Achieve perfect skincare, balance and well being thanks to Samaya’s Holistic approach.

October 19, 2016

If you could use a skincare regime that took a more holistic approach to not only your skin, but your Mind, Body and Soul’s wellbeing, would you?

SAMAYA – VATA – Anti-Ageing Oil

Regular readers of my blog will know that I always try and bring you new, different and unique skincare where possible. I also love anything with a more holistic approach and know how well received my posts are on those kind of  products ( see here ).

When I was asked if i would like to try SAMAYA, an all natural skincare brand based on Ayurvedic principles, I was very intrigued. With medicinal ingredient’s which have historical roots in India, and are aimed at calming and providing a sense of wellbeing, how could I say no? SAMAYA harnesses 5000 years of ancient wisdom and expertly combines it with all natural, clinically proven, anti-ageing active ingredient’s, which not only work incredibly hard on your skin, but also aims to bring a sense of wellbeing and calm via a relaxing sensory experience.

SAMAYA – VATA – Anti-Ageing Oil

What makes SAMAYA different is that they aim to achieve harmony between our Mind, Body and Soul and when these are aligned, it makes us feel more positive and has a positive effect on our health, wellbeing and the vitality and radiance within our skin. This makes complete sense,  I mean who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed on a day to day basis rather than rushing here, rushing there, rushing our cleanse, slapping on our moisturiser and not really taking any time for ourselves and actually enjoying it.

By answering a few questions on the SAMAYA website you can find your perfect Dosha type, which then enables you to choose your perfect skincare from the brand. “SAMAYA’s Dosha test and results are intended to help you discover your constitution”. Based on my answers I am a VATA which means : “Energetic and creative in balance, but worried, tired and indecisive when out of balance. Often of slender build and suffers from cold hands and feet. Tends to have delicate dry skin and hair, which may need extra moisturising and nourishment to keep it glowing and healthy” Now aside from the Slender build, ( built for comfort not speed),  if you know me personally,  you will know this is me to an exact T so it makes sense for me to use products aimed at people with the Vata Dosha. The Vata Range is full of Ayurvedic botanicals such as Rose, Tumeric, Tulsi (Basil – balances mind, body and soul) Gotu Kola (Bacterial properties) and Ashwagandha ( known as Indian Ginseng). Working together they create a beautiful blend that adds extra moisture to the skin and leaves the complexion glowing.

SAMAYA – VATA – Anti-Ageing Oil

I have been using the Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil for a while now and Wow! This is an oil on another level. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and looks stunning on a dressing table or in the bathroom, with its weighty, frosted glass bottle. Secondly, this is 30ml of pure oil and it is divine. The pump is an airless, measured dose pump which is great as it keeps the product fresh and clean. It is an incredibly light oil on the skin that has a beautiful, botanical, fresh scent that I adore. Whilst being  very fresh, it is also calming as well as uplifting. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I apply this luxurious oil over my face and down my neck twice a day. I use mine after I have cleansed, toned, serum and moisturised to then lock all the goodness in. Also, twice a weekly i apply more of the product, alone, and really take the time to massage it in over my top lip, which is showing signs of ageing, along my forehead and along my jaw and cheek for slackening skin. I am thrilled with the radiance, hydration and brightness in my skin that this product easily brings and this has fast become one of the best oils I have used. At £79.00 It is a considered purchased, however my other favourite oil is £45 for 15ml so it makes complete sense. If you are someone that needs to reconnect with your inner spirit, take time out for yourself and really look after your skin and indulge in some me time, this is a beautiful range of products to try. Breathe in the delicate sense as you apply the product and close your eyes for a few moments of sheer bliss. I really recommend this if budget allows. I am so looking forward to trying more from this range.

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  1. Beauty Balm says:

    I've tried the anti-ageing cream and it's absolutely fantastic! I also loved the sample of cleanser too. Great new brand.

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