Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose – Supersize Limited Edition Giveaway

October 27, 2017

Liquid Gold is THE cult product from Alpha-H that literally put the Australian brand on the map – Globally. Created in in the year 2000 Liquid Gold has achieved incredible success at completely transforming and treating clients skin, via gently exfoliating and renewing the appearance of the skin.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Supersize
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Supersize

This year the Limited Edition Rose Liquid Gold launched and it is every bit as beautiful, powerful and effective as the original, but with the added benefits of Rose. Liquid Gold works like an overnight facial, so three nights per week, on alternate nights, you apply the Liquid Gold Rose, over the face, over the top lip, around the orbital bone, targeting any uneven skin tone and discolouration, also taking it down the neck and onto the décolleté.

Due to the fruit acids included, this beautiful liquid exfoliates on contact leaving you with incredibly smooth skin. I have seen amazing results this past year on sun damage above my top lip. That area for me had suddenly started to look dry and creapy and really started to age, but with regular use of this and another Glycolic product, my skin looks smooth and bright and completely different. It gently lifts away those dead skin cells and leaves behind, beautifully soft, plump glowing skin. Who wouldn’t want that right?

This does have a slight tingle on the skin on some people, as its resurfacing and working, and whilst we sleep, the addition of the Rose and Orchid and Lotus petal, deeply hydrate the skin, meaning there is NO need for moisturiser after application. My dehydrated, mature skin, absolutely adores this product and the addition of Rose makes it smell beautiful and just feel that little bit fresher and an absolute joy to use.

This is my go to now that the weather is changing and we have turned on the heating. I do not want my skin hiding under layers of old, dirty skin cells, but I want it plump, fresh and glowing and I definitely achieve it with this.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Supersize
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Supersize

The great news right now is that until November 1st this product is available as a Supersize 200ml bottle for just £41.95 plus p&p on QvcUK. The value is absolutely outstanding and will not be around for long.

The other incredible news is that courtesy of Alpha-H I have one Limited Edition Liquid Gold Rose 200ml to giveaway below.

T&C’s :
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be chosen at Random
You must be over 18 to enter
Items can only be posted within the UK
Prize will be despatched direct from Alpha-H
Neither Alpha-H or Back to you Beauty can be held responsible for loss or damage of prize
All decisions are final – Good Luck

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139 comments so far.

139 responses to “Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose – Supersize Limited Edition Giveaway”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh this sounds ideal for this time of year after a summer of being outdoors. I have watched these preentations many times and you make it sound right up my street. Thanks for another great comp xxx Celia xxx

  2. Laura says:

    Love alpha h. Currently using liquid gold

  3. Laura says:

    Love alpha h. Currently using liquid gold. Lx

  4. jenna says:

    i have only tried one product which was included in a TILI box

  5. Tracy Clark says:

    Going to be honest not tried this yet. Sounds fabulous especially on the sun damaged lip area.Thanks for another great review Sharon xx

  6. Deborah Platt says:

    The Rose Liquid Gold sounds lovely, will have to give it a try!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love the original! Tried this when i received the tili box. Love this more!!!

  8. Lindsay Frearson says:

    i have been thinking of getting this as it looks good, would love to try it

  9. Anonymous says:

    My desert island product 💛

  10. Sue Stewart says:

    I used to use this but with such choice of existing and new brand's coming along it got left by the wayside. But I do like this and it worked on my skin well.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Would love to try this as I have some sun damage on my face. Sounds like it could help

  12. beautyqueenuk says:

    I absolutely love this and a supersize option would be incredible, fab giveaway x

  13. Samantha Abbott says:

    I’ve used the original for years. It’s my cult beauty product. I’ve heard lots about the Rose Gold version. Would love to try it! Samantha x

  14. Daniela says:

    I love Liquid Gold – I remember how amazed I was the first time I used it – it helped products I used after work better.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have never used this product before. I am very intrigued as alot of people have good things to say about this product.

  16. Laura Hollier says:

    This is so so lovely, and leaves the skin looking so smooth x

  17. Majean says:

    I have tried their mask and exfoliating scrub but would love to try this! My skin needs it!

  18. Erin Russell says:

    That is such a good price for it too, such a lovely gift! Erin || MakeErinOver

  19. LMD84 says:

    I had this in a tili box and it really did make my skin look radiant! Fab product

  20. susan1375 says:

    Love this – prefer it to the original one! My skin looks so much clearer now.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Love it use it all the time x

  22. Leigh says:

    Ive tried the regular Alpha H Liquid gold which I really liked

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great blog. I've been using the original for a few months and have really liked the improvements ive seen. I got the rose gold in a Tili box and gave it to my mum to try who loves the ease and convenience of it. Works with any existing routine

  24. Georgia Weedon says:

    I have never tried any of their products before but I have been wanting to try this for ages! x

  25. Anonymous says:

    Only tried the original which was a little strong, this sounds perfect Love your blogs ��

  26. emily4444 says:

    no but looks incredible

  27. Beautylymin says:

    I love that this version is better for dry skin! X

  28. Roxie Watt says:

    I really like products that work over night. I'm always too busy for a good pamper session these days so this is a great time saver.

