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It is always exciting when a skincare line launches something new, especially when it is Vegan friendly and is “different” to the norm.  Add to this a huge wealth of expertise, a background in ground breaking skincare from all around the world and the fact that the CEO is the founder of Nubo skincare (available in Harrods), you realise you are on-to something incredibly special.

Bio-Extracts Qvc One Time Only Collection
Bio-Extracts Qvc One Time Only Collection

Russian born Founder Marina Nubo has been serious about skincare from a very early age thanks to her Grandmother. Whilst growing up she was told “Don’t cry you will get wrinkles” “Don’t stretch your skin you will get wrinkles”  and so Marina decided she wanted to look more deeply into skincare and what actually affects our skin. Having grown up in a family of scientists and also gaining a masters degree from Moscow State University, she was able to create creams and make up which were in incredibly short supply.  Marina then moved to London, began working as beauty editor for a luxury Russian beauty magazine and went on to create her incredible skincare brands. Now, with her daughter Irina running the company with her, having been inspired by her incredible mother to get her Bioscience degree from the University College of London (UCL), this brand is going from strength to strength and is most definitely one to watch. Bio-Extracts is an innovative yet simple to use construction of skincare that has been created for anyone with concerns about fine lines, wrinkles, slackened skin and dehydration. This range allows us to create a “Bespoke” skincare kit at home, for exactly what our skin needs. If you are someone that has noticed how your skin changes from day to day or week by week depending on lifestyle such as, travel, health, stress, time of the month, any lifestyle factors then this really is a great system, as it allows you to completely customise your skincare routine.

Bio-Extracts Bespoke Skincare Collection
Bio-Extracts Bespoke Skincare Collection

Today I am featuring a new collection available exclusively from QvcUK the Bio-Extracts Advanced Summer Skin Collection special priced deal. The face cream I will be discussing today is the Rich formula but it is also available in Light and Normal options.In this system you will receive your moisturiser of choice and then three serum Boosts which you then blend and mix with your moisturiser as and when needed meaning you always have a fresh blend. You can add a total of four Boosts to your moisturiser if needed. The moisturiser can be used on its own, however due to their potent blend, the serums work better used with the moisturiser.Face Cream Rich 30ml –

Bio-Extracts Rich Moisturiser
Bio-Extracts Rich Moisturiser

This airtight container features a push down cushion top which allows you to keep the moisturiser perfectly fresh and clean at all times. By pushing the top down you get a measured dose of moisturiser, you then add your shot of ‘Boost’ into this. To begin your bespoke process, start with clean, dry skin, then pump your moisturiser into it’s white dispensing plate, you then remove the white lid from the syringe and add your choice of Booster on top of the moisturiser, mix with your index finger and apply.

 Each push from the “Syringe” Boost gives a measured dose of Serum and you can mix up to a total of four drops, if needed.


Dispense the moisturiser by pushing down the plate


Pump your chosen ‘Boost’ into moisturiser


Mix both moisturiser and Boost with finger


Apply to face, neck and décolleté

The day cream is all about hydration, and in my case using the Rich it is all about keeping my dehydrated skin thoroughly hydrated for 24 hours a day. Sugar Esters act as a second skin which restore it whilst building a barrier against outside elements. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this really is a gentle formula. The Bio-Extracts Lamellar System is a system of  Natural ‘Liquid crystals’ formulated to mimic the structure of our own skin, therefore allowing the moisturiser to act as a second skin, preventing water loss and leaving it deeply hydrated and refreshed.

Bio-Extracts Rich Face Cream
Bio-Extracts Rich Face Cream

This Rich Cream is suitable for dry or mature skin and would be great all year round for anyone that prefers a richer cream.  Including Cupuacu Butter from seeds from the Amazonian Tree, it offers long lasting hydration whilst feeling incredibly light. I was so surprised by how quickly and easily the moisturiser sank into my skin, it really is such a light texture. Bio-Extracts Rich cream has a light scent, with almost a Musk to it, and feels lovely and smooth on the skin. It evens out the skins texture and give it an almost “Primed” feel. I really enjoy using this cream.

