Brand new UK launches from Tarte Cosmetics for May! Including Rainforest of the Sea Aquaconcealer!

May 10, 2016

Today I am sharing lots more lovely new make up from Tarte Cosmetics! This is such an exciting and innovative range with their skin friendly ingredient’s, there is a foundation, palette & concealer for everyone.

Confidence creamy powder foundation with brush/sponge UK Launch!! – Firstly can I just say, the packaging is beautiful. This gold coloured, hand held compact comes in a lovely purple slip case with the quote “make today beautiful” which I love. There is a great sized mirror in the lid which is very handy and also a sponge pad for use “on the Go” – which, to be fair, I never use, but handy for those that do.

Tarte Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation in Light Neutral

 I know that Tarte cosmetics have a lot of different foundations in their repertoire, and I for one own many. I love them for that very fact! There really is a foundation type for every age, skincare concern, and look. What I love the most is that they all have skincare ingredient’s, so that not only do they aim to give us the flawless coverage that we require, but they are also leaving us with hydrated, cared for skin.
This Brand new UK launch foundation from Tarte is so creamy, and yet so light on the skin, it is a joy to use and wear.This 2-in-1 skincare and make up product covers redness, pigmentation, dark circles, age spots, and evens up the skin tone. All of which are issues I suffer from, it is also great for those with an oily skin as it can mask that.

Tarte Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation in Light Neutral

But what does this for me is the fact it can be worn wet or dry, depending on the look and coverage that you require!. Its no secret that I love a liquid foundation, so for me I apply this damp, and when the compact has dried  I can then dust a little over it to set the finished look! It doesn’t look cakey or patchy or drying on the skin thanks to the Amazonian clay, Matrixyl 3000 and mineral pigments. It really is jam packed full of anti-ageing, hydrating, long lasting ingredient’s. The best way to apply though is with one of the MOST amazing brushes and luckily for us here in the UK, the brush is included.

Tarte Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation in Light Neutral

Tarte Cosmetics brushes are some of the best I have ever had, and believe me I use some very expensive brushes. These are completely cruelty free, synthetic brushes that feel so soft on the skin. This brush is different though! It…is…..genius!! Double ended, there is a gorgeous, soft, fluffy angled brush one end and a detachable blending sponge the other. If you love a beauty blender, you will love this sponge! Damp the sponge with either water or a setting spray and press into the Confidence compact, gently move the sponge over your face getting into all the contours with confidence. Then use the big fluffy end to apply the powder over the top if needed. Remember, this can be used wet or dry depending on the look and coverage you want.

Tarte Double ended concealer Brush & Blending Sponge

This foundation lasts on my dehydrated skin all day without moving and feels lovely and soft. On me, as you will see in my untouched before and after photos below, I got the full coverage I needed very easily and quickly.  Comes in 6 shades Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Tan and Deep. Vegan Friendly and hypoallergenic

Tarte Double ended concealer Brush & Blending Sponge

Rainforest of the Sea Aquaconcealer with Brush UK Launch!!- Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! After the amazing launch of all things Rainforest of the Sea that I posted Here , I have been desperate to try this concealer!! The Rainforest of the Sea has been such a huge hit worldwide and I know its one of my favourites and I know its one of Fleur de Force’s favourites too,  this just had to be good! Believe me…its blinkin’ amazing! Contained in the beautiful glass bottle with the ombre toned lid as the foundation is, this 10ml concealer is so pigmented it will last an absolute age!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea AquaConcealer in Light

The Rainforest of the Sea range really is a very hydrating range and I think that is why my skin loves it so much, it just looks perfect on my skin and blends so well. With this in mind the concealer is formed on the same basis. The very concentrated levels of pigmentation are suspended in a deep conditioning serum made up of 20% water, so not only will it hydrate your skin but also give it amazing coverage without that drying, cracking look. Thanks to the Rainforest of the Sea complex which I have previously mentioned HERE, it also protects the skin against the elements whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time! All this in a concealer! It also contains cooling cucumber and coconut which conditions the skin and provides antibacterial properties, so great if you are using this to cover blemish’s.

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea AquaConcealer

  How to use – Always give the bottle a shake to mix all the amazing ingredient’s up, then be prepared for a weird smell! Ok, its out there, I had to mention it, it has a smell similar to a high end nail varnish remover! I know! I know! But please do not be alarmed, it is because of the blend of the Marine algae and natural ingredient’s, but, once you apply it to the skin the smell disappears. You will notice it has a fat wand, this is perfect if you want to apply under the eye area in the “V” shape, or use it to add some highlight across your face. I also think this would make an amazing contour colour if you choose a couple of shades deeper than your colour as it blends out so well. I then use the beautiful double ended brush that is included, to buff and blend out to just the coverage that I need in a certain area. This covers the dark area under my eyes like a dream, doesn’t crease or crack and also covers my pigmentation. Feels cooling on the skin. Available in the UK in 6 Colours Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Tan and Deep.

