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Ideal World turns 18 and you are invited to celebrate with them!

Sponsored feature in association with Ideal World

UK TV shopping channel Ideal World are celebrating their 18th birthday this month and you are invited to celebrate with them! They are offering a variety of huge deals across the channel and website, including free P&P. As a huge beauty junkie, i can never turn down a bargain so was thrilled when Ideal World asked me to share some of their key products with you. Ooooh i love a good celebration!

Ideal World turns 18

Well known for selling lots of beauty brands, Ideal World is your one stop shop for makeup and skincare bargains and even more so during March. Let us take a look at some of the products I am highlighting, that not only deliver amazing results, but save you money! Who wouldn't want that!

Zhuzh! The Tan Accelerator 200ml -
Zhuzh! The Tan Accelerator 200ml
Now, I know this product has a HUGE following and i for one have so much love for it. When Zhuzh! first launched on Ideal world many, many years ago, i was a young stay at home mum and remember tuning in whilst my baby was sleeping. This product caught my attention because of how it works with your own melanin in your skin to speed up and prolong your tan. Over the years (until i went back to work and had less time) i bought bottles of this as the results were amazing. To be sitting here, all these years later, telling my thousands of readers about it has really put a smile on my face. 

Simple in its packaging, it is what is inside the bottle that counts. Containing key ingredients Tyrosine, Shea Butter, Glycerine and Panthenol (provitamin B5), Zhuzh! moisturises the skin whilst speeding up the tanning process, prevents moisture loss and also has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. This lightweight spray on formula should be used immediately before sun exposure, before applying your chosen SPF (which you absolutely must do). Individual results may vary of course, but i always had a richer, deeper, longer lasting tan when using this product. The 18th Birthday special offer for Zhuzh! , which usually retails at £15.99 each, is two bottles for £18 with free P&P wow!

Fabulift Fabulous Eyes Advanced Formula Eye Lifting Serum 20ml -
Fabulift Fabulous Eyes Advanced Formula Eye Lifting Serum 20ml

I like to think i take good care of my eyes and the delicate skin around them, but at the age of 43 i know that i can always do better. When i received the Fabulift Fabulous Eyes product i was certainly intrigued. I have read so many great things about this product but never had the chance to try it for myself. Claiming to give instant lifting and tightening around the eye area, this sounded like a miracle product that would come in handy for photographs, or special events and days out. Containing Argireline and Syn-ake to soften expression lines around the eyes and Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate the eye area, i was looking forward to putting this to the test. This product needs to be applied to completely clean and dry, make up free skin. You apply a tiny grain of rice amount to your finger and gently tap it into the areas of concern, so under the brow, between the eyebrows and under and around the eye area. You then have to remain completely expressionless for about three minutes - which is really funny. 

The product feels lovely and cooling upon application, but as it starts to dry you do feel a slight tightening/setting sensation. Then just like that, the skin feels and looks incredibly smooth, almost soft focus. Such a great product for special occasions i am so impressed wow! Once the product has set you can apply makeup but not skincare. You can use a powder or oil free make over the eye area as normal without the effects wearing away. Easy to remove with your usual cleansing products. Highly recommended! The 18th Birthday special offer for Fabulift Fabulous Eyes which usually retails at £20.00 is one for £18.00 or two for £30.00 with free P&P.

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Collection -
Elizabeth Grant Supreme Collection

It is for exactly reasons like this that i adore my job. Trying out new skincare never gets old for me, especially when i come across such gems as these. I know so many of you are already devoted customers of Elizabeth Grant. So many of my Blogger friends are too, but it was a brand that i was yet to try. Now, just a quick disclaimer, i have only been using these products for about ten days which is by no means a way to test for any long term skin benefits, but it is certainly a great way to test how it works with my skin type, my makeup, my lifestyle and any other products that i love to slot into my skincare routine. For anyone brand new to this range, Elizabeth Grant created her skincare line over sixty years ago out of necessity. Damaged in the second world war, her skin caused her great embarrassment and sadness. Having researched ingredients, she came across a natural substance that was used to treat war wounds. Elizabeth formulated this product with other ingredients and within eight months had changed her skin. Developed using rare and extraordinary blue-green algae, this collection has been designed to protect and nourish the skin whilst helping it with the signs of ageing. With technologies changing all the time the brand is recognised worldwide for its outstanding products. 

Included in the Elizabeth Grant Supreme Collection are the following four products

 - Supreme Cell Vitality Revitalising Day Serum 90ml 
Supreme Cell Vitality Revitalising Day Serum 90ml

As you may know, if you have been following me for a while, i cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of a great serum. It really is a key item in your skincare routine. Here is where you can add those extra nutrients, protectants and key benefits that work with your skin. Including Torricelumn (Elizabeth Grants superior moisturising compound found in the depths of the Sea, harnessing all those Ocean rich vitamins and minerals), Sodium Hyaluronate which secures moisture and creates fullness, Lupine Peptides, to restore elasticity and attack deep wrinkles and Yeast Extract for soothing the skin, a little really does go a long way. Housed in a beautiful glass bottle, this green serum has the capabilities to help the skin look younger, more vibrant and fresh. I apply 1-2 pumps each morning after cleansing and before moisturising.
Supreme Cell Vitality Revitalising Day and Night Serum

I take this cool, lightweight serum over my face and down my neck and gently press it into the skin. It has a lovely slip factor which makes it easy to apply to the skin without dragging and allows it to sink in beautifully. The skin is left feeling soft and ready for the next skincare step. Please note, if the skin feels tacky you may have applied too much product.