Hydro Boost 10ml –

Bio-Extracts Hydro Boost
Bio-Extracts Hydro Boost

The blue one. I love this Boost as it is a highly purified solution based on botanical Hyaluronic Acid from the seeds of the Indian Senna Plant.

The essential oils, resin and tannin in Senna, help reduce skin inflammation, meanwhile the anti-bacterial properties of Senna can help in treating dermatological ailments.

Over the centuries, Senna has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat skin problems as well as to heal ringworms, wounds, burns, bronchitis, liver disease, typhoid fever, and anemia.

The paste made from Senna leaves is effective in treating skin infections like acne as well as inflammatory conditions like eczema. Acetone and ethanol present in Senna can fight micro-organisms that cause acne. This Boost adds even more hydration to the moisturiser and then the skin so it really is a ‘Hydro Boost’. It works beautifully with the moisturiser and gives the skin a lovely finish which works well as a make up base. Leaves my skin feeling comfortably hydrated all day and lines and wrinkles around my mouth area look less pronounced. I really notice a difference with this Booster. It is the one I reach for most often.

Anti-Wrinkle Boost 10ml –

Bio-Extracts Anti-Wrinkle Boost
Bio-Extracts Anti-Wrinkle Boost

The Purple one. Based on green marine algae bio-extract, this Boost will condition, hydrate, soften and detoxify the skin, all while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals.

The bio-extracts of Tree Tara, a wild Andean tree, is another key ingredient in this Boost. This tree is native to Peruvian high altitude forests and is known to endure dry climates and grow in sandy to stony soil.

For centuries, inhabitants of Peru have used this tree’s seeds for a broad range of purposes. Traditional medical uses of the seeds and pods of the tree include gargling infusions for treating inflamed tonsils, washing wounds as well as treating fevers, colds and stomach aches.

The seeds of Tree Tara have natural hydrating functions preventing the embryo from drying up, due to their high water-uptake and water-retention capacities. The anti-wrinkle boost is based on the natural hydrating agent extracted from the seeds of this tree.  This serum Boost helps with those signs of fine lines, wrinkles and the beginning of the loss of skins elasticity. Also a lovely one for anyone with a thinning skin as it works really well in adding an extra strength to the skin. This Boost feels really lovely mixed in and leaves the skin looking incredibly smooth and feeling firm.

Anti-Oxidant Boost

Bio-Extracts Anti-Oxidant Boost
Bio-Extracts Anti-Oxidant Boost

 Full of highly purified, natural ingredient’s, including plant extracts, this Boost can be super beneficial to the skin. Anti-Oxidant Boost in the orange packaging is great for giving extra support to the skin whilst it is exposed to the ever changing elements.These can include travelling, the weather, illness and stress that our skin deals with on a daily basis. Enriched with Rosmarinic Acid (Which Bio-Extracts are very proud to include) from Lemon Balm, which due to its anti-inflammatory properties, was used by the Romans to treat bee and scorpion stings, among other things, is a powerful inclusion.

Studiest have found Rosmarinic acid to be an anti-mutagenic agent which protects the DNA and eliminates damaging free radicals around twice as effectively as Vitamin C and E. This substance has also been found to be a protective agent against solar UV and other ionising radiations. Add to this elements from Zinc, Manganese and Selenium from Barley Extract, this revitalises the skin and can help against those signs of ageing. A beautiful light fluid with a silky consistency that disappears into the skin easily leaving behind no residue. Leaves a lovely fresh look and feel to the skin.


