Stay Protected in The sunshine with Ultrasun, Uva, Uvb protection..Once a day application

May 13, 2015

Woo Hoo!!! Summer is coming…..

The sun is out and it’s time to think about protecting our
skin! Now I know we all love to have some colour, and sometimes the second we
see some sunshine we go a bit crazy, strip off and sit outside for hours and
hours. Believe me….when I say I know. I KNOW!! Aged 18…Ibiza…Sun Oil…Floating on a Lilo…resulted in awful sun burn, heat stroke, very expensive doctors bill and missing 3 days of my holiday! For me sun protection is hugely important, not just because I suffered so badly, or that I now take medication which makes my skin highly sun sensitive. But, also because I have children and would never dream of not protecting them from the sun.

How many of you give a thought to the damage the sun is
doing our skin? Not just the UVA rays that we kind of know about….but also the
UVB rays. Not only is there the worry of skin cancer, but also skin ages much
faster and gets damaged by pigmentation and discolouration.

Ultrasun are my go to Sun protection range for my whole
family. They have a fantastic range of
sun protection products that are suitable for everyone, from tiny babies and
upwards. If you are sporty, if you want to look sparkly and a bit more
glamorous, if you are an impatient child ready to rush of to the beach…or a
busy adult that needs to get out the door, there really is something for

Ultrasun Family 30

No longer do you have worry about thick, white gloopy lotion
on your skin making you look pasty, or spending 20 minutes rubbing it in, or
worrying about reapplying!

Ultrasun makes life so easy with their Suncare.

There are so many different products within the Ultrasun
range and I know I have touched on some before including the Amazingly good
value *Try me set, that I blogged about HERE:

 And the brand new launch of the *Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask HERE:

Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask

Lets Start on a product that is quite new to me. *UltrasunTinted Face 30. This product is gorgeous! If you wake up one day and the sun is
shining through the windows and you are still a bit unprepared and feeling a
little off colour and pasty, then this is the product for you! I applied mine
on clean skin at least 15 minutes before I went out in the sun, as advised. I
also used it in place of my moisturiser, this is because , as it is
specifically a face product, it is jam packed full of fabulous antioxidants, anti-ageing
and has an SPf of 30 and is great at keeping moisture in the skin. This was so easy to apply, completely non greasy, and totally lightweight. It gave great coverage to my skin and was a perfect base for any make up I wanted to apply.

Ultrasun Tinted Face 30 & Ultrasun Face 30


It also gave me confidence to go out without make up as the
tint was just enough to even out my skin tone and give my face a beautiful soft
sheen. I think this would look amazing on many skin colours as it is a stunning
make up base, almost primer like, but it’s the sheen the soft tint gives that I
really love. If you really don’t want a tint on your face then don’t Fear, there is also the ‘Normal’ *Face 30 that contains all those amazing skin properties and antioxidant, anti-ageing ingredient’s, without the tint.

Before & After


The next product that I think is just genius is the Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector! This can be
used by the whole family If you are off to sunnier climbs then you must take
this in your suitcase. If you have coloured hair, that you spend a fortune on, the
last thing you want to do is ruin it on holiday because of the sun exposure,
salt water and Chlorine. This product protects your hair from all those
situations I just mentioned, quickly and easily! Keep it in your swim bag, you
can spray it on wet or dry hair and you can be sure your colour lasts that much
longer. Again this product is suitable for the whole family and can be used on
untreated hair too. My hair is naturally blonde, however it does go, dry and
frizzy when exposed to sun and chlorine, so knowing that this will help protect
it is amazing. Also a good one for the guys or for anyone that has thinning,
fine, hair because this product can also protect your scalp whilst also feeling

Ultrasun Daily Uv Hair Protector

Now for those that missed my previous blog on the OVERNIGHTSUMMER SKIN RECOVERY MASK here:  I just want to give it another mention as this
is a no brainer!

This power packed Night time product delivers a blast of
anti-ageing, full on hydration, whilst calming the skin after a day’s exposure
to the sun. It is beautiful to apply and feels lovely and cool to the touch.
You can use this lotion after any exposure to the skin whether home or abroad. It
is cooling, instantly refreshing and plumping and on me it seems to be
prolonging the tan on my face!

This product is definitely for you If you notice your skin
dries and seems to age more in the summer, or when you are on your holidays,.
UVA and UVB damage is the main cause of ageing to the skin causing lines,
wrinkles, larger pores, pigmentationand
sagging and nobody wants that right?

Just as an addition, inside the Ultrasun Boxed products is a
really helpful guide to maximum sun exposure times. Just gentle open the box
down the side and lay it flay and you will see the times recommended when using
that particular item! They really do think of everything!




THE RISE: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates
continue to rise. Around 13,300 cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in
the UK in 2011, that’s 37 people every day. Over the last thirty years, rates of
malignant melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any of the current top ten
cancers. Sun exposure is the main cause. Cheap flights and last minute deals
have made sun breaks the norm and increased UV ray exposure and its frequency.

2.UVB & UVA –
THEY’RE DIFFERENT: You need protection from both. UVB (burning) & UVA
(ageing & cell damage) filters are vital. Protection from both is key in
preventing skin cancer long term. Ultrasun products give super sensitive, broad
spectrum protection from harmful UV rays, and crucially filter a very high
proportion of UVA rays much higher than theEU requirement of 33%.

EARLY: We know it’s important to protect the kids in the sun, but doing that
properly is the key to preventing the damage that causes issues in the future.
According to Cancer Research a history of sunburn doubles the risk of malignant
melanoma and also increases the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer.Children need high protection broad spectrum
(UVA & UVB) protection at all times.

