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October 24, 2016

I don’t know if you or rather your skin is anything like mine, but as soon as the weather changes or stress hits, my skin goes crazy.

For a few months I have been under a little more “stress” than usual and my health and my skin have both suffered. Add to that the sudden change in weather conditions from lovely and warm and sunny to cold, windy and just general blurrrgghh and my skin has become dry, spotty, grey, wrinkly and really unhappy looking. I have also noticed a sudden slackening in my skin and how I look sad around the mouth when I have my “resting face” on. I am all for embracing my wrinkles but not for looking sad when I am generally an upbeat, positive, happy person. Isn’t it funny how you just look in the mirror one day and BAM, age has hit you between the eyes in an unforgiving way. Obviously this is a first world problem but I hate looking sad, and whilst I would contemplate “procedures” which I never thought I would consider a couple of years ago, I am going to go down the skincare route first.

 Luckily I have managed to find a few products, along with my LightStim device that have really helped me through and been a real labour of love for me in getting my skin looking up to par. Whilst I still have some weird texture issues going on, I am battling the fine lines – which are not the be all and end all and I know at almost 42 are going to happen – but these just came over night and I am finding it a little hard to embrace them. So here is what I am currently using on my skin that seems to be helping and making me feel a little better about myself.

*Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment

 Wow! Just Wow! This is one of those products that literally deserves the hype. When my under eyes are tired from too much computer work, stressed, dehydrated or wrinkly I use this Professional treatment a couple of times per week. Ten minutes later my eyes are brighter, lifted, awake and fine lines plumped out. This two stage product comes with an amazing serum like lotion which contains “Hyaluronic Acid Spheres which attract moisture deep into the skin’s surface to instantly plump and create a smooth “filled” appearance. Firming Polymers and Oat Kernel Extract lift and tighten to immediately firm skin whilst Myrtle Extract, Vitamin E, Zinc and Select Amino Acids enhance resilience and condition the skin for a more youthful appearance.” After cleansing apply 2-3 pumps of the serum generously to the under eye area and take it down a little. Do not rub it in at this stage, then take one of the included pads and firmly press it over the serum, apply to each eye. Leave these on for about 10-15minutes and relax.

Wearing Murad Eye Treatment Pads – Great Look!

 You will feel a slight tingling sensation but this is normal and not uncomfortable, it is a sign that the product is being pushed into the skin. After 10 minutes removes the pad and gently tap in any excess serum ( I never have any left, my under eye area is that dehydrated). I immediately see brighter, more lifted and hydrated, wide awake eyes. Absolutely in love with this product.

StrivectinLabs Anti-Wrinkle Hydra Gel Treatment

Strivectin Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

 Usually whilst I am sitting with my Murad eye pads on, I also use this product from Strivectin. Now I did purchase this a while ago and only recently discovered it again, so I will try and find a link. Another two step system, with immediate results in such a short time. Included in the box are 4 packs of two jelly like patches which are infused with Hyaluronic acid to plump out wrinkles and expression lines.

StrivectinLabs Anti-Wrinkle Hydra Gel Treatment

 You also get a tube of An intensive wrinkle smoothing treatment with 5% NIA-114, Strivectins proprietary molecule which seals in the actives and helps with the lines. Sounds complicated but it’s not. The jelly shapes are sealed in pairs and are covered in the slimy Hyaluronic treatment. Shaped as a half moon you can place them over you mouth to nose lines, under your eyes or on forehead lines, but only use them once.

StrivectinLabs Anti-Wrinkle Hydra Gel Treatment

 Gently pat these on and sit quite still so that they don’t fall off, for about 15 minutes. These are quite cold, but nice and its all good fun. At the end of 15 minutes remove and discard the jelly compress and gently pat in the treatment cream. Allow to dry. Again, my dry skin immediately looks plump, hydrated, and lines look softer. A product that I purchased and am loving. I do this once a week.

