I have been trialling new skincare, devices or make up, completely untouched or edited, showing my pigmentation, eye bags, wrinkles and all. If I am not completely honest with you then why trust me?

I am not about erasing the signs of ageing, we all deserve out place in this world and the life we have lived comes out in our skin. My laughter lines show I have had a very happy life so far full of joy and smiles. My pigmentation reminds me of those naughty, naughty, but ever so much fun times in Tenerife and Ibiza when I was 18 wearing only baby oil (good Grief what was I thinking?!!?!?! WEAR SUN PROTECTION PEOPLE) and although I strive to cover the pigmentation, its part of my life and my history. My dehydrated skin is caused by medication from a serious illness which I was not expected to survive... but hey I did! My worry lines..well I am a mum its my job to worry! What I am basically saying is I am proud of who I am as you should be too, so yes we can cover what we don't like in amazing make up, we can make our skin glow and look healthy and hydrated with beautiful skincare but lets also embrace who we are, the life we live and how lucky that we are to live it. Life is all about fun xx

If any part of what I do on my blog makes you smile, helps you or just gives you 5 minutes a day with a coffee to sit and have a read, then why not nominate me for an award?

The Thirty plus awards "have seven categories, which aim to break down the traditional barriers between genres and celebrate the passion beneath. They include:
The awards are open for nominations between 1st and 22nd June, which gives you plenty of time to decide who is your winner"

So  do you enjoy my posts and the information in them? Perhaps you like the photos I take, post and share across all social media including Instagram HERE? Do you find me helpful in answering questions on my blog and Facebook page HERE, posting swatches or sharing before and after photos of me using product?

If so, could you spare me 5 minutes of your time and nominate my blog for an award? There are 7 categories and you can nominate me for all if you wish. Just click the link below and follow the instructions.

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If enough people nominate me it will then go to a vote. I work really, really hard to bring honest, up to date information to you all via my Blog and Social Media and would appreciate your help. Thank you so, so much for always supporting me, from the bottom of my heart.

VOTE HERE pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee! Hahahaha x

To find out more about these awards which are in conjunction with The Body shop and to read about the judges please visit HERE

Lots of Love and Smiles  Sharon xx

As A lover of the Premium Skincare brand Gatineau it really was a pleasure to try out the Gatineau Defilift 3D Firming Skincare Collection
Gatineau Defilift 3D Firming Skincare Collection June QVC TSV

Containing Four products aimed at firming the skin and helping with any slackened areas, by helping restore skins elasticity, the skin will appear more lifted, contoured and beautifully moisturised. A wonderful collection for anyone over 40 or at the first signs of slackening. To find out more about Gatineau as a brand please read HERE

Defilift 3D Eye Contour Lift 15ml -
Gatineau DefiLift 3D Eye Contour Lift

 If like me you are starting to see the signs of hooded eyes, it times to start treating them. I am 41 and have noticed a huge change in my eye area in the past two years. It may not look like a huge problem to some, but to me it is noticeable. I also get puffiness and dark circles so basically this product could have been made for me. It is a really cooling light weight serum, that lifts this delicate area whilst also brightening at the same time. Containing Soy and Corn proteins to lift the skin, Yeast Extract to help erase dark circles and Vitamins E and F to protect the delicate skin around this area, it is an easy, yet effective product to use.
Apply one pump onto your ring finger (and share this out between both eyes), morning and evening, and gently tap into the surrounding skin, eye contour and beneath the brow bone. The cooling sensation helps with the puffiness and over time the eye area appears lifted and brightened. I also enjoy using the Gatineau Integral Regenerating Eye Cream very much so if hydrating that area is more what you need please read HERE.

DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Redefining Performance Cream 30ml -

Gatineau DefiLift 3D Perfect Design

 If you are wanting a lifted, plumper looking complexion, then this product is the perfect choice of moisturiser for exactly that. The DefiLift range enhances volume whilst lifting and firming the skin which leads to a more youthful appearance. Full of Corn protein for lifting and firming, Wheat and Soy proteins to boost Collagen and elastin production, Vitamins E and F to protect the skin and Sweet Almond Oil, Mango and Shea butters to nourish and protect the skin, this really is a high performance cream.  If you are really concerned with slackening skin or droopy jowels and want a lifted appearance, this would be the choice of moisturiser for you to try.

Gatineau DefiLift 3D Perfect Design

The beautiful pink cream is a joy to use and  i absolutely love the feel of this on my skin. The cooling, light, spongy type texture is easily absorbed and leaves my skin looking incredibly healthy. Apply to cleansed skin, after toning and serum morning and evening. I really enjoy using this product and hope you will too.

DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care 10ml -
Gatineau DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care 10ml

This product is designed to really care for the lip area and the fine lines and wrinkles that you may also have above and around the lips. If you are, or have been a smoker, or just someone that naturally has lines in that area, this lip product infused with Lavender extract and Shea Butter can really help to smooth, soften and hydrate that area. Although this is perfect on chapped, dry lips, please don't just think of it as "an expensive lip balm" because it is a lip treatment that continues to work deep into the skin long after it has been applied. Leaves a lovely glossy sheen on the lips that makes them appear plumper and can be applied under or over lipstick as many times as needed. I love the plumping look that this gives to my lips . With ingredient's including Encapsulated hyaluronic Acid  to stimulate and plump sells, Lavender extract to smooth, strengthen and soothe and Shea butter to nourish and soften this is a product you will reach for time and again. I have so many of these and very quickly became addicted! Very handy handbag/pocket friendly size too.

Radiance Enchancing Gommage - 75ml

Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage
 This was a brand new product for me and one I was excited to try. As you may know I love a great exfoliator. There is nothing worse than the thought of leaving dead skin cells on my face as this just leaves skin looking grey and lifeless but also means any products applied on top cannot work to their ability. Sloughing away these dead skin cells really awakens the skin, takes away all those impurities and leads to a brighter, healthier looking complexion, which we all want right? This product is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and uses a mild enzymatic formula to remove the dead cells. You will not feel any particles, or grains scrubbing against the skin it is so gentle it feels gorgeous, looks gorgeous and smells OMG AMAZING!! I literally salivate when I use this product hahaha. it has a real zesty, citrus-y uplifting scent that makes this an absolute joy to use. This product should ideally be used twice a week. Massage the beautiful sparkly, illuminating gel gently over the face including crows feet around the eyes, on DRY skin. Leave it to sit for a minute or two and you will see that it has changed to a beautiful liquid. Rinse off with warm water and glowing skin should be glaring back at you!! This is my hero product of the collection!! If this was a skin illuminator or primer it would be beautiful hahaha. A great tip - if after a period of ill health, stress, tiredness etc, apply a layer all over the face and neck and rest for ten minutes then wipe away, for a more intensive treatment.

Included in the collection is a pretty bag that is big enough to contain all these product and some. Would make a great make up bag.

My Overall Thoughts - There is so much choice out there with skincare and I do feature a lot of it on my Blog. Why choose this collection over another? Well, if premium skincare and ingredient's are your thing, then Gatineau has an amazing legacy and certainly delivers. If you are really struggling with slackened skin, baggy skin, skin that is not looking as bright and lifted as it once was then this collection promises to deliver. My skin always looks and feels amazing after a course of Gatineau so I can recommend this personally.

Gatineau can be purchased online direct from the Gatineau website HERE and in store and online from Marks and Spencer HERE. However this collection is exclusive to QVCUK and has been put together as a TSV ( Todays special value) this means that on Monday 20th June for 24 hours or whilst stocks last, this collection will be available at an incredibly low price. I will add the link to purchase as soon as it become available. You can purchase items individually by clicking on them above.

Have you tried Gatineau before? What are your favourite products? Leave me a comment below!

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