Helps reduce the signs of ageing
Revitalises skin
Strengthens anti-oxidative defences
Protects against oxidative cell damage
The skin is protected from harmful environmental influences


Fighting pigmentation
Sun damage
Uneven skin tone
Skin redness
Dehydration/ dryness
Enlarged and clogged pores

My overall thoughts on this system – This incredibly clever system actually sounds more complicated than it is. Based on the principle that everyone’s skin is uniquely different, it allows us to custom blend our perfect skincare routine. If like me you have to buy a collection of serums to satisfy your skins ever changing needs, then this system aims to do that quickly, hygienically, cost effectively and expertly. One moisturiser and three boosters allow you to decide every day what your skin wants, whilst maximising the use of the highly potent skincare ingredient’s and aromatherapy benefits. It is an overall multi sensory skincare experience. Suitable for all skin types, you choose the correct moisturiser for you so :

Light – Would be for Oily/Combination skin or anyone wanting a light summer moisturiser
Normal – For normal skin types that do not have many major issues
Rich – Dry, mature skins that need extra hydration, or for use in Winter.

The use of these thin, lightweight serums means that your skincare is mixed fresh every single time you use it thanks to the airless syringe system. I love that we can add all three serums if we feel or just one or none at all. My favourite blend in my Rich cream is the Hydro Boost and Anti Wrinkle as my skin looks and feels so hydrated whilst also getting deep into my wrinkles and plumping them out. Certainly a collection for someone looking for something more from their skincare regime. Having been using this system and many different Boosts for a while now, my skin is really enjoying this range, especially in this incredibly hot weather we are experiencing in the UK. It sinks perfectly into my skin creating no roll off and my make up sits beautifully on top. This range is Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Dermatology tested and free from Parabens.

Bio-Extracts Qvc One Time Only

This collection from BIO-EXTRACTS is available exclusively to QVCUK and launches in August. The kit will contain the moisturiser of your choice plus the three Boost serums mentioned. Other “Boost’s” are also available separately. The price will be £39.98  which for a premium moisturiser and three serums, is quite comparable. You can purchase this collection HERE
What do you think of the idea of fresh, bespoke skincare? Please leave me a comment below.

This post has been sponsored by Bio-Extracts, however, as always, all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer at my WORK WITH ME page, for more information.


  1. Beautylymin
    August 20, 2017 / 10:36 am

    The Rich Cream sounds perfect for my skin. I love how innovative this brand is. The eye cream and boosters are working wonders for my eye area. Great post! xxBeautylymin

  2. Lauren Hills
    August 20, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Oh this sounds wonderful! I love that it benefits the skin in so many different ways x

  3. Heather Nixon
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  5. Roxie Watt
    August 20, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    I love that they keep expanding the range so there's something for everyone.

  6. Chantelle Nelson
    August 20, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    The anti oxidant boost sounds amazing! I'm always looking for products to help fight pigmentation!!Chantelle xThe Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  7. Laura Hollier
    August 20, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    Such a helpful post, thanks!! Definitely made me so interested in this brand x

  8. beautyqueenuk
    August 20, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    I think this is such a unique brand and I've loved using the boosters x

  9. Georgia Weedon
    August 20, 2017 / 7:17 pm

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  10. Allure La Vie
    August 21, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    The anti wrinkle boost and hydrating boost sounds right up my street. X

  11. The Sunday Girl
    August 21, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    It is such a great concept, I love mine and will have to invest in the anti-oxidant booster next!

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    August 21, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    I love the idea of this so much – and hygenic!x

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    August 21, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    I have been loving this range with the boosters, it is such a good idea, and I love the concept behind it 🙂 Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. Mammaful Zo
    August 22, 2017 / 8:16 am

    The rich cream sounds like it would be great for my skin, I love the sound of this brand xxx Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  15. Anonymous
    August 22, 2017 / 8:12 pm

    This a cracking range and brilliant idea. Thank to you Ihave had samples of all the options and find them all great at different times. Genius concept and you have described it all perfectly xxx Celia xxx

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    December 13, 2017 / 8:16 am

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