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I am very lucky on my Blog in that I get to try lots of skincare, some amazing and some not so great. It doesn’t all make it onto the Blog though, if it does nothing for me, I just don’t have the time to feature it or the inclination to write badly about something that may suit other people.

Sometimes the process of trialling skincare can be lengthy, especially if I trial a product that i don’t end up featuring. Dr Renaud My Glowing Complexion Programme was something that I had for a while before I was able to give it a thorough testing as I like to trial skincare for quite a while and over different times of the month to see how my skin fairs, so that I can pass on the information to you. When I was finally able to test this collection, I was thrilled. Not only does this trio make a wonderful gift, especially great for teachers at this time of the year, but it works wonders on the skin, is certified Organic and has absolutely no animal testing whatsoever.

Dr Renaud, a renowned dermatologist and founder of aesthetics in France and Europe, created Laboratoire Dr Renaud in 1947. Dedicated to creating skincare full of natural, organic ingredient’s, without fillers and parabens or nasties, and without testing on animals, the brand continues to use innovative technology to deliver the best that science and nature allow.

The kit that I am have been trying is the My Glowing Complexion kit which contains three sample sized products which are fantastic to give as a gift or to try before embarking on a full on skincare regime.

Raspberry Cleansing Water 50ml

Dr Renaud Raspberry Cleansing Water

This Micellar water is absolutely beautiful, firstly because it has a lovely light, mouth watering, refreshing scent of Raspberry, but secondly because it works. This soft water is great at cleansing make up, eye make up dirt and grime quickly and easily without any pulling or tugging at the skin or eyelashes. It makes my skin feel beautifully hydrated thanks to the inclusions of Hyaluronic acid, which I love and is completely alcohol free so it doesn’t strip the skin. What you may notice, as I did, is how bright your skin looks straight after use. The Raspberry extract is great at refreshing the skin whilst reducing any redness and brightening the skin. Feels lovely when used on a hot day, straight from the fridge to refresh tired skin and eyes. A fab size for an overnight bag too. Apply to a cotton pad when needed and gently swipe over the skin removing all traces of dirt. No need to rinse.

Carrot Anti-Pollution Radiance Cream 15ml

Dr Renaud Carrot Anti-Pollution Radiance Cream

A small tube that lasts a while as a little does goes a long way, even on my skin. This is beautiful and most definitely a cream I would purchase in full size. This orange cream contains active ingredients which detoxify, oxygenate and protect the skin from pollution. Containing Organic Carrot Extract, Carrot cells, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Brown Algae and more, this is perfect to add a radiance to the complexion, lift dullness, and bring more colour within the skin. This cream feels incredibly cooling on the skin and is very light in texture, making it easy to absorb. This leaves the skin feeling ready for make up straight away as it makes such a great base and gives a lovely bright, fresh looking complexion to work on. I was really impressed from the first try and over the next few days my skin got better and better.

Apple Anti-Tiredness Eye Care 5ml –

Dr Renaud Apple Anti-tiredness Eye Cream

I have very sensitive eyes and had an eye infection at the time of trialling this eye cream. I have to say it felt lovely and cooling under my eyes and had such a beautiful, almost serum like texture, it was a joy to use. It sunk in very quickly as I gently tapped it in twice a day and made my eyes immediately feel more refreshed. Containing :
+ Organic Apple Concentrate
Rich in vitamins and minerals, it dynamise the skin
+ Apple Sugar
Smoothing and plumping properties
+ Apple Cellular Extract
Prevents wrinkles
+ Apple Pips Oil
Protector thanks to its strong content in vitamin E and in essential fatty acids
+ Soft Orange Extract
Anti-puffiness effect
+ Micro-Algue
Reduces dark circles
+ Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex
Smooth and illuminates the complexion (Patent)

It really is full of ingredient’s aimed at de-puffing the eyes, brightening, cooling them and helping with dark circles. Now, I had such a small amount I could not see a difference, however, the cooling and brightening was immediate and felt wonderful.

My thoughts on this collection. I will admit I had not heard of this brand, but boy am I glad I have now. They have so many beautiful products that are all full of active, plant and fruit ingredient’s that brighten the skin, its mouth-watering. The collection I had was a great starter set, would be a great overnight set or a wonderful gift to someone looking for new skincare. If you want ingrediants from nature, that lift the skin and give great results, that smells, feels and looks beautiful then maybe start here. I love Radical skincare and this range really reminds me of that in the way my skin reacted so beautifully to it, the glow I got and the ingredient’s, but on a more affordable price point. The kit I tried with the 3 items in is currently £9.00 which I think is great to try out a new brand. You can purchase the MY Glowing Complexion Kit HERE. I would love to try so much more from this range including the body scrubs and BB cream. Suitable for all skin types

Have you tried this brand before? What is your favourite product? Please let me know. For more information or to purchase these products click HERE

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