  29. Heather Nixon says:

    I love the packaging – I definitely want to try it

  30. Nicole Baxter says:

    I love thIs product although I can't use it too often as it's a little harsh on my dry skin!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I would love to try this version of liquid gold. Angela x

  32. Christine Dodd says:

    No – but I love to experiment with new products

  33. sarahlouisa says:

    No I haven't but I must say it looks amazing so would love to try it! x

  34. Leila BENHAMIDA says:

    No I never came accross Alpha H before

  35. Ali says:

    Yes but would love to try this. Thanks for the chance. X

  36. Claire Morley says:

    Lovely review for this great product. Thank you Sharon xx

  37. Clare says:

    I have been using high end skincare for years, and am a Liz Earle and Elemis devotee. Lately though, I`ve noticed I`m not getting the same results as I used to, and need a product that will supercharge my routine. I think this may fit the bill, so would love to win this. Love your blog, and thank you for the opportunity to win. xx

  38. Amy says:

    Oooh exciting! I have never used anything from this brand but the packaging looks beautiful! Enhanced I am sure by your lovely blog pictures as always. Have been a follower for a while now, keep up the good work Sharon.

  39. Simone Griffin says:

    I haven't, but I'd love to try them x

  40. Kayleigh Robinson says:

    No I've never tried it but I would love to! My skin needs a treat x

  41. Sarah Forster says:

    Nope – but this looks really good!

  42. Katie says:

    I have not heard of Alpha H before

  43. Ali Jane says:

    I have never come across Alpha H before but this sounds amazing. Just what I need!

  44. valseal29 says:

    I have not tried Alpha H but would love the opportunity.

  45. Dale Dow says:

    I don't think I've ever tried Alpha H products

  46. Carole Nott says:

    i have not tried these products but would love the opportunity to use them

  47. Elena JG says:

    I have heard amazing things from Alpha H but never had the chance to try it yet. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!! 🙂

  48. Corinne Wright says:

    I haven’t tried any of these products before but they sound amazing.

  49. Kim tanner-hill says:

    I have heard of this, would love ro try!

  50. Fiona says:

    No, but they sound brilliant!

  51. Claire Simpson says:

    No but would love to x

  52. tracey tibbs says:

    tried and use Liquid Gold before and would love to try Liquid Gold Rose fingers crossed x

  53. laura banks says:

    i haven't tried any but have heard of them

  54. Fay Norris says:

    No I haven't. I keep seeing this brand on social media & blogs though. Sounds fabulous

  55. Lorraine Stone says:

    No not tried them before.

  56. Rebecca miller says:

    Got to be honest, never even heard of this before. But it looks fab! I'd love to try it!

  57. Nelly Cee says:

    Yes tried liquid gold when it was in last year's marks and Spencer's advent calendar – it's great!

  58. corgo vlogs says:

    no I've not but would love to.

  59. MariSian says:

    I haven't yet but would love to!

  60. Kiya Johnson says:

    I havent tried any of their products but i would love to!

  61. Naila says:

    No I haven't tried Alpha-H products before, but it does look good would love to give it a try 🙂

  62. Katie Witherington says:

    No I havent

  63. Cerys John says:

    No I've never tried them but would love to give them a go 🙂

  64. Zoe G says:

    Surprisingly I haven't, would love to try though

  65. claire glace says:

    Not yet, but here,s hoping !

  66. stuart hargreaves says:

    No but I know someone who wants to

  67. Amy Bondoc says:

    I have never tried any of their products before my aunt has tried them and said they are good though

  68. NuttyMummyof3 says:

    I haven't – they look good though

  69. Shannellem08 says:

    Nope I have never tried Alpha-H products before but your review has defo made me want to! Good luck everyone x

  70. elaine simpson says:


  71. Mel Turner says:

    No Ive not tried any yet

  72. Jules Eley says:

    No I never tried before but would love too

  73. Unknown says:

    No I have never tried it before

  74. Ren says:

    There was a small bottle of this in last years M&S advent calender and I loved it….put it on each night and slept with it on ….but now its all used up so I would LOVE some more xx

  75. Lauren Hills says:

    I’ve always wanted to try liquid gold, but I like yh sound of a rose one! I need x

  76. Angie Hoggett says:

    I use the original liquid gold, it's done wonders for my skin!

  77. mo3733 says:

    no i havent tried it yet but i would love to

  78. Linda Curtis says:

    nope iv never tried this but would like to

  79. Jenny Jones says:

    I have not no but would love to

  80. Mrs Broomfield says:

    I haven't tried any Alpha-H products yet but reading this, they do sound rather good!

  81. Sarah Wilson says:

    I've tried Liquid Gold – it's fab! Would love to try the Rose Gold.

