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The Sun is shining, the skies are blue and what better way to enjoy the Summer than with some beautiful boutique fragrances! I am so happy that I get to share the Shay and Blue QVC TSV (Todays Special Value) with you. Having been wearing this brand since 2015, I am excited to share some of my favourites with you.

spraying shay & Blue fragrance

Fragrance is such a mood enhancer…for me it can take me back to some very happy memories, can build the mood for romance, can evoke memories of Summer and really take you back to a certain time and place. Shay and Blue are experts in creating Boutique Fragrances that enchant the senses….

Shay & Blue June 2020 QVCTSV

Shay & Blue are an award wining boutique perfumery based in Marylebone, London. Established in 2012, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise behind each and every blend, ingredient and product. Created by Dom De Vetta, who has over 20 years in the fragrance industry – including as a former Senior Vice President at Chanel, and Global General Manager of Jo Malone London, this is a man that lives and breathes fragrance. Add to this the new generation perfumer of the moment, Julie Massé, and you have a powerful coupling that are bringing us modern and unique scents whilst maintaining craftsmanship and quality. With their hand harvested and hand weighed ingredient’s of real flowers, real spices and real fruits which are left to stand and infuse for 3 months, hand distilled and hand filled into beautiful blue glass, you are not only receiving an amazing fragrance but also an authentic, true experience from masters of the craft with a genuine love and respect for what they do. This is evident in each and every fragrance.

Included in this incredible Shay and Blue QVC TSV – 4 Piece Portable Fragrance Collection are the following fragrances:

Scarlet Lily 10ml –

Shay and Blue Scarlet Lily

Big Blooms of Scarlet Ariadne lily, a scandalously heady bouquet and undertones of ylang ylang give this fragrance intrigue.

Scarlet Lily shay and blue

Wow! How is this the first time I have ever tried Scarlet Lily! I am absolutely blown away by this fragrance. It is stunning! This truly is a sexy yet classy floral, but not a floral in the traditional way. This is a modern day breakthrough in florals! It is so unique, so classy, so seductive…it is the fragrance that once smelt by the “object of your desire” you will never be forgotten hahahaha! This beauty is a new favourite  and has so many layers that transpire as you wear it. This has those fresh, bright almost ozone-y top notes, with the seductively modern Scarlett Ariadne Lily and Ylang Ylang middle notes and the base note of Amber which adds the intrigue and adds a roundness with a hit of musk. This is kickass, its modern , its sexy, it means business….

Top Note – Lotus blossom will freshen and brighten the floral bouquet
Heart Note – Scarlet ariadne lily and ylang ylang add a modern edge
Base Note – Amber creates a warm gentle finish

Black Tulip 10ml

shay & Blue Black Tulip 10ml

Launched in 2018 this fragrance fast became one of my all time Shay & Blue  favourites. A stunning blend of Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Rich Black Tulip, Juicy Plum and White Chocolate, make this the most exquisite floral blend I think I have ever smelt. This is a well rounded fragrance that is not overtly sweet, not cloying but full bodied and  juicy, like a beautiful bottle of wine. I can almost taste the white chocolate notes that linger and round this scent off. Believe you me I am a huge fragrance junkie with more perfumes in my house than I care to admit to and I have not smelt anything as smooth and luscious as this. I just want to envelop my house and my body in this decedent scent, it is truly incredible.

This quickly became my signature scent , so much so that my friend who always commented on how amazing I smelt when I wore this, received the full size as a gift from me for her 40th Birthday in Lockdown. She is as thrilled and in love with it as I am.

Spraying Shay & Blue Black Tulip

This Oriental fragrance is sensual, warming and just beautiful. It lingers on my clothes  in a warming way, and, although an Oriental fragrance there is something quintessentially English about the deep, Plummy notes that i adore. My signature scent, this is the little black dress of fragrance that wears beautifully on the skin….

Top Note – Snowdrops and cyclamen.
Heart Note – Black tulip and plum.
Base Note – White chocolate and soft woods for a smooth finish.

Blood Orange 10ml

Shay & Blue Blood Orange 10ml

This fragrance is so uplifting, happy, positive  and bright I absolutely love it! Created with real Citrus, Flowers, Fruit and Spices this is a cult classic fragrance loved by both men and women. A trendy, complex fragrance that will serve the test of time, you will absolutely be stopped and asked about this glorious beauty. Blood Orange is a softer fragrance that has been expertly blended with Amber, Musk, Leather and Chard woods making this an effervescent, exciting fragrance. This will lift your mood and put a smile on your face each and every time you wear it. Fresh, Fruity and Flirty this is a must have for the person that always has a spring in their step or has a really busy life and needs to feel uplifted and energised.

I love this fragrance when I know I have a busy day ahead and need a burst of energy. I also love to spritz this in my hair on a Sunday morning when i am having a jeans and T shirt kind of day and love the gentle burst of fragrance that it offers. If Citrus Fragrances are for you, but you want to step away from the Lemon and Lime fragrances, I can wholeheartedly assure you, Blood Oranges is your new best friend.

Shay & Blue Blood Orange

Happiness and Joy in a bottle. This is, for me, a great weekend fragrance, or if you are someone that loves to share your fragrance with your man, this is the one!

Top Note – Fresh bursts of juicy blood orange
Heart Note – Balanced notes of sensual hot Napa leather
Base Note – Sultry musk, charred woods and amber

Blackberry Woods 10ml

holding Shay & Blue Blackberry Woods

A recent launch from Shay and Blue this exquisitely Gender Neutral, fresh woody, fruity fragrance is  effervescent, uplifting and full of the promise of positivity. This is enchantingly sexy as it warms on the body and bursts into life with the hit of fresh Blackberry and Lemon leaves warming down to that beautiful woody Cypress. Imagine a walk through the woods on a warm day, stopping to pick those over ripe Blackberries that burst in your fingers and seep that delicate juice and fragrance…..this is artisan perfumery at its finest.

Top Note – Crunchy blackberry for a mouth watering opening
Heart Note – Neroli and lemon leaves for character in the heart
Base Note – Softening cypress woods create a warming base

My thoughts on this collection

shay and blue qvc tsv june 2020

As a huge Shay and Blue fan, I love trying new fragrances from the brand, you know how much I love to bring you their collections, especially from QVCUK as the value is exceptional. Shay and Blue is an award winning, cruelty free, boutique perfumery with a huge background of fragrance knowledge and expertise.

shay and blue 10ml

This Shay and Blue QVC TSV is exquisite. It is the perfect introduction to the brand and a great way to fall in love with more fragrances before committing to the larger sizes. It is also a great way to have some of your favourite fragrances in more portable sizes. The collection is presented in a lovely pouch bag making it wonderful to gift.

shay & Blue June

This Shay and Blue 4 piece portable fragrance collection launches HERE as a Todays Special Value on QVCUK at 9pm Wednesday 1st July  and all day Thursday whilst stocks last! The price of this incredible Shay and Blue QVC TSV is under £40 which is amazing as the collection has a value of £100 wow! Buy yours HERE

Are you a Shay & Blue Fan? Which is your favourite fragrance from them? Will you be purchasing this collection? I would love to hear from you so please do leave me a comment below.

Love, Sharon xx

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  1. Lucy
    June 30, 2020 / 8:37 pm

    Omg if only I could scratch and sniff my screen as I read your sumptious descriptions…… beautifully photographed and explained xxx Lucy xxx

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