Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection – Qvc Tsv

Once you try a Shay & Blue fragrance there really is no turning back. Not only are these unique, modern, boutique fragrances full of real flowers, juicy fruits and warming spices that capture new memories and reawaken old ones, but they are created by some of the best noses in the business.

Shay & Blue 4 piece Atropa Belladonna Collection Tsv
Shay & Blue 4 piece Atropa Belladonna Collection Tsv

Shay & Blue are an award wining boutique perfumery based in Marylebone. Established in 2012, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise behind each and every blend, ingredient and product. Created by Dom De Vetta, who has over 20 years in the fragrance industry – including as a former Senior Vice President at Chanel, and Global General Manager of Jo Malone London, this is a man that lives and breathes fragrance. Add to this the new generation perfumer of the moment, Julie Massé, and you have a powerful coupling that are bringing us modern and unique scents whilst maintaining craftsmanship and Quality. With their hand harvested and hand weighed ingredient’s of real flowers, real spices and real fruits which are left to stand and infuse for 3 months, hand distilled and hand filled into beautiful blue glass, you are not only receiving an amazing fragrance but also an authentic, true experience from masters of the craft with a genuine love and respect for what they do. This is evident in each and every fragrance.  This brand is an absolute force to be reckoned with, a power house in the fragrance industry and one that I am thrilled to have discovered.

Shay & Blue have put together an incredible 4 piece Fragrance Collection which is their Debut Todays Special Value on QvcUK on Wednesday 11th October 2017. Included in this beautiful collection are the following :

Atropa Belladonna 100ml –

Atropa Belladonna EDP
Atropa Belladonna EDP

Shay & Blues best selling fragrance is an absolutely beautifully intoxicating fragrance. First of all the packaging is just stunning. Gift boxed in the tell tale Shay & Blue packaging with the blue and white stripped ribbon, it screams sophistication. The weight and look of the bottle with the blue tones and gold coloured hard wear make this look and feel incredibly luxurious. Described as a floral, but not as you know it, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Inspired by deadly nightshade the decadent scent of dark cassis berries are blended with the heady, white flower blooms of narcissus and jasmine on a base of sandalwood and patchouli.

  • Top Note – First impressions of mesmerising dark cassis berries intoxicate and draw you in.
  • Heart Note – The narcotic full blooms of white narcissus and jasmine from Grasse.
  • Base Note – The dry-down yields the sultry end-of-day secrets of patchouli and sandalwood.
  • In a rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration.
  • Everybody wears fragrance differently on their body, due to their temperature and body heat. On me, the first spray hits me with a warming, sensual almost mouth-watering berry scent that immediately gives way to a burst of freshness which I love. As the fragrance warms on my body I can smell a comforting almost powdery cashmere scent that envelopes me in warmth. This fragrance changes beautifully throughout the day with my body temperature and keeps letting off gentle bursts of fragrance to remind me it is still there. It is such a wonderful fragrance and I always receive compliments on it. It certainly has an air of mystery about it but with a very sophisticated edge. Unlike any other fragrance I have smelt before. It really is quite spellbinding and lasts all day.

    Black Tulip EDP 10ml –

    Shay & Blue Black Tulip
    Shay & Blue Black Tulip

    A new fragrance for 2018 ( It has not been released yet) this gives you an exclusive first look at an incredibly exciting fragrance from Shay & Blue. This is a floral party which everyone wants to come to but you have the only invitation. A stunning blend of Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Rich Black Tulip, Juicy Plum and White Chocolate, make this the most exquisite floral blend I think I have ever smelt. This is a well rounded fragrance that is not overtly sweet, not cloying but full bodied yet juicy, like a beautiful bottle of wine. I can almost taste the chocolate notes that linger and round this scent off. Believe you me I am a huge fragrance junkie with more perfumes in my house than I care to admit to and I have not smelt anything as smooth and luscious as this. I just want to envelop my house and my body in this decedent scent, it is truly incredible. Such a great sized bottle too and easily portable and I for one will be purchasing the full size when it becomes available – wow. This could easily become a new favourite signature scent for me.

