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If a smell can evoke a memory, then this beautiful collection from Philosophy smells like “Kissing in the rain”

When I opened this gorgeous 4 piece head to toe collection from Philosophy’s Falling in Love Range I was transported to a warmer climate, with a tropical storm and a passionate kiss! Oh yes! To me this is the scent of romance, passion, of love. Falling in love is not a romantically light, floral fragrance but more a warm, tropical scent thanks to sun ripened Blackberries, sparkling Jasmine and Vanilla. This is the perfect summer, layering collection in my opinion. Inside this beautiful gift box are four Products from the Falling in Love range which we rarely get to experience in the UK so this collection is a real treat, I will go into detail below. For more information on Philosophy as a brand and their other scented products, please read my previous post HERE.

Philosophy Falling in Love Shampoo, Bath and Shower

Falling in Love Shampoo, Bath & Shower 480ml – This pale blue, almost Lavender, silky 3 in 1 product is ideal to Relax into. As Relaxing as it can be uplifting, thanks to the fruity ingredient’s, your mood and sense of smell will really determine how best you enjoy this. I love this fragrance of an evening as I really feel it is a relaxing fragrance, it just makes me feel really dreamy and happy. This can be used in the bath just by adding a few pumps to running water to create a soft, creamy lather, on a shower sponge it really foams up and creates a gorgeous cleansing product for the body and on the hair it offers a thorough deep clean. I use this in all 3 ways and it leaves my hair beautifully clean and not at all dry and my skin beautifully soft and lightly scented. I just really wish the Falling in Love Conditioner was available to follow on with as my hair smelt more of my own conditioner after.  The bathroom will smell amazing for hours. The scent is ever so light on the body with this so I would happily add my own perfume after without it clashing. A great start to the layering routine of this collection. Just to note this does contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate so if that does not work well on your skin then this is unfortunately not for you.

Philosophy Shampoo, Bath and Shower Soft, Creamy lather

The philosophy on this bottle reads

 “falling in love doesn’t begin with falling in love with others. it begins with falling in love with ourselves. loving ourselves is healthy and a fulfilment of out purpose. love must first grow from within us. learn to deeply and fully cherish your heart, your soul and your body and, only then, will you understand what it is to truly love another”

How beautiful is that?

Philosophy Falling In Love Perfumed Olive Oil Scrub

Falling in Love Perfumed Olive Oil body scrub 480ml – I have always been a huge fan of Philosophy’s Scrubs and exfoliators, I think this is something they do really, really well. This is no exception. A huge Bottle of cream coloured scrub in Olive oil that has a slightly lighter fragrance than the bath and shower. If you notice that your skin is looking dry, scaly and your body creams are not sinking in, it could be that you have a layer of dead skin cells on top that need sloughing off. This Body scrub is gentle yet hardworking enough to take away the grime, the dead skin cells, the layers of patchy fake tan and leave you with the most soft, glass like feeling skin.

Philosophy Olive Oil Scrub is very gentle

 I use this in a few ways, if I am being good and remember to exfoliate regularly then I apply this to my wet body in the shower or bath, gently massage in all over from neck down to my toes and rinse off. However, if I am removing a faux tan, or just coming out of winter when my body has been in hibernation, I apply to my dry skin. This gives me a denser exfoliation in which I can pay more attention to those rough areas such as heels, knees, backs of the arms. I then slip into a beautifully warm bath or shower and let the scrub rinse away whilst the oil sinks in. It really is a beautiful experience that leaves the skin beyond soft. Use it on the backs of your hands when you first try it, I bet you will be surprised how soft they are!!

Philosophy Falling in Love Whipped Body Creme

Falling in love whipped body crème 240ml – This huge pot of body crème will last such a long time as a little goes a long way. It was this that I opened and smelt first which transported me off to Rainy days in sunny places. It just.smells.divine! This whipped body crème really is as light as air, it has a spongey texture that melts onto the skin and slides and sinks in beautifully.

Philosophy Falling in Love whipped Body Crème light, spongey texture

 It layers perfectly after the Body scrub and leaves a beautiful sheen and lovely scent on the skin. Personally I would not wear another fragrance on top of this item if layering all these products as I think the scent is enough on its own, especially in this whipped crème as it really comes alive, but feel free to try yourself as you can always wash it off.

Philosophy Falling in Love Eau de Toilette

Falling in Love eau de toilette spray fragrance 60ml – “when it comes to love you need not fall but rather surrender, surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. You must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and, most importantly, you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another.”

This fragrance is definitely going to be my scent of summer, it is so beautiful in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I just wasn’t expecting to like it! I love spicy scents or sexy floral’s, but this is a warm, sensual fruity floral that has melted me. It is so hard to describe fragrance as it really is different on everyone, but when I spritz this I smell an effervescence, a bubbly fruity, uplifting scent of Blackberries, then as it settles a little I get the lift of floral from the Jasmin, followed by the warming almost buttery note of Vanilla that has a slight musky undertone. This really is a complex fragrance. When I wear this on cold rainy days it suddenly smells a lot sweeter, however on warm sunny days on me it dries down to a more sensual fragrance.  I think this is a happy-go-lucky, uplifting scent that may suit a younger wearer who loves sweeter tones. However all I know is it reminds me of happy times each time I wear it and that’s good enough for me. As this is an eau de toilette the fragrance may disappear after a few hours but this 60ml size is perfect for carrying around in your handbag.

This complete collection comes beautifully boxed as shown below so it would make a gorgeous gift to yourself or someone else, although good luck parting with it!!

Philosophy Falling in Love Collection

My Overall Thoughts – If you are someone that adores scented bath and body products then you will love this as each product really carries the scent beautifully. If you love to layer the same scent in different ways, again you will enjoy this collection, but more importantly if you love sweet, sensual, fruity fragrances then this is for you. If floral’s are your thing then I would suggest the Amazing Grace collection. If you are looking for the ultimate gift collection then again, due to the beautiful packaging, this would be a great set to choose.

Philosophy is available in many Boots stores sold individually however the complete 4 piece head to toe collection mentioned above is available for 24 hours only or until stocks last on Friday 20th May from QVCUK HERE  ***UPDATE*** The Link is Live to purchase now, yay. The collection is priced at an amazing £38.98 which is outstanding value. It also comes in Amazing Grace and Pure Grace and I think this would make the perfect gift to yourself.

I would love to know how this scent smells on you as we are all so different, please leave me a comment below.

Have a lovely uplifting day!

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