Deep Cleanse your hair and scalp with the new Japense Mineral Springs sensation from OnZen

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There is nothing that excites me more in the beauty world than the Lure of a brand new product that promises something completely different! This fantastic product from OnZen absolutely ticks all the right boxes for me in that department!

OnZen Natural Carbonated Shower Tablet

We all go through those moments where we look in the mirror and our hair looks tired and flat with no shine.A trip to the Hairdressers would be lovely but sometimes family, work and finances do not always allow this to happen at the moment we need It too. This is where OnZen steps in. OnZen is the first company to create a  naturally carbonated tablet that we can place inside a special shower head and create a very unique, Zen like, Spa hairdressing experience at home. Winner! Winner! For someone like me with Long (waist length) thick ( naturally wavy) and naturally blonde ( Almost orange in summer) Hair, I would do anything to get a shine that only a hair colour could give. As I never have and possibly never will colour my hair, I always look for alternatives to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy.

OnZen has its origins in Japan, the name brings together the Japanese term for naturally hot springs and Zen from Buddhism. Together this name forms the basis of the ultimate cleansing and nurturing hair experience. The special Carbonated Spring Minerals have been captured in easy to use tablet form that can give us an invigorating yet relaxing “natural Spring” Sensation at home.

There are two kinds of tablets you can purchase, the hair tablets which have to be put into OnZen’s own, unique shower head and the Bath tablets which you just put into your bath for a unique bathing experience. Today I will be discussing the Onzen Hair.

Remove your shower head and fit the OnZen Shower Head

Everyday our hair is exposed to so many different elements from sun exposure, pollution,. stress, medication, over processing, blow drying etc etc and over time our scalp can become sore and itchy and our hair can look lifeless. Our hair is a protein called keratin which has a negative Ion charge, dirt and impurities have a positive Ion charge and therefore cling onto the hair.

The OnZen treated water is Negatively Ionised and loosens all these impurities better and deeper than normal water can. In turn the natural minerals inside the special tablet  help increase the blood circulation and invigorate our scalp and hair whilst also deeply cleansing and leaving us with soft shiny hair.

Insert OnZen Carbonated Mineral Tablet inside Shower Head

As I have mentioned you will need to purchase a special shower head which the tablets go into, but once you have it, it can stay on your shower and be used even without the tablets in. My shower is silver and unfortunately I couldn’t see a silver one on there website so mine is white, but it is so easy to remove and reattach that I would leave my silver one on daily and just use the OnZen one as a weekly hair treatment shower head.

OnZen Shower Head ready to use

Its really easy to use you basically just unscrew your shower head from the shower, open the OnZen one up, insert a Hair Tablet and attach to your shower. The Natural carbon dioxide and minerals in the tablet then come out with the shower water, and usually dissolves completely within 4 minutes. As my Hair is long and it take a few minutes to work the shampoo through my hair I wash my hair straight away so as not to loose all the benefits of this tablet whilst washing my body. The water feels great, really bubbly and effervescent. I shampoo and condition my hair as usual but afterwards my hair feels so clean and shiny! I was really surprised.
 My hair is naturally blonde and sometimes it is so hard to get that natural shine and vitality to my hair but this really helped. I do not tend to use many styling products on my hair either but I do suffer from itchy scalp quite a lot due to medication, so it felt lovely to know the minerals in the shower tablet would aid my  blood circulation would be invigorating my scalp.

I think this would be fantastic for a hairdresser as each wash would be like having a special treatment. Also for anyone that pays a lot of money to get their hair coloured, this would really help remove those impurities and bring the colour back to life. For me I would use this weekly or fortnightly just because of changing the shower head each time and as tablets ( if bought in pack of ten) work out at about £1.60 per wash, it would be more economical for me to use this as a treatment. A lovely idea though, and I am very pleased I had the chance try it. It really makes my hair look and feel beautiful. I will come back and insert a before and after photo, its just hard finding the right way to bring to life how soft, clean and healthy my hair looks, but watch this space.
These items are suitable for all hair lengths and hair types.

To find out more about Onzen and purchse their products click HERE

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product, do leave me a comment below.

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