Doll 10 Cosmetics 7 piece July Qvc Tsv – Timeless Beauty Collection

Doll 10 are back in the UK this July with an amazing collection of make up. Having been using this brand for over 3 years, since it was first launched in the UK, it is still one of my go to brands on a daily basis.

Doll 10 July QVC UK TSV Collection

This collection is ideal for new “Dolls” and also anyone wishing to stock up on their basics and add some new and exclusive colours. Containing 7 items sure to make a statement in your cosmetics wardrobe, it is an amazing value kit.
 Doll 10 Cosmetics were created by Former Mrs America, Doris Dalton out of sheer necessity. Having lost her brows due to Cancer treatment, she decide to create her own, (and now bestselling ), brow product. With hard work, dedication and now a huge, loyal following Worldwide, Doll 10 has become a cult beauty brand, sought after by many. With the emphasis on making women look their most naturally beautiful, as opposed to creating “High Fashion” looks, this really is a brand of Make Up that will see you through any age and skincare issue you may have. For more info read my other posts HERE.

Hydragel Foundation (Medium) –

Doll 10 HydraGel Foundation in Medium

 A water based foundation Containing the new Hydragel formula which was released in the UK at the beginning of the year, this is an incredibly lightweight, yet full coverage foundation.  I have been lucky enough to have been  using this product since last year and adore the way it feels and looks on my skin. So light and smooth whilst covering my pigmentation, redness and all round uneven skin tone. It really gives a flawless base, full coverage and wonderful brightness to my skin. A little really does go a long way. Containing high density pure pigments which are suspended in the gel formula, it  gives a radiant finish. Using the double-ended foundation/concealer brush included, blend the foundation from inwards out and really get into the contours of your face. You  will be surprised at how little of this product you actually need to achieve a flawless finish. I buff mine on using the Doll 10 Blendsmart  brush and it really gives an airbrushed look. Play around with it at first because I think you will be surprised at how little you need and you can then build in the areas that need more coverage if you feel you need it, or use your concealer. Don’t forget to also try different foundation brushes, a different level of coverage can be achieved depending on the brush. This is a lightweight, full coverage foundation, suitable for all skin types. Available currently in Fair, Light, Medium and Tan with Deep on the horizon imminently.

Doll 10 HydraGel Foundation in Medium

 When I asked Doris Dalton for Shade tips here is what she said –

 “Shade choices for the foundations are pretty easy.. The Fair shade is for ultra fair gals.. You always burn in the sun.. Think Nicole Kidman or Snow White .. It has a bit of a Pink undertone to it.. Light is the shade that I wear.. It’s a bit warmer and not as Pink. A blend between Pink and Yellow. It’s for girls that burn in the sun but then turn to tan..Medium is warmer then the Light definitely the most popular shade and has yellow under tones..Tan is the richest colour for Olive skin tone complexions. The foundation and Concealer match each other.. Don’t forget that in the Summer your foundation tends to be a bit warmer then in the Autumn or Winter months. Even though you use SPF, you still get sun. I typically don’t change my foundation colour. If I notice that it appears a bit light because my skin has warmed in the summer, I usually sweep a small bit of bronzer on my face.. Hope that helps..”

Hydragel Concealer

Doll 10 HydraGel Concealer in Medium

The perfect accompaniment  to the Hydragel Foundation, this Water based concealer is absolutely amazing!  The Gel technology makes this another lightweight concealer, that dries instantly and gives a full coverage. Perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes as it does not dry cakey or crack. I wear this under my eyes all the time and never have a problem with it, however in warmer weather i always set my under eye concealer with just a touch of translucent powder. I find it also works really well as an eye shadow primer because it evens out the colour of the eyelids and gives a beautiful neutral base to apply eye shadow. This concealer has so much coverage that is can even cover tattoos!  If you are suffering from redness or dark circles under the eyes, like I do, then I am sure you will find the coverage amazing.

Doll 10 HydraGel Concealer

 Using the smaller end of the soft, synthetic brush included dot the concealer where you need it, whether that be under the eye, around the nose, on any redness or blemishes and then use the fluffy end to gently buff it into the skin. Containing Light diffusing technology, it really brightens up the under eye area, yet does not draw attention to any blemishes you may have used it on. I also love Doll 10’s Conceal it concealer which is more of a cream base, but am using this Hydragel formula more. Inside the tube the gel is liquid, so only squeeze a tiny amount onto the back of your hand and dip your brush in. I know that you will not believe me, and probably squeeze out a big dollop hahaha, but I promise, you need the tiniest amount. The gel then dries to a smooth, almost powder like texture that you really cannot feel on the skin.  It  currently comes in Light, Fair, Medium and Tan shades, I actually have it in light and medium because I like a lighter look under my eyes however, if I use the light on my medium foundation, it blends and covers so beautifully with my foundation that you do not notice a shade difference.

EffortLash Mascara  – Launched earlier this year in the UK this mascara is not for the faint hearted.

Doll 10 EffortLash Mascara


You will notice that the wand is quite slim, with teeny, tiny bristles. Do not let that fool you! As soon as you apply this mascara it is as if you are applying false lashes from the Tube! Wow!

Before & After EffortLash Mascara by Doll 10

Each tiny, little bristle, gets between each of our lashes coating even those invisible lashes. It literally coats from the lash line all the way to the very tip of the lashes. If you love longer, fuller lashes then this is absolutely the mascara for you. Real false lash style lashes are yours within seconds and from that very first coat.  Now I know why it is called Effortlash mascara, a couple of sweeps and full, beautiful, black lashes are yours – amazing.

