TIMEBOMB 4 piece Superpowers Collection – Supersized Skincare Qvc June TSV

When I was asked to try the Timebomb range I jumped at the chance of experiencing a range with a huge beauty buzz around it.

TimeBomb 4 Piece Superpowers Collection

Created by the team that were the Innovative driving force behind the John Frieda prescriptive hair care range and with a wealth of cosmetic history and knowledge under their belt, TimeBomb was created. This award winning beauty range uses a Recipe of formulas and technologies to help women “Stop the Clock” – Although I don’t think we need to stop it, we can certainly slow it down a little. They have a product for every skin type and a solution for every problem so I was really looking forward to trying it out.

Take off Time Cleanse + Buff

TimeBomb Take Off Time Cleanse+Buff

 This was a brand new cleanser for me as I am quite loyal to my favourites and even though I get to test many, for my blog, I hadn’t really looked into this one. I had obviously heard of the TimeBomb range and all of the awards it was winning so when I had the chance to try it I was staggered at the results.  At this time of the year especially, we are exposed to SPF, faux tan, warmer weather and outside a lot more so our skin can become, dry, clogged and not looking as glowing and radiant as you would expect. This means any other products you apply on top are just sitting on dead skin, which is a waste of time and money and has no effect what so ever. Take off time Cleanse+Buff is a fantastic way to exfoliate the skin, whilst moisturising it at the same time.

TimeBomb Take Off Time Cleanse+Buff

Containing salon grade crystals this exfoliator is enough for you to feel and receive a deep cleanse but also gentle enough to use twice a day. I love a really great exfoliator and if I am in a hurry I mix a blob into my cleanser so to have a product do both these things is not only a time shaver but works so well. Containing a vat of good for the skin ingredient’s such as Borage seed oil, Shea butter, Sunflower seed oil, Lavender, Jojoba and much more, it really has a calming and hydrating effect on the skin. Easy to use twice daily to remove dirt, grime and make up, just add some to already damp skin and gently massage in, rinse and wipe away. I am always left with soft, beautiful glowing skin each time. It really does not disappoint. Comes in great looking packaging with a perfect flip top lid to keep the product clean.

Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel

TimeBomb Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fluid

 We all know that as we age our skin looses Collagen. This can lead to slackened, baggy skin. As our skin is made up of over 70% Collagen, it is very important to how our skin ages. Collagen Bomb from TimeBomb contains :

Pycnogenol, derived from the bark of maritime pine trees found in the South of France, has been clinically proven when applied topically to help maintain skin’s structure by 1) binding to and reinforcing collagen 2) inhibiting collagen destruction 3) promoting better quality collagen 4) scavenging collagen-attacking free radicals

Padina Povanica brown algae, found to promote healthy collagen renewal and preserve the integrity of collagen fibers

Davilla Rugosa leaf extract, found to protect newly synthesized collagen

Borage Oil, found to enhance collagen production

Micro-collagen, found to deliver intense moisturization

TimeBomb Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fluid

What this intends to do is provide a firmer looking more lifted appearance to the skin.  When I first pumped this peachy coloured product onto my skin, I was amazed at the texture. It feels almost primer like in consistency and spread beautifully over the skin. I use this after cleansing and my skin absolutely drinks it in. Whilst I have not noticed any huge differences in my skin with reference to lifting, in the short time I have been using it, my skin does appear brighter  and feel very moisturised thanks to the hyaluronic acid. It is also a fantastic base for make up. I will certainly report back at the end of my current sample. Apply after cleansing and your complexion cocktail if using one.

Glory Days 4-in-1 Daily Moisturiser

TimeBomb Glory Days 4-in-1 Daily Moisturiser

 Containing Borage Oil which is famous for its anti-ageing properties, this daily moisturiser aims to act as your moisturiser, primer, skin firmer and brightener. Used as your morning moisturiser the first thing you will absolutely notice is the beautiful light reflecting particles that give a gorgeous luminosity to the skin.

TimeBomb Glory Days 4-in-1 Daily MoisturiserT

If you were having a make up free day this would look so nice on the skin as it kind of airbrushes and lifts the skin making it look healthy and bright. It does not leave any greasy residue on the skin, it sinks in and dries down really well.  The only downside for me was it just was not moisturising enough. As I have dehydrated skin, I did find I would need to reapply it during the day and that’s not what I want in a moisturiser. However, if you have a normal or even oily skin, I think this would work beautifully on you. Love the sleek, clean white packaging of this product.

Smart Balm Eye Cream

TimeBomb Smart Balm Eye Cream

 Wow I really love this product. I have such an issue with dryness and dark circles under my eyes that I was really looking forward to trying this out. When skin dries out too much wrinkles can form and so keeping skin hydrated everywhere on our body, is essential for a more healthier, supple look and feel. The same can be said about the eye area. This very light weight lotion can be applied as needed throughout the day and has the ability to lift and brighten the eye area which I love. Containing important, hardworking ingredient’s such as Centella, Borage Oil and Liquorice extract, it brightens, tightens and firms up the under eye area. Apply gently with your ring finger using tapping movements whenever necessary and see if you notice the brightening effect that I have. I have even used this over under eye concealer to smooth it out and also mixed it in to an under eye concealer before applying, for a lighter, brighter effect. I really love it.

My overall thoughts on this collection – I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this range to be honest, although I had heard so many amazing things about the ingredient’s used in the products. I have to say the stand out products for me are definitely the Take-Off Time Cleanse+Buff which really does what it says on the package and the Smart balm Eye cream, which not only feels cooling and lovely on the skin, but offers a beautiful hydrating brightening effect to my under eye area. If you are struggling with slackened skin and fine lines this could be a great way to try this range at an amazing price.

All items can be bought separately from the TimeBomb website HERE. This collection however is available as a Todays Special Value (TSV) from QVCUK HERE on 11th June. Please note the products in the TSV are bigger in size from those I received. You will be Receive:

 200ml Take-off Time Cleanse+Buff
50ml Collagen Bomb essential Skin Fluid
100ml Glory Days 4-in-1 Daily Moisturiser
30 Smart Balm Eye Cream

If bought separately from TimeBomb the value would be £194 the TSV cost is under £46.00 so if you are a fan of the TimeBomb range then it makes sense to purchase this kit.

Please leave me a comment below on your thoughts on this range

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  1. Joanne Mallon
    June 9, 2016 / 6:12 am

    That does look like a really good range, especially the Cleanse + Buff. I can't say I'm crazy about the 'Stop the Clock' slogan though, it seems like yet another attempt to convince us that ageing is a terrible thing, rather than encouraging us to accept and embrace who we are.

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