*A’kin Brightening Rosehip With Vitamin C

A’Kin Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C

 If you are a fan of A’kin Products as I am (more HERE) you will know how much I adore their Rosehip oil among other products. This recently released product from A’kin contains the fabulous 100%Organic Rosehip Oil but has now been combined with Vitamin C and Macadamia Oil. What this means is, for any of us suffering with skin that may have had too much sun over the summer, that may have problems with pigmentation or skin tone, all of which I do, this can help reduce all of these and give us more radiant, nourished, healthier looking skin. After cleansing and before moisturising apply 3-4 drops of this beautiful, bright Orange oil to the face and neck and gently massage in. It does have an earthy smell but that dissipates very quickly. What I love about this oil is that it doesn’t leave any oily residue behind after I have applied my moisturiser and helps my moisturiser work harder. This makes a great base for make up and is perfect for those of us with stressed, dehydrated skin that would absolutely benefit from using an oil in the daytime. With increased, daily use, my skin has become so radiant and soft, I love it. Can be used twice a day as needed.
Decléor Aromessence Iris

Decléor Aromessence Iris

This really is a much loved and coveted item from the Decléor range. If you are not sure what the Aromessences are they are powerful blends of highly active essential oils. Each different Aromessence has a specific reason to be used, and once you have, I really think you will become addicted. Each Aromessence serum is 100% free of mineral oils and synthetic fragrance and 100% free of preservatives, which is brilliant for even the most sensitive skin. It took me years and years to try out an Aromessence from Decléor but now I just couldn’t be without them.
Iris is so unbelievably beautiful!  Containing active ingredients such as Geranium, which helps with signs of ageing, Lemon-grass, which, not only do I adore, but it promotes Collagen productions, Manuka which relaxes the skin, Iris to tone and stimulate the skin, Rose to protect the skin, Jasmine to comfort the skin and plum kernels, hazelnut and Borage to reduces dehydration, Iris is the perfect blend for Autumn/Winter stressed skin. You can use this twice a day if you wish but I love this as my night time oil as I find it so comforting and love to layer a bit more than recommended onto my skin. The scent is deeply relaxing and very spa like and that’s why I adore this at night. Apply 2-3 drops into the palm of yours hands and breath in the delicately floral aroma, then gently massage into the face and neck area paying particular attention to areas showing signs of ageing. For me I make sure I apply it above my top lip area and my forehead. Once it has sunk in I then apply my moisturiser. I know this is a bit pricey and I do repurchase this as I think it is great on maturing skin. My skin texture appears more refined and smooth, plump and youthful. More about Decléor HERE

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Nourishing Mask

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Nourishing Mask

If you have dehydrated skin or really want to included a face mask in your weekly skincare routine but do not like that tight feeling that some masks can leave behind, seriously, seriously try this. This Mask from The Body Shop is absolutely outstanding at hydrating dehydrated winter stressed skin. It leaves the skin feeling super, super soft. This is serious pampering a relaxing indulgence at a high street price that I love. This 100% vegetarian melting Honey mask combines Community Trade Honey, Marula oil and Olive Oil and is one of the most hydrating masks I have ever used. I am not going to lie, it is a bit sticky and jammy in texture ( well it does contain honey) so if you have a mask brush you can use to apply it – great. If not, tie your hair back, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Nourishing Mask does not dry when on

What I love about this mask is that a little really goes a long way as this product does not dry. I apply this a couple of times a week as part of my pampering ritual after my cleanse and sit back and relax whilst the mask does its thing. It smells mouth-wateringly good, but don’t spread it on your toast! After 15 minutes I rinse it off with a lovely, warm, fluffy wash cloth and my skin feels ridiculously soft. I defy anyone to use this and not be amazed. A real skin saviour and pick me up for stressed skin.

As you can see I have a real eclectic mix of products and obviously due to being a blogger I change my beauty routine regularly. However, many of the products mentioned above I have purchased and repeat purchased myself because at this time of year they work perfectly for me and have helped turn my skin around. My favourite products change often but these have really got my skin through a tricky patch recently. I would love to know what products you love when your skin is going through some sort of transition. Leave me a comment below.

Take Care

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  1. Michelle (Daydreams and Pretty Things) says:

    I think I'll definitely have to try a few of these! My skin has been appalling this year and as such has definitely aged. I'm a little older than you so it's to be expected but I want to go down fighting LOL! x

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