 Hydragel Blush in Kiss On The Chic –

Doll 10 HydraGel Blush in Kiss on the Chic

Containing the Hydra Gel technology, this beautifully creamy blush is perfect for anyone that does not like the feel of a powder on the skin. This is a light weight blush that will not disturb your make up as you tap it on or look too cakey. It gives  a natural flush of colour that is easily buildable depending on the look you want to create. As someone with dry skin, I will always choose a liquid foundation and blush over anything else, it looks better on my skin than a powder and I prefer its natural look on my skin.  Easy to apply, I just use my finger and gently tap it where I want it on my cheeks. No shimmer, no sparkle, not sticky, just a beautiful, silky, healthy natural colour. I even use these as a lip tint sometimes when I don’t want a make up look but my lips are a bit pale.  Do not be afraid of the colour in the pan as they are more natural on than they appear. If you are a darker skin tone, just have a play with it and build it up. Comes in a lovely, portable, mini compact with mirror included which I adore. These can also be applied with a brush if you prefer.

Double ended Lip Gloss(Miss Bliss) & Lipstick (Doll Code)  –

Doll 10 LipStick in Shade Doll Code

 Oh Doris!! You have done it again! Hahaha, I think I have bought every single, lipstick and gloss that Doll 10 have ever done. Why? Well Doll 10 do Nude Lip shades like no one else. Their is a shade for every one, every occasion, every day, month and year haha, but most importantly…I never look dead when wearing them!! Combined together in a very clever “click system” you can click together you favourite colours and always have them with you. Containing Shea Butter and Almond Oil within a beautiful pigment, these lipsticks are so comfortable on, you forget you are wearing them. Deeply moisturising and Hydrating the lipsticks smoothe the skin and fill out any lines effortlessly.

Doll 0 Double ended Click System Lipstick and Lip Gloss

This shade is my absolute favourite ( even though I say that about every one) It is a Nude with the perfect, prettiest hint of pink that doesn’t make me look too young and girly but brightens my look. Really long lasting too. On the end is a wonderful lip gloss that smells gorgeous, its like a cross between Caramel and Coconut without being sweet. It reminds me of sunshine holidays abroad.

Doll 10 Lipstick (top) in shade Doll Code & Lip Gloss (bottom) in Miss Bliss

 The lip-gloss is perfect on its own as a sheer wash of colour but sits beautiful over the lipstick to intensify the colour and add shine. Not sticky or tacky, just beautifully kissable. Don’t forget though, lip-glosses naturally tend to not last as long as a lipstick due to the formula.

Double ended brush – All of Doll 10 Brushes are synthetic and the whole range is completely cruelty free. Doris has a deep love for animals and rescue dogs in particular. The brushes are the softest of soft and feel so lovely swiped across the face. They have the perfect density for the enclosed foundation and concealer and look so pretty in their Nude/Rose Gold colour.

Doll 10 July QVC UK TSV

The whole collection comes boxed in the most pretty gift box, with instructions on how to use the products making this a gorgeous collection to give as a gift or just treat yourself to.

My thoughts on this rangeDoll 10 Have been daily staples in my make up collection since the get go. As a 41 year old women with skin issues ranging from dehydration to pigmentation and everything in between, I know the range contains good-for-you ingredient’s that will not dry out my skin or aggravate any blemishes. The foundation shades are very easily mixable if you wish to combine shades as I do. I wear Light&Medium in Winter & Spring and Medium from End of Spring all the way through to Winter again. The shades are very forgiving so I can easily stay in Medium and wear a lighter amount and blend it out. Current Shades on the concealer and foundation in the UK are Fair, Light, Medium and Tan but as mentioned above Deep is expected Imminantly so fingers crossed. All ages can easily wear this collection in conjunction with other brands or as a stand alone as it really does enhance your own natural beauty whilst covering a multitude of lines, wrinkles, pores and blemishes.

Before and After using this collection, Skin has a flawless finish ( touch of Doll 10 Contour Bronzer used too)

The price of this collection is ridiculously good at under £40 and I have recommened this brand for years and will happily continue to do so.
Doll 10 are only available Exclusively to QVC – This Collection is available as a Today’s Special Value (TSV) for one day only or whilst stocks last on 21st July. Available at just under £34.98 + p&p the value on this set is incredible. The item number is 216352 and before it is “Live” online, you may be able to phone QVC and place your order. The link to purchase is HERE it may show as SOLD out until it officially launches at midnight Wednesday into Thursday

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  1. Gillian Cook
    July 16, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    Thanks for all the helpful advice as usual. Really looking forward to trying it all 😊

  2. Back To You Beauty
    July 20, 2016 / 8:01 am

    You are more than welcome Gillian! Thank you for reading it 🙂

  3. Behind The Scent
    July 21, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    Thanks for pointing me your way on Instagram, Sharon! This set looks fab, I love the sound of the Hydra Gel technology, especially the foundation and concealer. That mascara wand looks right up my street too! Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    • Back To You Beauty
      July 24, 2016 / 6:16 am

      HI Kirstie, so pleased you found me 🙂 it really is a beautiful collection and an amazing range. I have dehydrated skin and love the Gel technology on my skin as it really hydrates too xx

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