ALL IN THE FORMULA: To work, a sun cream needs to be applied properly and it
needs to stay put. Ultrasun’spatented
liposome technology gives photo stability – it stays on and stays working, even
after repeated water exposure – yes for once all day really means all day! Jusy
check out your sun account which explains how long you should expose for and
don’t go over this amount of sun in one day.

 5.Developed by
Swiss formulation experts, Ultrasun sinks straight in, absorbing easily to
guarantee no-fuss protection. In addition, especially with kids, check for a
solid “free from” list. Ultrasun products are hypo-allergenic with no
emulsifiers,perfume or parabens. This
can drastically reduce incidences of prickly heat whilst still allowing a
natural tan to develop. Protection that won’t rub off with sweat, swimming or

CHOOSE WISELY: How long a sun cream lasts isn’t just about value, it’s about
effectiveness. Selecting products that last more than the average not only
means you CAN potentially pack it twice , but it means that the ingredients set
to protect still do their job for longer after opening.Ultrasun products have a shelf life once
opened of 2 years (against an average for sun creams of 6-12 months) allowing
for multi-use and “cocktailing” different products for different body parts,
home and away.

CREAM MATTERS: Do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough. Regardless of
brand chosen, any application in direct sunlight (IE when you’re already on the
sun lounger) increases evaporation before it’s had a chance to bond with the
skin, reducing its power to protect.As
Ultrasun products are all once a day application,doing this first thing keeps everyone
protected and free to get on with the holiday. Apply liberally to all exposed,
or potentially exposed, parts of the body. The official guidelines given by
Colipa (Association of European Cosmetic Industry) are 2mg/cm2 – this
approximately corresponds to one teaspoon worth for the face. As a rule of
thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, front, back and face
(including neck and ears).

Most common questions about UVA.

Why does Ultrasun not have the star rating?

The star rating is a Boots system and used predominantly for
products sold in Boots stores. Ultrasun is not sold in Boots. The EU working
party on sun care (Cosmetics Europe) are the official governing body and they
ask us to stick to their guidelines. We surpass this on all Ultrasun formulas
and this gives us the UVA in a circle sign which is regulated and not set by
one commercial organisation. The BBC reported as though the star rating was the
only and definitive measurement – it most certainly is not and unfortunately
many products with this rating have gone on to fail tests by independent bodies
such as Which? We are controlled and regulated and like it that way!

What are UVA rays?

UVA are the more penetrative rays that break down our DNA.
They are doing invisible cell damage with no immediate obvious sign. If you
spoke to as many people with serious skin cancer as I do on a daily basis you

Many Thanks to Abi Cleeve for sharing this information with me and my readers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this range! Please do leave me a comment below, or follow me on twitter @BacktoyouBeauty
on Facebook
or join the email list above.

Thank you

15 comments so far.

15 responses to “Stay Protected in The sunshine with Ultrasun, Uva, Uvb protection..Once a day application”

  1. Denise says:

    Wow! What to try firstI have the factor 30 face cream and I used the face repair which was fantasticI would love to use the tinted sun cream moisturiser as its an all in one productIs this out to order now and do they have samples of the colour so I get the colour right

    • Back To Beauty says:

      Hi Denise, thank you for reading my blog! Yes the tinted face is available to buy on Qvc at the moment. It is one colour suits all as it almost colour matches the skin and leaves a beautiful glow.

  2. Alison says:

    I love this product. A lot of suncreams are greasy but I found this one absorbed well. There are some new ones in the range I need to try

    • Back To Beauty says:

      Hello Alison! You are so right, that is the amazing thing about Ultrasun, all of their products are non greasy and blend in straight away without leaving any residue. hope you enjoy the new products. thanks for dropping by x

  3. Maggie says:

    I use most of the Ultrasu range and like the protection it gives. When I was 5-8 lived in Singapore and I did not have protection put on!!! I am now obsessive about protecting my skin due to possible previous damage 😀

    • Back To Beauty says:

      Hello Maggie, I know! I had a similar awful story, at least now we know and can do all we can to protect our skin! its never too late eh? Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog x

  4. ceejayblue says:

    OK, what can I say about Ultrasun? Well, here goes – its my no,1 choice of sunscreen for my family. My dressing table cupbaord is full of the Face, Tinted Face, Hair protector, Aftersun, lip balm, SPF 20 Glimmer, SPF 30 & 50 and the new serum! I recommend it all the time to everyone on facebook and whenever I see posts about sun care on Trip Advisor forums I recommend it there too. Without it I would suffer with bad prickly heat and wouldn't be able to go on the jeep safari trips when we're on holiday because I would burn so easily. So I thank Abi Cleeve and Ultrasun for protecting my skin and that of my family and friends.

    • Back To Beauty says:

      Wow ceejayblue, that is high praise indeed! Thank you for leaving such a fabulous comment on my blog and for being so amazing at spreading the knowledge about Ultrasun and sun protection! Well done you. x

  5. Lesley Fletcher says:

    Totally converted to Ultrasun after using it for the first time last year on a cruise. A lot of walking around in the sun and sea days on the ship I spent more time than I normally would do in the sun (no umbrellas to hide under). I never burnt at all, went a great colour too and I'm blonde haired and fair skinned. So convenient too, didn't need to carry bottles of suntan lotion around with me on days out as it's once a day application. Won't buy any other brand now.

    • Back To Beauty says:

      So pleased you are enjoying Ultrasun as much as me Lesley! How fantastic that you are able to get a safe, healthy tan! Thank you for commenting xx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good morning! Thank you for your review. We have shared your post here!

  7. Claire Kelly says:

    What a great read!I'm a fairly new convert to Ultrasun so this was really helpfulThank you Sharon

  8. Back To Beauty says:

    Thank you for commenting Claire! You are so welcome! Hope you continuing enjoying your Ultrasun products! Take care x

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just re-read this – vital and informative xxx Celia xxx

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