I Love……….Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Creme

Are you a bath or shower person? I must admit I am a bath person, always have been. There is nothing better than sinking in to a gorgeous, warm bubbly bath.

I Love……Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Creme

Just lately I have been surrounding myself in lots and lots of bubbles from I Love…..Cosmetics

Have you heard of this fun, happy lively skincare brand? They are available in lots of places such as Superdrug and Asda and have the most bright, fun, gorgeous range of products I have seen. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that this brand is just for teenagers, as there is something for everyone!

Created by James brown back in 2008 he brought his trades of product design and fragrance marketing to the forefront to create a range of products that would help us relive happy memories through fragrance and colour! Fabulous!! He took his inspiration from lots of his own childhood memories such as growing up eating his Grandmas coconut cookies, memories of his first McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes in the 80’s and home made lemonade, and was able to encompass it all into gorgeous bath and body products. Such a lovely, down to earth guy creating all of his products here in the UK, there is no way you will not smile when using this beautiful range.

I Love……Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Creme

Today I am writing about the I love…..Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Crème! Wow the smell of this is absolutely mouth watering, it just makes you smile. Think of sunny days and picking blackberries’ from the garden or the local “pick your own”…wow…remember those? This bath Creme is so gorgeously scented you will be wanting to dive in the second you open the lid. The bright vibrant colour really is the perfect mix of the bright raspberry with a dash of blackberry. Containing natural extracts of raspberry and Blackberry this bath and shower crème smells so fresh and is incredibly uplifting and awakening. When you undo the lid it is like squeezing happiness into your bath! This product can also be used in the shower and is not at all drying on the body, in fact it feels lovely and creamy and really moisturising. It is soap and Paraben free but does contain SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE, so if you have issues with that then best you do not use this.

I Love……Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Creme Soft, hydrating bubbles

A tiny amount squeezed into the bath gives gorgeous, creamy foamy bubbles that really last. The scent lingers lightly on the skin but is not cloying and your bathroom will smell gorgeous for hours!! My little boy also loves this fragrance and commented on how lovely the bathroom smelt after I had a bath in it. Great for everyone in the family and the price is unbelievable – 500ml of bath and shower crème £2.99 – how amazing!! At that price you can choose everything from the range hahaha!!

If you want happiness in bottle then this is the range to try, the only problem is you will become addicted!! I sooooo want everything, I want the hand creams, the body butters, the bath bombs……

All products are suitable for Vegetarians, All except the Lip glosses which contain beeswax are suitable for Vegans and no products are tested on animals!

For more information on I love….Cosmetics Click HERE

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Have you tried I love……Cosmetics? Which is your favourite flavour? Let me know below!

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  1. Yiotou_La
    April 4, 2016 / 9:41 am

    Omg I love these products!! I recently purchased a body butter in Raspberry & Blackberry and a body cream in Strawberries & Cream and their scent is amazing!!!! YiotaPinkdaisyloves.blogspot.com.cy

  2. Anonymous
    April 4, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    I love the 'I love' range especially with it being paraben free. I like the mango and passionfruit fragrance. I need to try the Raspberry and Blackberry range. I just love all the colours as its so bright and cheerful.

  3. Anonymous
    April 5, 2016 / 9:46 am

    Not tried this range but I am a bath a holic so will be off to the shops later to get some! I love great smells in my bath so this sounds just like me. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Sarah Hills xx

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