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Aquaconcealer

Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Palette with Double Ended Brush – UK Launch!! – We all know that Tarte Love to launch Palettes, but we also know that when they do, they become somewhat Iconic, hard to get hold of, Limited Edition Treasures.

Tarte Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Palette May 2016

 This Palette is the newest version of Tarte’s best selling  eye and cheek palettes so if you have some all time favourites, you might just find an updated version of them in this handy palette. Laid out in a wardrobe style packaging that has double doors on the front, you are met with two perfect “Quad” collections. The first is your set of “Cool Tones” and the second ” Warm” tones. Both of which have the perfect blush to finish the look. If you love a smokey eye, then you have the tools to create them here for either a day or night time look. Formulated from Amazonian Clay and Vitamin E, these shadows are highly pigmented to last longer and transfer to the eyelid easily without pulling or tugging. I must admit, upon first look I was a bit sceptical as the shades are quite dark and with summer just around the corner, I love the ideas of lighter brighter colours, but having tried different combinations over a few days, it is easy to create your perfect look and really makes my blue/green eyes pop!

Tarte Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Palette May 2016

This palette comes with a  expert blending brush that feels nice and weighty in the hand and blends beautifully.

Tarte Ltd Edition Eye & Cheek Palette colours blend beautifully

My Overall thoughts: – I think my before and after tell it all! As you can see my skin has dark circles, very uneven skin tone, some blemishes and pigmentation. The Confidence Foundation covers everything! I used mine wet by dampending the blending sponge, then did a final coat dry, using the fluffy brush. The AquaConcealer has covered all of my dark circles and blemishes and given me a lovely youthful highlight where I applied it and hasn’t creased after all day wear and the Limited edition Eye and Cheek palette blends beautifully. If you are a Tarte Fan and want all the limited Editions then definitely get the eye palette.


Foundation : Confidence Creamy Foundation – Applied Wet in shade Light Neautral
Concealer : RotS AquaConcealer in shade Light
Eyeshadow all from the above palette : Flip Flop all over lid
                                                               Bronze Bangle in crease
                                                               Iced Coffee outer Corner
                                                               Dawn Under brown Bone & Inner eye corner
                                                               Iced Coffee (wet) Under bottom Lashes
Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
Lipstick : Tarte Rainforest of the Sea “Beach Bum”
Blush : From Eye and Cheek Palette awakened

Tarte Cosmetics are only available online from QVCUK HERE. All the above products are launching in the UK exclusively to Qvc from Friday 13th May. I have added the links above however please note the items may show as sold out until the day they officially become available so keep checking back. For lots of Tarte Tutorials and info check the Tarte Cosmetics website HERE

I would love to hear your thoughts on this range, these products and my blog! Do you enjoy seeing the before and after photos? Does it help? Let me know below!!
Have a great day x

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9 responses to “Brand new UK launches from Tarte Cosmetics for May! Including Rainforest of the Sea Aquaconcealer!”

  1. Laura says:

    I'm so Jealous! I am excited about getting my hands on all 3 products. The eye and cheek palette sounds amazing! Do you know when it will be on QVC. Every tarte visit always costs me a fortune but it's really the only make up I wear now so is totally worth it. Lx

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      Hi Laura, thank you for your comment! I think you actually saw the post whilst it was still in draft as it published early for some reason! I hope you get the chance to go back and read it again. This is all available From Friday 13thMay x

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Sharon, I wondered what had happened as I went back on to see if there were pics and couldn't find the post. Will definitely be getting the concealer and the palette. I'm not really a powerder foundation girl but think will have to buy it for the brush alone which is amazing. Though I do love the tarte foundations and have 4 different kinds. Gorgeous picture. Can't wait to get my hands on these and the lip quenches that Leigh said she is bringing this visit. Lx

  3. Deborah Platt says:

    Great blog Sharon, can't wait to try the new foundation!

  4. Joanne Mallon says:

    Oh how interesting. I have heard so much about this brand so it's good to hear that it's coming to the UK.

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      Hi Joanne, it has actually been available in the UK via QVCUK for a couple of years. We are so lucky that they always bring out new launches here for us so we are updated, hopefully you get the chance to try it. Lost more posts on Tarte in my blog, just type Tarte in the search engine at the top right of the home page x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great blog I am off to buy and now cant wait to try.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I went for just the light is that the same as yours I see you said light nueteral was that from QVC? , I'm hoping it's not too dark for me, hate sending stuff back 😢 xxx

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