Roger & Gallet Festive fragrances that are real Christmas Crackers

Roger and Gallet is one of those beautiful, beautiful ranges, that once tried, you will never want to be without. At least that is how I feel about this beautiful, delicate, sensual, luxurious brand.
The creation of one of France’s Oldest, fragrance empires, is the result of an authentic know how of distillation of rare, natural ingredients. Using mouth wateringly wonderful extracts of the best Essences, you really will travel the world on an indulgent sensual ride. Boasting some of the finest fragrances and soaps I am blown away by the memories and the feelings, these scents evoke within me. There really is something within this range for everyone.

Roger & Gallet Bois D’Orange Cracker

*Bois D’Orange Cracker – Inside this fab Christmas Cracker are two beautiful gifts, firstly is a 1.5ml spray of One of the most uplifting scents in this range. I am completely smitten with the Bois D’Orange Fresh Fragrant Water. I am wearing it as I write and it is a cold, rainy December day. But I feel happy, vibrant, and my mouth keeps watering, hahaha!
This scent is delicious, Inspired by the gardens of Alhambra in Granda, this is full of so many uplifting layers! The official description is :  “A blend of freshness in its top notes: the brilliance and vivacity of the mandarin combines with the soft, green accents of basil-verbena. Fruity softness in the heart notes: an original blend with an orange theme. The strong personality of Neroli, an essence of bitter orange, which unites softness with subtle, spiced bitterness. A trail of sensuality in the base: the fragrance accents its character, with musky notes of clear amber.”
 On me, the first hit was a sharp Orange with definite green notes  that took my breathe away, within seconds I could smell a more woody, spiciness, whilst still being vibrant and bright with a huge punch of Neroli which is one of my favourite scents. This is most definitely a happy Fragrance! This is Summer in a bottle, holidays, carefree days, happy days and most definitely something to spray on when you need a hit of Happy!!! This will be my “Christmas-Day-Crisp-walk-after-dinner” Fragrance! Love, Love, Love.

Also inside this cracker is a 30ml tube of Crème Sublime Bois D’Orange SPF 15 hand & nail cream. This tube is a really very generous size, it sits perfectly besides its more bolder Fragrant Water that I described above. This rich, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Primrose oil hand and nail cream, works wonders on winter dry, rough hands. It softens hands and cuticles and protects your hands against the sun thanks to its SPF 15 protection. So whether you are using this in the winter or summer you will have beautiful looking hands. Its not greasy after use, rubs in quickly and although the same Scent as the Fragrant water, it does have a softness to it which I love. I think if you can have this on your Christmas tree or as Christmas Table gifts this year, your guests will be so thrilled! Absolutely wonderful gift and amazing value. The prices vary online and in Marks and Spencer but I found them online with Feel Unique for £6 each and on 3 for 2 wow! Purchase by clicking HERE

Roger & Galett Gingembre Fresh Fragrant Water

*Gingembre Fresh Fragrant Water 30ml – This is most definitely a Unisex scent, now I am not usually keen on Unisex scents to be honest, but this just works. Its smells completely different on me and my husband, yet works on us both. Now I will share with you the official description of this scent, just to paint a picture : “It all starts with the zing of Japanese ginger; essence of Neroli adds its fruity vigour, while Bergamot, soft and delicate, swathes them with its roundness. After this prelude comes the utter sensuality of Jamaican ginger and the oriental sweetness of Ambrette. Finally, the round, hot notes of benzoin balm appear with a magnificent blend of musk”.
Ok, so I am going to admit, at the very first blast, I did not like it, I think I actually pulled a face and gasped, but and this is a big BUT, after putting the fragrance down and walking away, a few moments later I kept getting the most lovely smell of Neroli and a warm yet zingy,
uplifting, spiciness and I loved it! It is amazing how this scent mellows down to something completely different! I was so surprised by this scent and it is so long lasting which is fabulous. On my husband this smelt different again, it was warm and musky and sensual, one of those “Neck Nuzzler” type fragrances. I think you really need to give this a try! Next time you are walking through Marks and Spencer have a spray, walk around then smell your wrist. Its beautiful. This would be a gorgeous “Cosey-by-the-fire” type fragrance this Christmas. You can purchase This fragrance From Marks and Spencer online HERE for £32.00for 100ml.

I cannot wait to try more from this beautiful Brand! I am looking forward to sharing some blogs about winter skin from this range including their indulgant body shimmers and body butters. A real range of Christmas must haves this year!

Have you ever tried this range before? I would love to hear your thought? Do leave me a message below.

*Pr Sample or Gift

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