  82. Ellen says:

    I use the Alpha-H factor protection plus 50+ daily moisturiser during the summer to help fight against the pigmentation I'm getting

  83. jodie A Green says:

    Not yet but it sounds lovely

  84. moonray says:

    No, I have not tried the Alpha-H products yet, would love to though

  85. weir shane says:

    No but I would love to try this – leanne w

  86. Rebecca Brown says:

    I haven't tried out any of their products yet but I'd really like to

  87. Maggie Coates says:

    No, I haven't, but would love the chance to try

  88. Cheeky says:

    I haven't tried them, but I have seen them before on QVC & been tempted!

  89. sarah kate says:

    I have not but would love to try!

  90. Caroline says:

    I've not tried any but have seen it and heard good things, so would love to try it.

  91. Lucy Fallon says:

    I have never used it before

  92. Marjoleine Kok says:

    I have not tried their products before , however they sound fabulous, and will be giving them a try in the future !

  93. Birdsworth says:

    No I haven't tried any of them yet but I'd like to 🙂

  94. John Tingay says:

    I've never tried any Alpha-H products before.

  95. Ann Marie Gould says:

    i have never tried this but i would love to

  96. Anonymous says:

    no I have not tried it but I would like to.angela b

  97. Jade Pawley says:

    I haven't tried anything before but I'm so intrigued by these products!

  98. Elaine Fletcher says:

    Yes, I've bought a few TSVs from QVC

  99. Ruth Wollerton says:

    No but I woukd love to for skin perfection. Thanks for the chance xxx

  100. Katrina Adams says:

    I've never tried any of the products and actually this is the first time I have heard of them.

  101. Anna Stimson says:

    No I haven't tried any of these products before!

  102. caroline tokes says:

    i have not tried it but would love to

  103. 2janes says:

    No, but would love to give them a go.

  104. tammy neal says:

    No I haven't but would like to xx

  105. Johannah Carroll says:

    I've never tried alpha-H before but it does sound excellent. x

  106. newgolddream71 says:

    i havent yet but want too

  107. Milly Youngman says:

    I haven't, but I've heard a lot of good things!

  108. emma lewis says:

    I have never used them but they sounds great

  109. Diana S says:

    I haven't tried any before, but would love to.

  110. Solange says:

    Yes, I have. It smells lovely.

  111. Eloise says:

    I've never heard of or tried any alpha H products

  112. Katie Galbraith says:

    No but I would love to!

  113. Rebecca H says:

    I've never tried them but they sound brilliant! I'd love to!


    No but would like to !

  115. ashleigh walbridge says:

    This sounds perfect for my eczema. I'm always on the look out for something that may help with my dry skin on my face.

  116. Nina Motylinski-Davies says:

    I have never tried but have heard such good things I am desperate to!

  117. Rachael Green says:

    No, I haven't, but have heard great things about the brand.

  118. Naz says:

    Yes, I use their daily spf 50 moisturiser regularly, I love it. I love that it's both a moisturiser and sunscreen, saves a step in my daily routine 🙂

  119. Teresa Lee says:

    No I haven't tried them before

  120. Maggie Coates says:

    No, it is not a brand I am familiar with.

  121. Margaret Gallagher says:

    I haven't sounds sensational

  122. paula cheadle says:

    never tried it, but would love to

  123. Emily Clark says:

    Never tried but I'd love to, I've heard about it in the past!

  124. Beauty Drama Queen says:

    I’m yet to try the rose gold version, but I have tried and loved a cleanser, moisturiser and the original Liquid Gold. I’m so tempted to pick this up, but trying very hard not to spend any money right now & try pay off a credit card instead of my usual compulsive spending! Lol! So fingers crossed, I can win! Good luck to everyone!! X

  125. Helen Adams says:

    I've never tried any of their products before

  126. gillian mcclelland says:

    I haven't tried any of the products, they sound amazing

  127. Sarah N says:

    I've never tried them before, but I would very much like to.

  128. Kate Davies says:

    No I havent but they sound fantastic.

  129. rebecca lord says:

    I haven't tried it but would love to!

  130. Alix Boswell says:

    I’ve never tried any of their products before!

  131. Debbie Preston says:

    Never tried

  132. Alisa Moore says:

    I've never actually heard of or tried any Alpha H products

  133. Jo Glasspool says:

    I haven't but they sound amazing.

  134. Allure La Vie says:

    I love this stuff, but haven’t used it for a while must enter x

  135. Laura Louise says:

    ROSE + GOLD? Obviously need! x

  136. Chantelle Nelson says:

    I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't tried the original! The fact this one has rose in is a bonus!!! 😍😍 NEED!Chantelle xThe Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  137. The Sunday Girl says:

    I really need to dig my bottle out – my skin has been all over the place lately!

  138. Mammaful Zo says:

    This sounds like it would be perfect for my skin xxx Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  139. Gem flutterandsparkle says:

    My skin responds so well to these kinds of products – I love the brightening effect

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