Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Hero’s Collection – perfect Anti-Ageing skincare collection

Life Long Beauty Hero Collection

Judith Williams is back in The UK and bringing an amazing selection of her range, including this Qvc Todays Special Value. Containing six absolute must have products from her Life Long Beauty Range, this is amazing value for the gift of great skin.

For those of you that may not be aware of Judith Williams please see more info on my previous Blog Post HERE

Today’s collections is from Judith’s Life Long Beauty Range. This range is for 40+ Skin or mature skin. If you have issues with Slackening, fine lines and wrinkles, this could be the range for you, especially at this unbelievable value for this amount of products.

Lets take a closure look at this 6 piece set.

Life Long Beauty Rose Cleansing Water

Life Long Beauty Rose Cleansing Water  300ml – Funnily enough, this was the fist ever “Micellar” water i had ever tried, Over high street and any other brands. If you love a speedy make up removal routine then look no further than this 3 in 1 Cleansing water. Containing Distilled Rose water, it gently, but thoroughly removes even the most tough make up, grime and mascara. This does not dry out the skin, it really does leave the skin so silky soft and smooth afterwards. This is my absolute go to for Mascara removal,i get through bottles of it and cannot be without it. Not long ago, whilst reorganising my bedroom a whole bottle of this product emptied into a plastic box containing stored beauty products and whilst everything smelt amazing and looked beautifully clean, i was so upset!

Above with Make-Up  Below removal with the Micellar Water

  Every evening i dampen a cotton pad and put a few drops of this Rose cleansing water onto it and gently rest the pads on my eyes. A few seconds later i give and gentle wipe and the mascara has lifted off. No dragging, no pulling of the eyelashes and absolutely no excuse to go to bed with your make up on haha!

Another great tip : If you are a make up lover and love a precise make up application, to sharpen under the eye after applying shadow or pencil liner, i dip a lip brush into a tiny bit of this rose water and run it under my eye and it perfectly tidies up any dropped particles of make up!

Tighten & Repair Concentrate

Tighten & Repair Concentrate 30ml – This concentrate smells amazing. If you have slackening or loose skin caused by ageing or weight loss, then this can be your new friend. This beautiful concentrate works immediately by stimulating the elastic fibres in your skin. Apply it on clean dry skin, twice daily. I take this all the way up to eyes and down to my neck. It has a gorgeous natural light rose scent, Immediately after applying, my skin fees lifted and just so, so soft and smooth. A beautiful rich serum to incorporate into your routine after cleansing and before moisturising if you suffer from slackened skin.

Protective Day Cream

Protective Day Cream 50ml – This is a superb day cream if you want that comforting, hydrating, nurturing, non complicated cream. Perfect for more Mature skin or skin that is showing the signs of ageing its is a lovely rich cream that just melts into the skin. The smell is beautiful and it gives plump, hydrated, soft skin. Fantastic from  45 plus or anyone seeing the signs of ageing.

Neck & Decollete Cream

Neck & Decollete Cream 100ml – Containing a superior soya complex with soya isoflavones that help counteract the signs of ageing, this neck cream is a joy to use. Neck creams really are so important as they can age you quite dramatically by showing those dehydrated necklace looking lines. A wonderfully rich cream that can so easily  become addictive because of the smell and the results, it should be something you use twice daily. I had started noticing those lines just between the top of the cleavage on the decollette thanks to some sun damage, so for me neck creams are a must. Easy to use, a joy to use and a must have. Always apply neck creams in a upwards motion, take this all the way up to the jaw line and down to the bust.

Intensive Eye Cream

Intensive Eye Cream 15ml – This eye cream is enriched with Rose Water and vitamin E, which is wonderful for anti-ageing and reducing the look of puffiness. It feels beautiful on the delicate skin around the eye and helps at softening the fine lines and wrinkles . I have been using this every evening for weeks and my skin definitely looks plumper in that area. For me though i have an issue with wrinkles just above my eyebrow, so i have also been using it above there to hydrate and plump those wrinkles more, making them less visible. Easy to use product.

Rose Oil

Highly Nourishing Rose Oil 30ml – Wow, wow, and wow! Along with the Micellar water this is my go to product.  A product that i believe can be used by a younger age too. This is an absolute must have regardless of  any other skincare care that you use. This product can be added to existing creams and serums to give them that extra boost of goodness. This  product is 100% natural and naturally antibacterial. It is great for fine lines, slackening, discoloured skin, uneven skin, pimples and so it goes on and on. For an oil this really is a lightweight product that sinks beautifully into the skin. It can be used on top of your moisturiser to lock that protection in. It can be used on the backs of hands, neck, decollete, face, dry knees, dry elbows, ends of the hair…This bottle will last ages as one drop really does cover a lot. I use this of an evening when applying to my face as it does give a shiny appearance so you may want to bare that in mind. With the colder weather coming and in and out of central heating, this really will leave the skin with a protective barrier. The smell is gorgeous but very delicate and not off putting at all. This really does add extra moisture to my medicated dry skin. An absolute must have product of mine and has been for many years.

All in all this is a fantastic,complete system as you have everything you need for your skincare Regime. Although it is based on a more mature skin, the Micellar Rose water and Rose Oil are, in my opinion, suitable for any age. Each of these items can be purchased individually from Judith’s website just by clicking on the item.
 Individually each item would total £140.61.Click HERE to purchase

I would love to know your thoughts on any Judith Williams products, please do leave me a comment in the link below. I will reply to all.

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