A Fragrance Paintbrush – The luxury you never knew you needed

September 20, 2017

Whenever you purchase a fragrance from Jo Loves you can always be sure that you are purchasing an experience, a moment, a piece of  “me” time along with an incredible scent. When you purchase the Fragrance Paintbrush, you are experiencing a new and unique moment that will make you smile every time you use it.

The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves
The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves

Jo Loves is the brain child of  ‘English scent maverick’ Jo Malone MBE. Famous worldwide for  some of the most loved fragrances, under her previous “Jo Malone” brand (now owned by Estee Lauder), Jo has mastered the art of creating scents we never knew we needed. After leaving “Jo Malone” in 2006 and taking some much needed time out, Jo knew that she just could not hang up her fragranced hat. Jo Loves was created. The brand is innovative, passionate, and forever evolving to create scents which evoke long forgotten memories.

The Fragrance Paintbrush is such a wonderful tool, and whilst the idea of it is not new per say – one of my favourite neck creams HERE uses the same applicator tool, it is new in the world of fragrance. How many times have you gone out to work, wearing your favourite scent and wished you could top it up during the day without carrying around a perfume bottle? Well, The Fragrance Paintbrush is just perfect for that. Containing your choice of fragrance suspended in a non-sticky gel formula, not only is it easy to carry around and apply, but the fragrance also holds longer on the skin.

The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves
The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves

Jo is an absolute genius in creating this delivery system, I mean seriously, who doesn’t love the feel of soft brush strokes on the skin. Think of your favourite make up brush and how beautiful it feels and how lovely it delivers your make up. This is exactly the same. A few clicks of the bottom of the container and the gel slowly pools at the top of the brush, ready for you to apply to your pulse points of choice.

The fragrance I chose was the incredibly uplifting and fresh, citrus scent of  White Roses and Lemon Leaves. To me this fragrance is a romantic burst of summer that is able to lift my mood at any time of the day, any season in the year. As it warms and settles on the skin you can smell the comforting hug from Cedar Wood that just rounds it off beautifully. Such a sensual and happy scent. Containing 18ml of fragrance some may wonder if the £40 price tag is justified. Yes! Yes it is, to be able to carry around your favourite scent and bring it out at anytime, any place, in a hurry and take that moment of luxury is enough to put a smile on any ones face.

The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves
The Fragrance Paintbrush Jo Loves

The Fragrance Paintbrush is available in Pomelo, White Roses and Lemon Leaves, Green Orange and Coriander and Red Truffle 21. You can purchase them Here

Have you tried anything from Jo Loves? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave me a comment below.

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29 responses to “A Fragrance Paintbrush – The luxury you never knew you needed”

  1. Roxie Watt says:

    This is such a unique and interesting idea. I love her candles so this concept sounds amazing.

  2. Chantelle Nelson says:

    Oh wow I didn't know any of this! Love the idea, I've never seen anything like it!Chantelle xThe Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  3. Nicole Baxter says:

    This is such an incredible idea! I may have to give one of these a go! Xx http://www.coleoftheball.com

  4. beautyqueenuk says:

    I love the idea of the whole thing and I adore Pomelo x

  5. Laura Hollier says:

    This is such a cool concept! Very intrigueing x

  6. Georgia Weedon says:

    I've definitely not seen anything like this before! It sounds really cool! X

  7. Laura Louise says:

    I love anything handbag sized and easy to apply! x

  8. The Sunday Girl says:

    I'm obsessed with mine – so easy and fun to apply 🙂

  9. Heather Nixon says:

    Such a fantastic and unique product!! xwww.ofbeautyandnothingness.co.uk

  10. Erin Russell says:

    I've heard such good things about this but the price of it is so steep! Makes me weep a little thinking about it! 🙁 Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. Lauren Hills says:

    This sounds so good! I need it x

  12. Kristy says:

    I've been seeing this around everywhere and I love the concept of it. I'm not sure I could justify the price tag though!

  13. Beautylymin says:

    I wish we could buy Jo Loves in Ireland because I really want to smell some pf her fragrances! I love the idea of the brush! xxBeautylymin

  14. Allure La Vie says:

    I am dying to try this brand so much x

  15. Cassandra Thompson says:

    Such a unique idea – would love to try!Cass | CassandraMyee

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