Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Im in Love with a soap.........

…..Im in love with a soap! Yep that’s right….good, Clean soap. This however is no usual Soap, this is a range of Handcrafted body products with Core ingredient’s sourced from around the world. This is Soapsmith…..and I saw these stunning products at the Annual Qvc Beauty Bash At Billingsgate. They now feature on Qvcuk with their stunning set The Step into London Collection – Item : 207997 £30.00, this contains a gorgeous selection of 4 products plus a handy wash bag.

Bloomsbury Bath soak 350g – Is just the most stunning, heady bouquet of Primrose, Honeysuckle, Roses and Peony. Just two scoops of this scented, rose petal bath powder is enough to create a gorgeous bath that not only releases toxins and revitalises the skin, but is rich in minerals and feels gorgeous.

Camden Town Bath soak 100ml-is a stunning almost warming scent of Coconut, Bergamot,and Hint of Musk.

Marble Arch Body Butter Melt 100ml-Wow this is my favourite item in the set, the most stunning Body Butter Melt. The gorgeous sensual scent of Vanilla, Orange, Saffron and Patchouli are encompassed in this beautiful rich looking cream, which magically transforms into a stunning oil as soon as it hits the skin. This rubs in beautifully and leaves the skin soft, supple hydrated and gorgeously scented.

All Scents Soap Assortment set of 8 , 15g soaps – A beautiful collection of soaps which offer an amazing lather and stunning collection of scents. Do not be fooled by their size as these will last a long time and are fantastic to keep in guest bathrooms as well as by the side of your bath as they look so pretty, just remember not to leave them in a puddle of water.
Step into London Collection
*Denotes PR Sample

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