SBC 5 piece Arnica Heroes Collection – December QVC TSV

So Christmas is over and the presents have been opened, but we have a brand spanking shiny New Year coming up. If like me the thought of that feels you will joy and hope, then fantastic! So it should, but if too many games of Twister over the festive season have left you feeling a bit tired and worn with aches and pains, then this 5 piece Arnica Heroes Skincare Collection from SBC could be just perfect to have us all leaping into the New Year with a spring in our step.

SBC 5 piece Arnica Heroes Skincare Collection

Featuring as a one day only Todays Special Value on QvcUK 29th December 2016, SBC have a fantastic 5 Piece Arnica Heroes Skincare Collection that has amazing healing, relaxing and warming properties that can offer the whole family some pain relief, stress relief and warmth at this busy, yet quite cold time of year. As a long term user of Arnica for over 10 years, SBC is always in my cupboards and used and loved by my whole family. I have written so many posts on why I love SBC and their Arnica Range Here and Here.

Featuring in this Arnica Tsv are a collection of incredible products, at amazing value and size. You will receive 2 x Arnica Skincare Gel 1000ml, Arnica Shower Crème 500ml, 2 x Arnica Black Pepper Warming Body Crème 100ml and a random sachet sample.

Arnica Skincare Gel x2 –

Supersize Arnica Gel SBC

This Salon size, multi award winning Arnica Gel, I believe, should be a staple in every household. From banged children’s knees and bruises to full on aches and pains, this is my “miracle” gel. The water based gel formula, is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It does not stain clothing or bed sheets and is gentle and easy to massage in or layer on the skin. Arnica Flower Extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and for this reason I get through so much of this product. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and hold lots of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. When I have a flare up I can have pain in my arms, legs, knees, elbows, hips, waist you name it. I gently layer and massage the gel anywhere I feel I need pain relief and lie back and relax and let my muscles take it all in. Now obviously SBC cannot make any medical claims, as I cannot either, I can just tell you how I love it and use it and how much relief I experience from it. My youngest son loves it massaged into his calves before and after his Tennis sessions and if he has any bruises or bumps at school it is the first thing he reaches for and my eldest son always uses this after his police training. Loved by everyone including my 82 year old nan and in all of our cupboards.

SBC Arnica Gel easy to decant

The great thing is you get two of these HUGE sizes which are perfect for sharing and decanting into smaller bottles and putting all around the house, car and bag.

Arnica Shower Crème 500ml –

SBC Arnica Shower Crème soft enveloping bubbles

 Loved by the men in my household immensely, this beautifully rich, comforting shower crème does more than just cleanse the skin. This is the start of the Arnica journey and a great way to layer the product. The smell of this is warming and comforting and it creates the most beautiful soft, gentle bubbles. Great to put on a shower sponge, breathe in the aromatic vapours and indulge in some relaxation.

SBC Arnica Shower Crème can be used in the bath too!

This can also be added under running water to create a gently foaming bath and used all over the body to gently cleanse yourself and create a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Arnica & Black pepper 100ml –

SBC Arnica & Black pepper Duo

Two bottles of this powerful product are included in this collection so you can keep one and give one away or have one upstairs and one downstairs. Infused with Arnica and an energising tincture of Black Pepper and Cinnamon Bark spices, this intense body cream will invigorate the skin. The pleasant, fresh, almost medicinal, menthol aroma of Winter Green Leaf Oil offers traditional therapy with invigorating benefits. Be warned, this product IS NOT suitable for anyone in pregnancy or under the age of 16 and not to be layered with any other products. This crème really reminds me of a memory from childhood and it is bugging me so much. I remember my nan warming a bottle of  brown liquid on the radiator that would then turn white, that she would then rub into my granddads shoulder and it reminds me of the smell and warmth of this? White Horse or white something arrrrgggghhhhh please, please leave me a comment below if you remember. Anyway this is for those really painful pains, you know,  the ones that are just two much and you just want to retreat to bed and stick an “Out of Order” sign on your for head, those type of pains. I reach for this when I have been doing too much typing and strenuous work, when my shoulder blade is full of knots and I am in agony.

Arnica & Black pepper leaves only a tiny red mark on me

 Always patch test this product first as on some people their skin goes bright red, which is perfectly normal as the blood is rushing to the surface of the skin, but I don’t want you to be alarmed. On me its perfectly fine and leaves a feint red mark shown above. Arnica & Black Pepper really warms my skin and kind of eases everything, it really is very clever. Great on sore feet and ankles, knuckles, knees anywhere you need extra pain relief. The smell is beautiful too, really fresh and invigorating and a comfort in cold winter months.  However, do not put this anywhere near your eyes and please for the love of God wash it off your hands before you go to the toilet  #JustSaying.

This collection really is incredible for the whole family (please read warning re Arnica & Black Pepper) and is an essential for anyone with aches and pains, anyone sporty or anyone that needs some warming comfort. The price is incredible too at £31.98 plus p&p and would make a great collection to share. Available for 24 hours or whilst stocks last on QvcUK 29th December. However you can purchase now HERE on this early bird link!

What do you use Arnica for? Please leave me a comment below!

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