A'Kin brand new product launch! Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Creme

August 21, 2015

Whilst on holiday recently I was lucky enough to trial a brand new product –  A’Kin Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Crème.

 This lovely crème is formulated with pure active Botanic’s including Echium Oil, Camu Camu and vitamin C, along with hyaluronic acid. Designed to smooth out wrinkles and brighten the eye area. When added to your  skincare regime it really hydrates the delicate area around the eye and fight the signs of ageing.

As I have mentioned before, as I am 40 now, I really want to do the best I can to prolong the youthful look of my eyes. Even though I never get enough sleep and am always busy, its great knowing that this product is available to help address my ageing concerns. Using my ring finger, I gently tap a small amount around the eye area and even over the eyelids – which on me can sometimes become puffy. Any left over product can be taken over the lip line and applied to those “eleven” Lines just above the nose, between the brows. A very versatile product that really will last a while.
 When applied it really does have such a beautiful, cooling, lightweight texture! The results are outstanding! Lifted, more relaxed looking eyes, lines beginning to fade. Beautiful! Love a natural product!

This product is also lovely applied as a thick eye mask ( using a pea sized amount) and left to sink in. Great on days when you are feeling more tired, dehydrated or have been at your computer too long! I am really enjoying using this product.

During a Recent Web Chat with Lisa McCarthy, Head of Education at A’Kin, a group of over 3700 people we were able to find out more about this product.

Lisa says

“The Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye cream  was
created from all of our customer feedback- Its a real challenge due to the
structure of the skin around the eye, it is complex due to the movement of this
skin and the fact there is no support for the skin around the eyes so to
develop an eye treatment that meets the needs of all our customers feedback…
who are concerned with Fine lines- just starting to see lines appear and want to take
action, Deep Wrinkles, crows feet- deep lines heading towards the
hairline-genetics Uneven tone- pigmentation from over exposure to the sun
Dryness- the skin feels tight and two sizes too small, Sensitive eyes- Prefer
Fragrance free, Contact Lens wearers Dull- micro circulation congested, eye are
lacking radiance Dehydrated- people staring at computers screens all day,
Creapy eyes longing to feel smoother and fresher Make up sinking in to the skin
not smooth. Tired eyes- long days, Shift work just the day job, New baby
Quickly absorbing -we are all so busy! Treatment for no make up days It’s so
important to get it right!!! The
product was three years in the making! Most products have to be tested for at
at least three months we took three years to get this right and results are

This  Brand new product is available now HERE I would love to know if you have tried this product before and how you got on with it! Do leave me aq comment below.

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