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With so many skincare brands around,  it can sometimes be totally overwhelming. We lose all sense of what our skin actually needs and sometimes just choose the “now” product of the moment. If serious, Anti-ageing skincare is something that you need then look no further than Gatineau. Specialists in Anti-Ageing, their Salon Grade products, used by professionals worldwide, are available for us at amazingly affordable prices.

There are millions of Die-Hard Gatineau fans out there, but, if like me you came late to this party, let me explain a little more. I first discovered Gatineau about 4 years ago thanks to their Amazing Tan-accelerator which i absolutely swear by (Blog Here). With an outstanding 80 year history this Pioneering Parisian Skincare brand has a wonderful Legacy. Created by a visionary beauty therapist Madame Jeanne Gatineau in 1932, working with bio-chemists and dermatologists she was able to create innovative and much needed beauty products. Using this amazing legacy, Gatineau went on to become the very first beauty house in the WORLD to develop an exfoliator and alcohol-free cleansers and toners -Wow! I think its safe to say they know what they are talking about!

Gatineau offer a range of gorgeous, hard working, top quality, beauty products. Today i am going to be discussing just some of their fabulous range.

*Defi Lift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care 10ml – Wow, this is no ordinary lip balm…if you think is just something to pop on your lips when they are feeling a bit dry, then think again. As we age, our lips thin and we loose that gorgeous, plump look and feel. This product helps to change that. Concentrated plant actives, Shea butter and Lavender extract, soften and protect the delicate lip area from anything – the climate, ageing and our own immune system. Brilliant on dry, cracked lips but amazing for lips that need looking after from an ageing aspect.

Instantly hydrating whilst giving a beautiful gloss to my lips they suddenly look defined, healthy and plumper. I absolutely adore this product and the tingle that makes me feel it’s working. This can be used morning and evening as a treatment, not forgetting to apply over the lip line too as it is superb at hydrating and tackling those fine lines around the lips. Can also be applied as needed throughout the day! I love it as a lip gloss because it has a fab shine. Most definitely addictive and definitely something you need in every handbag and coat pocket!

*Strategie Jeunesse Firming Throat Gel 50ml – I realised when i was about 38 that actually using my daily moisturiser over my neck was, yes, better than nothing, but not as good a proper throat gel. I believe that much later in life your neck will thank you for looking after it properly. There is no point in having a beautifully hydrated, healthy looking face and a craggy, wrinkly neck and throat -in my opinion. So now at the ripe ole age of 40 i make sure i always use a throat/neck product. This beautiful, lightweight, pink gel, feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin. Now i’m not saying this is a product for a 20 year old, but if you are starting to see slackening skin on your throat, neck and décolleté then it really is time to invest in something like this. I apply this on my neck and décolleté in upward strokes, only a small amount is needed as it really does spread lovely. It feels light and cool on the skin and immediately my skin feels like silk! The texture is sublime, Full of beautiful plant based protein extracts and anti-oxidants this leaves your skin looking and feeling younger, smoother and hydrated.

*Melatogenine Youth Activating Beauty Serum 30ml – Again, i love serums, i think they are a much needed addition to a beauty regime. They add so much extra to the skin that i always use one. I just think; it literally only takes seconds to do and i need all the help i can get! Containing the worldwide best selling Melatogenine, this is a power house of an anti-ageing serum. This is where it gets clever, you can easily choose a lifting, firming moisturiser, but know that you are getting a dose of Anti-ageing delivery in a serum, see! That extra step! This beautiful bottle delivers the perfect amount of serum from its pump. A very delicate fragrance, a beautiful cooling, light serum, really is a pleasure to use. Great for those fine lines and wrinkles and ageing issues on the skin as it softness fine lines and enhances skins elasticity. I applied this morning and evening to cleansed skin, not around the eyes, before moisturising. Works fabulous with the Melatogenine moisturiser for better results.

*Melatogenine Advanced Rejuvenating Cream 50ml – This is where Anti-ageing skincare gets Serious.  If you really have issues with ageing skin, if you can see the lines from your nose to mouth becoming more defined, the wrinkles at the sides of your eyes becoming deeper then this could be for you. If you have previous sun damage and you have noticed your skin just feeling leathery and out of sorts, this could really be worth a try. Firstly, you know me and packaging, the product just looks so beautiful and classy, it is a product you will proudly want to display on your dressing table and make sure you use every morning and evening after cleansing. The consistency of this cream is just beautiful, it feels like a soufflé to touch but then has a slightly richer feel as you gently rub into the skin. The moment i apply this on my skin, wow it just drinks it in. I adore it! I use a pea sized amount and put all over my face and neck paying attention to my bothersome areas. Im not really that wrinkly for a almost..ahem…41 year old but the nose to mouth lines are becoming a concern as well as a Harry Potter esq line between my brows. I love how as soon as i rub this moisturiser in, my skin suddenly has a beautiful glow and the blood comes to the surface. My face just feels sooo smooth, which really is a common theme throughout this range.

*Defilift 3D Perfect Design Performance Volume Cream 50ml – If you are more concerned with having a lifted, plumper looking complexion then this product is perfect for exactly that. The Defilift range enhances volume whilst lifting and firming the skin which leads to a more youthful appearance. Full of butters, vitamins and botanical oils this cream really packs a punch. Suppleness and better looking skin are yours. If you are really concerned with slackening skin,  droopy jowls and want a lifted appearance, this would be the choice of moisturiser for you to try. The beautiful pink cream is a joy to use. I am more concerned with ageing at the moment, but i absolutely loved the feel of this on my skin when i was trying it out. Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening. This 50ml size should last approximately 3-4 months.

Also just to mention, we all love a freebie and Gatineau do an amazing Product Passport. Every full Sized product bought has a sticky label with a number on the back. These are passport points. Take this off and stick in inside the passport included with your purchase and when you collect a certain amount you can choose between two or three full sized products! I have done this a few times and the products are brilliant and the shipping is really fast.

These products have been an absolute joy to use and have really given my skin a clarity and almost glass like smoothness. Definitely a range i will continue with, i am the perfect age for it and have seen amazing results. My skin is brighter, tighter and my neck looks beautiful! All of these products are available online from Gatineau however, on Saturday 26th September Qvc UK Will be selling this set, making a choice between the Defilift 3D Perfect Design Moisturiser or Melatogenine Advanced Rejuvenating Cream, as a 4 piece for a unbelievable price £212 worth of value for…click HERE

I would Love to know if you have ever tried anything from Gatineau Before. Contact me below.

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