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Gifted as part of a Press Trip

For some of us, the idea of relaxing or going to sleep can fill us with anxiety. The moment we try to switch off, our brain switches on, reminding us of all the things we haven’t done and things we have to worry about. Marks and Spencer Sleep & Calm Beauty products  can help us find it just that little bit easier to unwind.

m&S sleep and calm products

I find relaxation really hard to come by, if im lucky enough to go for a spa treatment or facial, I find myself lying there filled with guilt about all the other things I could be doing instead.  Having just been to the Zedwell Hotel with Stylist magazine and La Roche Posay, I learned an awful lot about sleep habits and rituals we can take to ensure a good nights sleep. I will follow that up in a separate post but for now I want to share some of the goodies we were kindly gifted on the day from Marks and Spencer.

All of these products are aimed at offering some calm and clarity to our day and before bed, to just help us relax and unwind a little.

Ragdale Hall Spa Time to Sleep Bath Elixir 500ml £7.50

ragdale hall time to sleep bath elixir

Ragdale Hall has a very vast array of products on offer in M&S for relaxation and pampering, all of which are very affordable. This multi award winning spa is world famous for its luxurious surroundings and treatments, but, if like me, you have not yet visited, you can indulge in some of their products to give yourself some well deserved “me time”. This therapist approved bath elixir with Lavender and Chamomile is an absolute delight! If you love lavender you will love this as it has the most beautiful, delicate fragrance. Designed to promote relaxation, positive thinking and an inner calm, this is a joy to use in the bath before bed. Infused with Lavender, Bois De Rose, Clary Sage, Geranium and Chamomile, not only does this smell beautifully relaxing but, when run under a warm bath, gives the most delicate of bubbles that brush on the skin. It does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which I know some of my readers cannot use, but by no means does this leave the skin dry. My skin always feels silky soft when I bathe in this, the scent lingers and it is a wonderful way for me to begin my countdown to sleep. Available HERE 

Ragdale Hall Spa Time to Sleep Dream Away Body wash 200ml £5.00

Ragdale Hall Time to sleep Bodywash

Another wonderful product and such great value too. This delicately scented body wash has a creamy, delicate lather that scents the body with a whisper of lavender. Wonderful to use in the bath or shower on a sponge it cleanses the skin without stripping away any oils and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean, again, a wonderful bedtime ritual Available HERE 

Ragdale Hall Time to Sleep Fragranced Candle

ragdale hall spa sleep candle

If you love a candle, and quite frankly who doesn’t, the Time to sleep Fragranced Candle with Lavender is a lovely one to relax with of an evening. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep with a candle on, you can have it burning late evening before you prepare for bed. It has a gentle, non cloying, lavender fragrance that is very calming and soothing and looks very pretty. Available HERE

CALM Apothecary Hand Wash 250ml £5.00 

Calm apothecary marks and spencer

From the design of the bottle to the scent of the product, Calm Apothecary Hand wash is a delight each time you use it. Containing essential oils Lavender, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage and Cedar Wood, this hand wash is calming and soothing and clears the mind each and every time. Plus its a great way to check if the kids have washed their hands as it leaves a light scent on the skin. This product looks beautiful in the bathroom and would easily pass for being much more expensive than it is. Available HERE


CALM Apothecary Hand Lotion 250ml £5.00

calm apothacary hand lotion and hand wash

This matching hand lotion to the above hand cream compliments it beautifully. Containing those same intoxication essential oils Lavender, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage and Cedar Wood, it leaves the hands soft and hydrated after washing, plus is a very unisex fragrance. Both of this would make a wonderful gift or housewarming present as the value and presentation is just beautiful. Available HERE

m&S sleep and calm products

Obviously none of these products will send you to sleep in seconds, but its all about making those evening rituals and winding down with gentle and relaxing scents. Marks and Spencer Sleep & Calm Beauty products all smell wonderfully soft and relaxing.

I hope you enjoyed that little run down of my Stylist Magazine Goodie Bag

Let me know if you have any of these products and which are your favourites

Thanks for reading

Lots of Love




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