Great Skin starts With Great Skincare – Judith Williams Winter Must haves

If you are looking for some new skincare to upgrade your existing regime or just give your skin more oomph in these cold winter months, then keep an eye on the blog as I am sharing lots of great launches with you. Today is the big heads up for Judith Williams Skincare fans! Some of our much loved products are back on Qvcuk from Tuesday 10th January in fabulous configurations. The value is ridiculously good!

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Rose Cleansing Balm Duo & Beauty Institute Instant Eye Lid Lift & Superior Cream

If you have not heard of Judith Williams, please read all about her and the high end skincare at affordable prices HERE. Below is a selection of products that I have mentioned before on the blog but I just wanted to give you the heads up on the great value coming up on them.

Life Long Beauty Rose Cleansing Balm Duo with Bamboo Cloth 

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Cleansing Balm Duo with Bamboo Cloth

 Yep you read that right! This beautiful cleansing balm is now available as a duo and that makes me so happy as my mum and i are always restocking this. Life Long Beauty is one of a selection of core ranges within the Judith Williams Skincare Range. Aimed more towards maturing skin, skin that needs gentle looking after, may be sensitive and fragile, suffering from lines and wrinkles, this range is infused with Rose Oil and other nourishing ingredient’s. Perfect for dehydrated skin, thinning skin or skin that just really needs a lift. With just a hint of a fresh Rose scent, this is perfect at removing make up, including eye make up, dirt, grime and deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Judith Williams Cleansing Balm Texture

 I gently rub a small amount of this balm over my face and massage in, it lifts the dirt and grime out of the skin to the surface. I then add a little water and massage some more. Then I wet the included Bamboo cloth and remove the balm and make up and dirt from my face. The bamboo cloth is beautiful and gentle at lifting and sloughing the dead cells and dirt from the skin. Immediately skin is left feeling incredibly soft and smooth and plump and so super hydrated.

This is so gentle it can also be used as an overnight mask, by applying a small amount over the face and removing in the morning (if there is any left), or can be applied to any dry, sensitive areas of the skin that are itchy and flaky. This and the Elemis Pro collage Balm are my two favourite balms and I am thrilled that this Rose Cleansing Balm now come as a duo!!.

Beauty Institute Duo Superior Skin Cream & Instant Eye Lid Lift

Judith Williams The Beauty Institute Superior Cream & Eyelid Lift

The Beauty Institute Range is based on products that Judith uses in her incredibly popular Luxury spa in Munich, Germany. This  Spa ‘Beauty Institute’ performs treatments on many celebrities as well as locals and people that have travelled there from afar and is very highly regarded. Using highly active ingredient’s developed with Judith and her team of Scientific experts, this is a superior range that gives visible results.
Superior Skin Cream SPF 15  –

Judith Williams Superior Cream SPF 15

 If the Party season has left your skin looking tired, grey, dull and dehydrated this is the perfect time to add Superior Skin Cream to your regime. A lovely, rich cream containing an SPF 15 full of anti-ageing ingredient’s and highly concentrated plant extracts which leave the skin gorgeously plumped, nourished, balanced and perfectly hydrated. This is also great at calming and brightening the skin especially after the Judith Williams Glycolic pad treatment.

If you have a stressed or mature skin that needs some extra love, then try this. It also protects your skin against harmful rays from your computer screen, a plus for me! You need such a tiny amount of this luscious, rich cream, full of avocado oils, over your face, neck and décolleté, any leftover I put on the back of my hands. I really massage this in and breathe in the beautiful, comforting scent. I simply adore it, especially as it has the SPF15 which we should still be applying even in winter to protect our skin against UVA and UVB rays. Also works amazing as a night cream as it helps your serums sink into the skin. To view the consistency and read more about it click HERE

Instant Eye Lid Lift 30ml – 

Judith Williams Eye Lid Lift

This is one of those products that you literally wont believe until you have tried it. If you need matchsticks to hold your eyes open on a Monday morning, reach for this! Full of plant actives, this tightening serum not only offers immediate results but also long lasting ones. If you suffer from hooding of the eyes, as I do, or puffiness between your crease and brow bone, as I do, this aims to lift and tighten that area. This bottle is huge and you really need only the tiniest amount morning and evening.

To Use – Prime the bottle a few times by pressing the pump, then gently tap the lightweight serum around the eye area and into the crease gently lifting as you tap. This feels lovely and cooling on the skin. On me it immediately lifts my hooded eyes a little and makes them look less puffy.

These item are available on Qvcuk from Tuesday 10th January 2017 HERE. For more info on Judith Williams, just type her name in the search engine above, in my blog, and read all about the other ranges within her repertoire, as there is something for all ages from 20 and above.

Which are you favourite Judith Williams Products? I would love to know, please leave me a comment below.

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