Little Ondine Sunset Trio peelable, natural, odour free nail varnish

Have you tried Little Ondine Nail Polish yet? If not, why not? It’s the easy to use, completely natural, odour free, peel able nail varnish that means you can change your nail colour as often as you brush your teeth!

Little Ondine Sunset Trio

This award winning brand uses natural resign, organic colourants and water combined with the best minerals to create deeply pigmented colours that offer a full high shine. These nail colours are also completely odour free meaning you can change your colour any time or place without that strong, sometimes offensive smell that nail varnish lets off. As if all of that isn’t good enough, the varnish is completely peelable, without the need for harsh removers and without damaging the nails. This means you can change your colour as many times a day as you like! Winner! Winner!

To get us ready for Spring and Summer Little Ondine are launching a fantastically bright trio collection. The Sunset Trio contains : Secret, Boom and Fusion.

Boom –

Little Ondine Boom

Boom is an incredibly bright, glow in the dark neon, tangerine colour that is a perfect shade for Summer or days when you want to brighten the world. It has a Matte finish but if you want to add that high shine look you can paint Secret over the top and create the gloss.

Little Ondine Neon Boom

 This shade does need more application, due to its colour. I have found I need to apply 3 coats as it is a matte finish, but it does dry incredibly fast. A really lovely bright, sunshine colour, that looks incredible on the toes.

Fusion –

Little Ondine Fusion

 Fusion is my favourite shade in this trio, but then I am a red girl. Described as a Cardinal feather red, this is a true red. After just one coat the coverage is perfect and the colour bright and vibrant, but I always apply two coats. The brush of the varnish is a nice fat brush which gives a fast even coat to the nails. A beautiful shade which I would be happy to wear all year round.

Secret –

Little Ondine Secret

 Secret is your perfect glossy base and topcoat. Made from only water and resign it is perfectly transparent and works well as a base coat but also locks in your colour and gives it that perfect high shine finish. As with all the nail colours, apply to clean, dry nails and make sure you keep your hands free from warm water for at least 3 hours.

Little Ondine Sunset Trio

When you are ready to change you colour its so easy to gently peel off the varnish, without any damage to the nails and start again. I find these nail colours don’t last as long as regular polish because they are created to be “Fast”, but if you are a complete nail colour junkie that loves to chop and change your colour but doesn’t want to damage your nails, these would be great. Also great for kids as they can be easily applied and removed without causing damage.

Little Ondine Peel Off Nail Varnish

Please forgive my dry hands, I am not a nail model and do suffer from dry skin.

These colours are available individually from Little Ondine or can be purchased as a Trio on Qvcuk,

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  1. Happy Jill
    March 1, 2017 / 12:30 pm

    I love these! Tangerine is not normally a colour I would wear, but I think I'd give this one a go. Being glow-in-the-dark, it would be fun on nights out! There is always room in my collection for a red! Thanks for the informative review Sharon!

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