NEW LAUNCH! – Red Carpet Ready With Red Carpet Manicure Instant Gel Manicure – Super Fast System!

October 3, 2015

I love Nail Varnishes, I really do. I have loads…loads and loads, they really are the easiest, convenient way to change an outfit. I know i do not have the best hands and nails though, having Children means lots and lots of hand washing. I know i should look after them more, but a pop of colour really brightens my day. I never go to a salon for a manicure I’m just not that kind of person. Like many i have commitments and its not easy to find that time during the day to commit to going to a salon regularly. I  don’t really enjoy it either to be honest, there is always something else i could/should be doing. I even have to be dragged to the hairdressers kicking and screaming. Whenever there is a fast way to pamper myself at home, I’m in.

Red Carpet Manicure is the worlds first at home Gel Manicure system. This new 1 step system is so super quick and super easy it had my name written all over it! Promising to cure each layer within 45 seconds, and give me a high performance, salon looking Gel manicure.  I could not wait to get started.

The first thing that amazed me when the box arrived was how small and compact everything was, brilliant! This means it is so easy to store

Everything you need is included

This is just so easy to use. Included in the box is everything you need to apply, cure and remove Gel polish.


Instant Nail Gel Polish Colour – in “Headliner” which is a stunning Hollywood Red, Perfect for the Christmas season.

Professional LED Light With USB Cord and Adaptor

Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover

20 Foil Remove Wraps

20 Lint Free Nail Wipes

Buffing Block

4 Orange wood Sticks

Instruction Sheet

This was my first ever attempt at applying my own Gel Polish and curing them and it was so easy and took minutes. This needs NO Base coat and NO Top coat and it shines beautifully after.

Following the very easy instructions included, this is what i did…

Clean nails

 Made sure my nails were clean and dry. I buffed them gently with the purple side of the buffer included, gently pushed back the cuticles with the Orange wood sticks included and wiped nails with Polish remover. This made sure they were perfectly clean and prepared.

I carefully –  and i say carefully – as any polish that gets on your skin will be cured there, so carefully i applied 1 coat of Red Carpet Gel Manicure to my finger nails.

Apply first thin coat

I popped 4 fingers under the LED light, curing them, this took 45 seconds.

Press button and Cure under LED lamp

 I applied a second coat straight after and cured under the lamp again

Curing thumbs

 I then repeated with my thumbs and second hand. Job done! Beautiful, shiny nails done in MINUTES…

Beautiful Manicure in Minutes

Very impressive, no waving, no blowing them, no painting them in bed then waking up with bed sheet imprints on them…. done in MINUTES!!

These single coat varnishes do not last as long as others in the range, however you do get a super fast manicure with beautiful gloss & shine

There are three other beautiful colours being released for this one step manicure, and they are gorgeous.

Ring Finger – Raunchy Rumor

Raunchy Rumor – is just perfect for Autumn its a gorgeous, delicious deep dark Plum Purple

Fingers – Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty – A perfect all round Natural Taupe with a subtle pink undertone

Walk of Fame – A gorgeous classy light gold with a beautiful Sparkle! Definitely a party season colour

Ring finger – Walk of Fame

Now, although these do not last as long as other varnish for this system, the fact that you can paint and go within 5 minutes, and have high quality glossy nails is perfect. Especially good if, like me, you change your varnish often.

To Remove Red Carpet Manicure

Again as with the whole kit it really is simple, however you will need to allow yourself plenty of time for this so set aside a good 45 minutes to complete the whole removal  process, with time this will speed up however the Erase remover does need to stay on the nails for 15-20 minutes for proper removal.

Gently Buff to dull shine

1. Firstly buff the nails gently with  the buffer included to breakdown that shine

2. Saturate the included pad attached to the foil, with the Erase Remover

Apply saturated pad to top of nail & wrap foil around

3. Place the pad on the nail and wrap the foil around the finger, making sure the whole nail is in contact with that pad.

4.Wait 15-20 then remove foil

All Gel polish is lifted

5. Ever so gently using the Orange wood stick remove the remaining Polish,(which to be honest was all loose) being careful not to scrape the nail. This should lift off easily. If for any reason you are met with resistance, rather than ruin your nail, repeat step 4.

Gently Remove 

6. Lightly buff your nail
That is it! I applied my own cutical oil and nail care after, you do not need to, its just something i am in the habit of doing as i always wear nail polish so my nails can discolour a little.

This really is a fantastic, fast Gel Manicure system, you really can be out the door in 5 minutes.

This system will be available on Qvcuk on 6th October HERE Each set comes with Headliner (Red) then your choice of one other colour shown above! Amazing Value at £49.56

You can also purchase direct from Red carpet manicure HERE

Please leave me a comment below, have you tried Red Carpet Manicure?

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  1. Bagpuss says:

    Love this system too! Even better M&S do the range but not the ready ones at moment. I have bought the Leighton Denny gel that you can use with any varnish. Not tried yet but you do have to leave the normal polish to dry for half an hour first!

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