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We all know how wonderfully relaxing and soothing a hot bath or warm shower can be, but what if you have a more sensitive skin? Or skin that needs some attention and looking after, rather than a pampering? Well SBC have got you with their beautiful Ultimate Propolis collection.

SBC Propolis tsv february 2019

This five piece collection is featuring exclusively on QVCUK as a Todays Special Value on Thursday 21st February, for one day only whilst stocks last. This wonderful collection contains the really unique ingredient, Propolis, which I will go on to explain in more detail in a while. This collection is also wonderful for anyone of any age that may be suffering from a more sensitive or reactive skin, skin that is hormonal, stressed or irritated, or even skin that is dehydrated, flaky, breakout prone, or just not reacting and behaving in the way that you would like.

Obviously, as with any concern, if you are worried about your skin on a deeper level, then always consult your G.P

sbc 1 litre propolis gel

The bones of this collection, is the super magical, powerful and beneficial ingredient Propolis. Propolis is a resinous mixture that Honeybees collect from Botanical sources such as tree sap and flowers. They use it in their hive to seal and protect the chambers from outside sources such as preditiors but also fungus, disease, bacteria and parasites. Propolis works so well in skincare because it is anti-bacterical, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, making it wonderful at cleaning, nourishing and protecting the skin where needed.

Propolis haircare from sbc

Included in this deeply comforting and soothing collection are the following items:

Honey & Almond Bath & Shower Crème 1000ml

SBC Honey & Almond Bath & Shower Creme

That’s right, you get a whole litre of this beautifully soft and bubby bath and shower crème that literally cocoons you in a hug of gorgeousness. Especially formulated to respect your skins natural moisture barrier and PH, this bath and shower is completly non-stripping. Firstly, the aroma is intoxicating! It is comforting and uplifting, a scent that you will remember and a scent that you will feel nurtured by. The texture is so creamy and delicious a little goes such a long way! Containing Organic Suffolk Honey and Sweet Almond Seed, it really is jam packed full of Vitamins. For that extra touch of Luxury this bath & shower Crème contains Cashmere, a luxurious, sensual ingredient infused with a whole host of Botanicals such as Patchouli, Nutmeg and Juniper. All of which will help to neutralise free-radicals with their high content of natural Vitamins. This brightens skin, hydrates your skin and evens out skin tone!

SBC Honey & Almond Bath & Shower Creme bubbles

If you have a bath, light a candle and pour a generous amount under running water to create soft, silky foaming bubbles and lie back and let the crème sooth and care for your skin. If you only have a shower, a drop onto a shower sponge is more than enough to release the gorgeous aromas of delicate floral blossoms alongside base notes of Amber, Vanilla, Musk and Wood, and wash the skin allowing it to deeply cleanse and nourish you. Also as a side note, my little boy was quite poorly recently and feeling very cold and he didn’t feel well enough to warm up in a bath so I popped some of this in a washing up bowl ( we can’t all have fancy foot spas ) with lots of warm water and he loved it!

Propolis Skincare Gel 1000ml

propolis gel 1 litre

Another supersize is included and this time it is the 1 litre of the star of the show. Propolis Skincare Gel… a very underrated product in my opinion and yet one we love in this house. I will tell you for why….Many, many years ago, one of the first reason I bought SBC propolis was to use on my very young sons fingers. At that time he had an awful habit of picking the skin around his fingers, which would bleed and sting and look rather unsightly. Every night before bed I would put a pump of Propolis into my hand and then gently massage it into his sore cracked fingers. It didn’t sting, but over a few days it started to heal. I knew that by using this antibacterial gel, his fingers would be protected in a “bubble of Propolis” and his sore skin would be clean and less prone to whitlows and infection. He also loved using it as he was enamored by how the bees made Propolis by mixing their beeswax and enzymes with tree sap. Much later, my eldest son, who was literally a young teenager at the time, started struggling with teenage spots and found that by layering this on his skin at night, his pores were not being clogged up, his skin was hydrated and it felt very soothing and offered that layer of protection.

Propolis gel application

For me, I was sold when, thanks to super strong medication, I had a bought of itchy, flaky and incredibly sore dermatitis on my head, which I would scratch until I was bleeding and lead me to covering my scalp in Sudo-Cream (don’t try it, it stings like hell and I was walking around with white, greasy hair for days and days ). Then one day I just decided to try Propolis and bingo, my scalp was soothed, calm and so much easier to live with ( whilst I waited for them to create a shampoo….) Now, those three may sound extreme, but over the years they have been genuine reasons for us to reach for Propolis and whether you suffer from any of the above, or have dry, flaky skin- like I do on my elbows (above) , chapped hands from Winter or scaly legs from keeping them hidden under layers, Propolis Skincare Gel really can become your skincare best friend.

Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo 500ml

Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo

As i mentioned above, i had an awful scalp due to medication. It was very dehydrated, constantly itchy and painful and was so bad i had to use a steroid lotion daily. The bad thing about that was it actually caused bald patches on the front of my hairline that are irreversible. I would often slather my head in Sudo-Cream and finally SBC Propolis gel just to find some comfort. Now I am thrilled that they have a Propolis based shampoo and conditioner collection.  Propolis is rich in Anti-Oxidants and Bio-flavonoids and when combined with White Nettle, Ginger and Pro-Vitamin B5, it is a powerful yet gentle combination which creates a wonderfully glossy shampoo. With the aim to soothe dry, itchy, sore scalps whilst also protecting the hair follicle and gently deep cleaning and hydrating the hair, I think this works well….however! As someone with incredibly long hair, I have discovered that it can leave my hair quite tangled but, once i comb it through, my hair looks and feels strong and glossy, but more to the point, and most importantly for me, my scalp feels clean, hydrated and calm. The shampoo smells absolutely incredible, it has a hint of creamy Honey to the scent, is an incredibly silky and luxurious shampoo and is SLS free so for all those reasons i love it.  I think for me, having used it quite a lot of times and enjoying how it leaves my scalp feeling hydrated and non itchy, it is better for me to apply this to my scalp – where obviously it is needed – and then apply a more detangling shampoo to the length of my hair.

Propolis Hair Care Conditioner 500ml

SBC Propolis Hair Care Conditioner

The Propolis hair care conditioner also comes in a very handy pump bottle which works perfectly in the shower. Just like the shampoo, this also has the most amazingly, mouth-watering scent that does really linger on the hair. Containing Honey, Royal Jelly and Pro-Vitamin B5 this conditioner feels incredibly silky and luxurious. When used in conjunction with the above shampoo, my hair is always left looking very shiny, which is hard on blonde hair, and my scalp feels hydrated and calm.

Propolis & Safflower Hand & Foot Cream

Propolis and Safflower hand cream

This brand new launch from SBC is a welcome addition to the propolis range. As you may notice, I have the worst cuticles, sorry, and I am always conscious of them when I take blog photos. Again, due to medication stripping hydration from my body, things like my cuticles suffer. Whilst it’s nice to get regular manicures, it is not always practical and can be very time consuming and expensive. I was so impressed with this hand and foot cream. Rich in that all important Propolis Extract as well as Safflower seed oil and Vitamin E, this cream feels very luxurious and hydrating.

Propolis and Safflower hand cream use

The Shea Butter and Glycerin inclusion give this cream a very nice slip factor making it a pleasure to massage into both the hand and feet without applying too much pressure. Quite fluffy in texture, yet with substance, this cream does not leave the skin feeling greasy which is something I hate about hand creams, meaning you can apply to the backs of the hands and go on with your day. Rich in essential fatty acids, Minerals and Vitamins with that added protection from the Propolis,  this is a great one to use on a daily basis on the hands and feet of both men and women that need some TLC. I keep a hand cream by the side of my laptop to remind me to use it whilst i’m working.

Why should you buy this Propolis collection? If all of the reasons I have listed above are not enough, then just know that this is a regime that is suitable for all the family. Men, women, children and teens  really will benefit from using Propolis. It is as decedent and relaxing as it is functional and protective. Great for this time of the year, to get our skin looking nice for that promise of Spring and Summer, this collection is incredibly generous on size, quality and ingredients from a great British Brand.

Available exclusively to QVCUK in this configuration, on 21st February 2019 as a Todays Special Value for one day only whilst stocks last. You can purchase the collection HERE when it becomes available. Pumps are included for all bottled products.

Have you tried Propolis? Does it sound like a collection you could slip into your body care regime? I would love to hear from you so please do leave me a comment below.

Have a great day!

*This is a Sponsored collaboration with SBC Gels, however all thoughts and photos are my own




  1. Marie
    February 18, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    👍 great review Sharon I have tricky skin lifelong eczema, dryness due to medication and frequent flare ups of one kind or another. I have tried sbc propolis in the past and loved it. The arnica Tsv got myself and my family through the winter and I am definitely ordering this one and sharing it with everyone who needs it x

  2. February 20, 2019 / 11:00 am

    I have recommended this and these products to a few friends thanks to your stories on Instagram and blog posts, they look fabulous

  3. Erin
    February 20, 2019 / 11:54 am

    Oh wow they look lovely! I still haven’t tried the brand yet, it looks really nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Sharon T
    February 20, 2019 / 5:22 pm

    Hi Sharon. Great article. I had shingles on my scalp last year and propolis eased the itching, helped with the blisters too. I wonder if you could confirm if there are sls, sfs, etc in the shampoo and conditioner? I have been told to use only very gentle stuff on my scalp for a while to avoid another flare up of shingles. Many thanks

    • backtoyoubeauty
      March 5, 2019 / 11:50 am

      Hi Sahron, I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I hope you bought these collection as they are sls free as stated in my blog. big hugs x

  5. February 22, 2019 / 8:32 am

    It sounds like a fab collection. I love anything with Honey in it x

    • backtoyoubeauty
      March 5, 2019 / 11:49 am

      Me too, and this not only feels divine but smells irresistible!

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