 - Supreme Triple Effect essence of Torricelum 200ml -  
 Supreme Triple Effect essence of Torricelum 200ml

As mentioned briefly above, the heart of Torricelum is harvested from the depths of the sea, in Spring. Botanicals, Sea vitamins and nutrients are added within the process to create Torricelum. Using the powers of Plant stem cells (which i write about frequently) to renew the skins appearance, Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate Collagen and repair the skin, antibacterial Phyto Plankton which reduces blemishes and spots, Soybean Extract to tighten sagging skin and reverse sun damage, Stabalized Vitamin C to protect the skin from harmful sun rays, Olive Squalane, which we know improves skin elasticity and hydration levels and Aloe Vera for its anti-inflammatory properties, all i can say is why have i never tried this product before!! This is jam packed with everything my dry, dehydrated, mature, sun damaged skin could ever need.
Supreme Triple Effect essence of Torricelum 200ml

This.Is.Beautiful. With its creamy, almost silky texture, it is a pleasure to use, it feels very luxurious and sits beautifully on the skin. I apply a couple of pumps to my face, neck and décolleté every day after the serum and allow it to dry before applying my moisturiser. I have to say, in the short time i have been using this, my skins texture seems a lot smoother and that makes me very happy.

 - Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum 90ml -
Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum 90ml

This night serum works beautifully in conjunction with this collection. Although slightly thicker in consistency than the day serum -  it offers essential skincare properties that work whilst we are resting. Containing Niacinamide, which is a real buzzword right now for reducing age spots and wrinkles, Klamath Lake Blue-Green algae to calm any impurities and brighten the skin, Ameliox to slow the ageing process and Torricelum, it works deep into the skin cells whilst we are sleeping to repair and restore our skin, meaning we wake with soft, plump, radiant hydrated skin.

 - Supreme Active 35 Face Cream -
Supreme Active 35 Face Cream

Formulated with 35 skin conditioning ingredients this is like a holiday in a jar. The beautiful rich and decedent cream claims to help with a cacophony of skin issues from fine lines and wrinkles to dehydration and uneven skin tone. I think what i love the most about this face cream is that no matter how great my skin looks, and i am only saying that as i have my skincare regime down pat right now, I can add this to my regime either as a night cream or as a course, instead of my regular moisturiser, when my skin is going through periods of stress or tiredness, and see exceptional brightness and hydration.
Supreme Active 35 Face Cream

Make up sits beautifully on the skin after this has dried down and the hydration levels last all day. My only suggestion would be that an oiler skin might find the richness of this product a little too much for day, so could use it of an evening. The 18th Birthday special offer for the Elizabeth Grant Supreme collection which usually retails at £249.96 is £39.99 & Free P&P for the complete collection! Absolutely outstanding value for a beautiful collection.

Don't forget to also check out these fantastic value offers :

 - Skinn Neck Amour Leave-On Mask £29.99
A beautifully rich and decedent leave on neck mask to be applied of an evening and rinsed off in the morning. For a softer, smoother, younger looking neck and décolleté. 

 Skinn Neck Amour Leave-On Mask £29.99

- Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick set of four £9.99
Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick set of four

A creamy, hydrating lip balm that soothes, heals and hydrates dry cracked lips.

I have loved discovering some new products and rediscovering a much-loved product and have seen some lovely results in such a short time of using them. I am really looking forward to the long-term benefits.

If you like the sound of these products then do not forget to join Ideal World online HERE and on TV Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 from Wednesday 14th March 2018 to enjoy these special 18th birthday celebratory offers. Happy Birthday Ideal World!!

This post has been sponsored by Ideal World, however, as always, all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer at my WORK WITH ME page, for more information.



  1. I had no idea they had been around this long

  2. I've not used any of the beauty products on IW so it is really good to see that you have tried them and given your expert and independent review :). Might have to give Zhuh! a try now I know that you've tried it and found that it is good :)

    1. Yes it was my absolute go to for years and years x

  3. Jill Dowding-Walker14 March 2018 at 12:58

    Lovely products. Haven't used them for a few years, but really liked them when I was in my forties. Must try them again!

  4. Great blog ......there goes my Mothers day money.......will be stocking up with Zhuzh hate to run out in the better weather!!

  5. zhuh is an amazing product !good review on the other products going to take a look

  6. I had no idea they had been going this long xx

  7. I’ve only vaguely heard of this brand - I didn’t know it had been going for so long x


  8. Mot bought/used Zhuzh for years and your mention has inspired me to try it again; especially at this great offer price!
    The 'essence of Torricelum' does sound very intriguing. Do you think it would be suitable for my combination skin Sharon? Thanks

  9. 18 years is so impressive - the products also look dreamy x

  10. Lovely to read of products that are totally new to me - and a channel that is new to me. Intrigued to try some of the skincare deals - great blog as always xxx celia/lucy xxx

  11. It’s only through blogging I’ve heard of Ideal World and admittedly I’ve never watched the channel x

  12. Oh wow they look beautiful I love the look of Elizabeth Grant - so pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. Oh I love the sound of the Elizabeth Grant skincare collection! I'm having a real nightmare with acne and scarring at the moment, but I'm also turning 25 and should probably start thinking about anti ageing skincare soon! I can't believe the value, £250 down to £40, whaaaat!!

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

  14. Oh I love the sound of the Elizabeth Grant skincare collection! I'm having a real nightmare with acne and scarring at the moment, but I'm also turning 25 and should probably start thinking about anti ageing skincare soon! I can't believe the value, £250 down to £40, whaaaat!!

    Corrie | corriearnold.co.uk

  15. 18 years is quite the achievement. I had never hlove are of them before either until now! Some wonderful brands here! X

  16. Wow thats a long time. Happy bday to them. I haven't heard of any of these brands till now xx

  17. I'm so intrigued by the tan accelerator! I've never really known how they worked until now!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  18. Ideal World always have such interesting products and brands available.


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