Tarte launch their Brand New contour palette in the UK! tarteist contour

January 18, 2016

There are contour palettes and then there is Tarte Tarteist face slenderising palette with double ended brush.

Tarte tarteist Contour palette

As we all know, contouring, sculpting and strobing were massive in 2015, and this trend shows no sign of abating. I must admit I was wondering when Tarte would be releasing their version of a sculpting palette. They sure have not disappointed us with this. The tarteist contour Palette is HUGE, like the size of my hand with all my fingers splayed, huge. The cakes inside are a great size, and contain  some lovely shades. Now before I go through the very easy paint-by-numbers concept of this palette let me just explain. If you are not into “contouring” per say…. what you have here are blushers, bronzer, highlighters, eye shadows etc. It is a very versatile palette that can be used for many different things.

When you first open the palette you will notice the smell of it, a light chocolate/coca scent. As mentioned before, Im not one for scented products as I don’t really see the point, however, this does not distract from the fact that it is a great, natural contouring palette.

tarte tarteist contour palette

Included in the box is a step by step guide as to where to place each numbered colour on your face. Using the included double ended brush it is a very easy process. This is a powder compact, so if you are not a fan of powders I just wanted you to know however, as long as you are wearing a great primer and base, you should not have problems with open pores or creasing.

tarte tarteist contour palette

The beautiful gold inlay gives it that lovely exclusive look and feel and the internal mirror is a fabulous size so you can see your whole face, which I love.

I have to admit the brush is amazing, absolutely amazing. Just make sure that you angle it carefully over the colour you want so that you do not pick up a colour next to it.  This is a  pro brush that is completely cruelty free, of course. This is fantastic when you apply the darker shade into the contour of your cheeks, you get a great fanning action, just like my favourite fan brush, and this helps to give a perfect contour. When applying the darker cheek contour, suck your cheeks in to find the hollow and roll your finger or edge of a brush down from your cheek bone until it sits in that crease. This is where you apply the darker colour, and blend. The yellow in the palette is also nice used under the eyes to set your concealer and the blush is a beautiful pink shade. Now this says it is a universal shade palette, and yes you can build and blend the products with practice, but what I think you achieve is a more subtle contour. It will suit all ages and skin types. Darker skin i’m not really sure how the colours will pop? The highlight is the smallest cake in the middle and is lovely but very subtle, personally I prefer a real visible highlight under my brows and above my cheek bones, but again that is my preference.

Before & After

This would be great for anyone looking for an easy and natural contour palette as the colours are natural, blend able and easy to wear. Don’t forget to double the shades up as eye shadows too! As you can see from my photo, in the after I had a slimmer contoured nose, more definition in the cheekbone and jawline. All other products I am wearing are from tarte energy noir eye palette and 6 piece basics collection in my previous post. It really is up to you how much you build the contour.

Tarte products are available in the uk from QVC This palette is available HERE . Do read my other Tarte blog HERE containing more new products!

Do your contour? Are you scared of strobing? What is your favourite Tarte product? Do leave me a comment below and let me know, I love hearing from you all.

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  1. Back To Beauty says:

    Hi Yvonne…..ooooh I do love them both!! Doll 10 contour palette is smaller, more compact so great for travelling and your make up bag. Also I love the highlighter in the Doll 10 Palette as I find it brighter and lighter, but that's just me. This tarte palette is beautiful for its size and look on the dressing table and also has the yellow under eye powder in. Both sets have beautiful contour colours in. It will possibly come down to your preferable ingredients and brand. I love them both.

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