It Cosmetics Launch Complexion Perfection 4 piece Collection as a Qvcuk Tsv

The moment all UK It Cosmetics fans have been waiting for has finally arrived and it was well worth the wait!! Exclusive to QVC in the UK not only are It Cosmetics launching their first Todays Special Value but it contains the highly anticipated CC Cream….Woo Hoo…….!

It Cosmetics 4 Piece Complexion Collection QvcUk Tsv

Loved By Make up artists, You Tubers, bloggers and make up addicts alike, It Cosmetics has an almost  cult following. A brand that I have been using and loving for over a year. If you have not tried it yet then this 4 piece Complexion Collection is perfect for creating an incredible base and dipping your toes into the water. Famed for their “Your skin but better slogan” this innovative brand was created with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create make up and skincare that is not only problem solving and great for your skin, but offers natural coverage that enhances your natural beauty. For more details on how and why the brand was created, please read my previous post HERE.

Included in this incredible collection are the following products.

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ –

It Cosmetics CC+Cream in Medium

An absolute must have for me in the summer, this fresh, citrusy scented foundation gives you a flawless, buildable coverage plus SPF protection. I used this every day last summer and it feels like nothing on the skin. The pigmentation on my face obviously gets darker in the summer months and this was incredible at completely covering it and giving me a glowing look without melting off or feeling cakey. This product has rapidly become a cult product in America thanks to its SPF content and the look, feel and coverage that it offers to the skin. I am absolutely obsessed with it. The packaging is great, it comes in a 32ml tube with a pump on the end which means the product is airtight and also comes out in measured doses so that you cannot overuse it. I have to admit how pleasantly surprised I was at the texture considering it contains an SPF, I was really expecting a heavy, cream texture, but it is very light and an absolute joy to blend as it just glides across the skin and buffs in really easily. Containing super hydrating and anti-ageing ingredient’s, this product really can be your serum, moisturiser, SPF, concealer and  foundation in one. It also has a beautiful smell that is so addictive I can’t stop smelling my foundation brush when I was apply it…it smells lemony?  I apply mine using either the Double ended Heavenly Luxe complexion perfection brush or my dampened beauty blender.

It Cosmetics CC+Cream in Medium

 When I first tried the CC+ I used one of my favourite flat head foundation brushes and really disliked this product on my face. I was convinced the colour was all wrong for me and I didn’t like the way it sat on my skin! Then I changed my brush to the fluffier Complexion Brush from It Cosmetics and it went on like a dream. When in doubt try with different brushes or sponges. As a side note, this also works well over super glowy primers which is something I also like to do in summer. Lasts all day, doesn’t settle into any fine lines and is the perfect base for the rest of your make up. A little goes a long way. Available in shades Fair, Light, Medium and Tan.

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer 

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Medium

 This award winning, full coverage, anti-ageing waterproof concealer comes in a 8ml tube in the same shade as your CC Cream. Containing Collagen, Vitamin C and K not only will this product conceal any dark areas, or age spots, pigmentation and blemishes, it will also hydrate the skin and brighten as it does so. The amazing thing about Bye Bye Under Eye is that as it sets it does not wrinkle, crack or crease into dry areas of the skin. My Top tip would also be to make sure your skin, including your under eye area is always well moisturised and primed. Any make up on a very dry/dehydrated skin has to work so much harder so before you apply your base, always make sure your skin is prepped and primed.

One Tiny Drop of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Medium

You really need a tiny amount of this product as it is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Give the tube a shake and gentle roll between your hands, then squeeze a little dot out and blend with the included brush.  This really is one of the creamiest, most easy to apply concealers that I have ever used. It glides on like a dream and blends beautifully. I apply mine in a v under my eye, taking the concealer a little further down onto my face. It can also be used to cover blemishes and age spots and feels like air on the skin. Lasts all day on my dehydrated skin and gives a beautifully bright dewy look.  If you prefer to set it with a powder, then feel free to do so as this works really well with the Bye Bye Pores pressed powder. If you struggle with redness check out Bye Bye Redness Here

Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – (Translucent) –

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder in Translucent

 Ok…..First thing to do is not panic about the fact that this is a translucent powder. I know we are programmed now to not use this kind of powder on our face, but just lately translucent powder is making a huge comeback and here’s why.  Firstly the amazing thing about this pressed, translucent powder is that it does not contain talc, therefore it does not cake or leave a heavy, white look to the skin. Made with Collagen, Silk, anti-oxidants and optical blurring drops of light technology it is a very lightweight powder that aims to set your make up and completely blur your pores and fine lines. This is such a cult It Cosmetics product so I really had high hopes for it as I love the range and am thrilled by the results from everything else.

Unfortunately when i first tried it over a year ago, i was not a fan, on me this product didn’t work as well as I had hoped it would. It did have a whiteness to it at first which was a little scary but that did soon blend in to my skin. However, I did use it to “bake” my under eye concealer, so after applying concealer under my eyes, I let this powder sit there a while then buffed it off and my under eye area looked lovely and bright and showed no signs of wrinkles. Now, all this time later, this is a product along with the loose Bye Bye Pores that I use to set my make up every, single day. If you have a dewy foundation that you would like to matte down a little or you have an oily t zone, I think this product would be amazing on you. Having very dehydrated skin I use it to set my under eye concealer and then all throughout last summer it was incredible at taking away shine.

Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush –

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Double ended Brush

Not going to lie, I have lots of It Cosmetics make up brushes that I buy from across the pond. I love them, they are an absolute must have. Completely cruelty free these brushes are so soft and fluffy and really lay product down beautiful on the skin. Included in this collection is the double ended foundation and concealer brush. This brush does all the hard work so you don’t have to. The fluffy end of the brush buffs in your CC+Cream and the small end is great for blending your concealer under your eyes and around your nose. There is also another fab brush collection from It Cosmetics available in the UK HERE so check that out.

My Before and after wearing the complete It Cosmetics Tsv in Medium

My thoughts on this collection  – It is no great surprise that I am a huge fan of this brand, lets face it, I was writing about It on here before it even launched in the UK. The collection is so unlike anything else out there, so innovative and problem solving that even the most sensitive or acne prone skin will achieve incredible results using it. This collection is your perfect base so even if you are committed to other brands you can easily apply these on top. Great for anyone starting out in makeup as the ingredient’s are so gentle but absolutely perfect for anyone with a more mature skin, seeing redness, fine lines and wrinkles. This collection is a worldwide launch exclusive to QvcUk. You can purchase this HERE as a TSV at an incredible price for one day only or whilst stocks last on Sunday 22nd January 2017.  To read more about which products from It I recommend go Here and Here

Is this your first purchase from It Cosmetics or do you already have a favourite product? I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment below.

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  1. The Frog Princess
    January 19, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    Omg I neeeeeed that cc cream. X

  2. Eileen Porter
    January 19, 2017 / 10:29 pm

    I dont have any It products but l'm loving the flawless look of your skin in your after picture Sharon xx

  3. Anonymous
    January 19, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    I bought the brushes set they are truly amazing

  4. simone burgon
    January 20, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    I'm in – looks lovely x

  5. Maria Cuesta
    January 20, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Sharon, your after picture looks great! I'm almost convinced to order the TSV but already have Tarte, Laura Geller and Mally stuff. Still, the price looks very good so will probably order.

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