Botanicals Radiance Serum

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Botanicals Radiance Serum

Botanicals Are a Multi award winning,  naturally Organic skincare company who’s aim is to provide pure, natural products that “harness the pure power of plants”. Created in 2004 by founder Wendy Stirling after her then 9 year old daughter had a reaction to a shampoo containing SLS, SLES and Parabins. Much research and planning into ingredient’s within nature occurred and Botanicals was born. Producing naturally preserved Organic product’s in small batches Botanicals offers a wide variety of face and body products suitable for all skin types.

When you look on the very impressive Botanicals website, there is so much beautiful skincare on offer that it is really hard to choose what to try. As I have a huge love for Serums this was where I made my choice.

Radiance Serum White Grape & Avocado 30ml – I don’t think I have ever tried a Serum quite like this! It has literally blown me away! More like an oil in texture and in the way it completely hydrates my dehydrated skin. This serum is outstanding. A big statement for a small product I know but one that is absolutely true. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium and Avocado – which is great at increasing collagen in the skin – this smooth, comforting serum is easy to use and has huge benefits on the radiance and clarity of the skin. Avocado Oil is amazing for the skin and absorbs by penetrating deep down and really moisturising the skin, plumping those fine lines, helping with age spots and the overall radiance of the skin. When I first began to use this of an evening straight after cleansing, I added about 4 pumps from the dropper (my skin is very dehydrated due to medication)..with continued use I only need two drops.

Botanicals Radiance Serum

 I massage it gently over my face in upward movements and breathe in the delicately revitalising floral scent. I do apply moisturiser after a few minutes even though my skin doesn’t feel the need for it.  Every time I apply this I literally take a deep breathe and relax….it just feels so natural to use this on my skin and my skin really thanks me for it. The more I use it the more radiant and youthful my complexion looks to the point where I am receiving many compliments on my skin. If I have any breakouts they seem to fade much quicker than before and my redness around my nose and cheeks seems less and less. I also love to rub the residue into my cuticle’s. At £29.95 for 30ml I know this may be a considered purchase but I have been using this every night for a month and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing! It last soo long. I actually went away for a weekend recently and didn’t take this product and couldn’t wait to get home to apply it. That has not happened to me in a long time. If you have skin in need of some love, radiance and hydration I really really recommend this serum…and nope! I have not been paid to say that hahaha! Suitable for all skin types.

Botanicals Radiance Serum adds a natural glow as seen on my hand

I am really interested in trying the cleansers and moisturiser from Botanicals and well….everything haha! Have you tried this range before and if so what else would you recommend I try? Do let me know and leave a comment below.

You can purchase the above product and find out more information HERE

Just to let you know if you sign up to receive emails from the Botanicals website you will receive £5 off your first order over £20 spend so well worth doing.

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  1. Petra / Be Healthy Now
    June 29, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    I have the exact serum at home and it's simply amazing. I've tried many different facial oils before but this serum from Botanicals really stands out. Since I've been using it I rarely get a dry patch and I think it's going to be my go-to face oil in the future. The price is not that bad really considering that I bought a facial oil from Bodhi & Birch costing over £30 in the past (it was only a small 15ml bottle!).

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