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Sensica SensiLift Facial Tightening Treatment

Sensica SensiLift is a brand new, non invasive, professional skin tightening treatment that you can use safely, quickly and comfortably in your own home.

For many of us, as we age, skin sagging can become a problem. Our skin losses its elasticity and our Collagen depletes. Whilst there are many amazing creams that can help us with this concern over a long period of time, SensiLift aims to quite literally get to the core of the problem from the very first treatment.

Using cutting edge technology, advanced frequency radio waves(RF) combined with expert facial massage, this hand held device stimulates Collagen and gives an immediate tightening effect from the very first treatment. Sensica says “RF waves gently penetrate the skin tissue, right into the dermal layers where collagen fibers reside. When these collagen fibers are heated to the correct and safe temperature, they cause the skin to tighten and improve its elasticity. And you’re left with medical grade skincare without ever walking into a costly clinic.” You will feel a warming sensation on the skin as you use the device.

Sensica SensiLift Facial Tightening Treatment – Handheld device

No bigger than a handheld landline phone, but much lighter, this mains operated device is incredibly easy to use. Sleek in design and functionality it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The device has two moving massage “fingers” which connect to the skin. On the back there are 3 lights and two buttons. The top light will show that the device is on (Green) or in standby(Orange). The horseshoe shaped button on the left as you look at it turns the device on and sets the massage speed (1 or 2) and the button on the right, you press too choose the RF level  that you want to work at. When working with a higher RF level the heat level will also increase. You will achieve maximum results on each level but depending on which you choose, the time taken to see these results will vary. Always begin on the lower level and wait 48 hours to see any reaction on the skin before increasing.

Easy to use on clean skin (non moisturised etc) apply a thin layer of the Base Coat included to the areas you wish to treat.

Sensica SensiLift Facial Tightening Treatment – Easy to Use

 Turn the device on and choose the RF frequency level either 1, 2 or 3. I worked at 1 in the space of time I had to trial the product. Press the horseshoe shape to determine your massage speed. Place the silver massage fingers onto the area to be treated, so either the Forehead, Crows feet, cheek and Nasolabial folds, Chin, Neck, Décolletage or hands, and as long as you are in the correct position the green light will appear. After 10 seconds you should begin to feel a warming sensation ( if not, massage over a smaller area or increase the RF level). Gently massage the area in small circular motions for the time stated in the manual for each section. When using this I find the sensation really pleasant, I do each area for 10 minutes at a time and afterwards my skin has a slight tingling sensation for a few minutes. It also has a gentle pulsing sound as the massage happens. I can feel the skin becoming tighter over my Nasolabial folds already and really hope to have some great before and after photos in about 8 weeks.

Sensica SensiLift Facial Tightening Treatment

The recommended amount of time for use to see great results is once a week on each area for 8 weeks, then maintenance. The manual also recommends that you apply a very high SPF for a least two weeks after use and straight after the treatment avoid hot water or abrasive products on the face for two days.

Sensica SensiLift Facial Tightening Treatment

This really is an easy to use, comfortable to hold device. I have not been using it long enough to see long term results yet but am looking forward to that happening. What i love about it is that it is incredibly simple to use, only once a week for 8 weeks, no faffing about, job done. If like me you are concerned with ageing, sagging skin or are considering invasive, surgical procedures, maybe give this a try.

You can purchase this SensiLift product direct HERE or purchase from QVCUK at an incredible TSV price on Monday 12th September

As with all devices of this kind there is a group of people that should not use this device such as :
Under 18
Pregnant or nursing
Skin cancer or receiving Radiotherapy treatments
Heat induced disease
Eczema, Lupus, autoimmune disease
if you have had a chemical peel within 3 months
and more… please read the website or contact Sensica direct to check.

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    How much is this now as I missed the special on 12 September.

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