    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Wash 200ml –

    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Wash 200ml
    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Wash 200ml

    A beautiful accompaniment to the collection is the hand and body wash in the matching Atropa Belladonna fragrance. The perfect layering experience begins in the bath or shower as delicate bubbles gently cleanse the skin without drying, leaving behind a softer version of the Atropa Belladonna Fragrance. Also perfect to leave by your sink as a decedent hand-wash. (Does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Lotion 200ml –

    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Lotion 200ml
    Atropa Belladonna Hand & Body Lotion 200ml

    A wonderfully nourishing and hydrating lotion that (To me) picks out those beautifully fresh notes of Atropa Belladonna even more so than the fragrance making this another exceptional part of the layering process. This lotion has a beautiful slip factor and thanks to the inclusion  of Aloe Vera leaf extract, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, hydrates the skin all day. I adore the feel of this on my skin as it is very cooling as well as hydrating and smells so uplifting, it really brightens my day when used as a hand cream after washing my hands. The Hand & Body wash and the Hand & Body Lotion really are integral to this collection and not only smell and look beautiful, but feel wonderful on the skin too.

    Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection Qvc Tsv
    Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection Qvc Tsv

    My thoughts on this collection – I think you can read, there is no doubt that I am in love with this collection. Everything from the heritage to the packaging, fresh ingredient’s and ethos behind this brand, make the Shay & Blue experience unforgettable. I truly believe that once you try one of their fragrances, you will be hooked – as I have been for many years. This collection is exceptional value and would not only make a beautiful treat for yourself but a wonderful gift for a loved one.

    This complete collection is worth over £112 from Shay & Blue however, for 24 hours (Whilst stocks last) I Will add the purchase link HERE as soon as it becomes available.

    Have you tried Shay & Blue before? Which are your favourite fragrances and what would you recommend I try next? Please leave me a comment below.

    Shay & Blue are listed on PETA as a complete cruelty free brand.

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    1. Nital Shah
      October 6, 2017 / 3:27 pm

      Wow, these products sound wonderful! I have always wanted to try them out but are too expensive for me when I still have perfume to use up. this offer though sounds amazing and I think I may just treat myself for by birthday!

    2. Mammaful Zo
      October 6, 2017 / 5:47 pm

      These sound lovely and such a good offer too, QVC seem to have some fabulous deals xxx Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    3. Beautylymin
      October 6, 2017 / 8:04 pm

      I've never heard of this brand but the packaging alone lures me in, then I read your description & I'm hooked! xxBeautylymin

    4. beautyqueenuk
      October 6, 2017 / 9:56 pm

      Shay & blue is such a beautiful brand and they have so many incredible fragrances x

    5. Anonymous
      October 7, 2017 / 7:45 am

      I have only tried blood orange which I love. I tend to love the fruity citrus notes. I am so tempted to try this as you say the packaging always looks fab. I live in London so may see if I can try the fragrance firsthat before ordering. Thanks for the heads up Sharon Angela x

    6. Erin Russell
      October 7, 2017 / 11:24 am

      Wow they look so so lovely! I'm sure they smell incredible 🙂 Erin || MakeErinOver

    7. Laura Louise
      October 7, 2017 / 1:14 pm

      The packaging is very luxury and pretty! x

    8. Chantelle Nelson
      October 7, 2017 / 6:51 pm

      I've never heard of this brand but the packaging is gorgeous! It reminds me of Cool Waters from back in my high school days hehe!Chantelle xThe Girl In The Tartan Scarf

    9. Anonymous
      October 7, 2017 / 10:41 pm

      Oh wow – your descriptions had my mouth watering. This looks a gorgeous set and the longevity of the scent with this brand is amazing. they are original and well thought out, plus beautifully packaged (which I am a sucker for). Fabulous descriptions and photos as always. xxx Celia xxx

    10. Allure La Vie
      October 8, 2017 / 7:53 am

      This looks and sounds like such a luxurious range, hmmmm maybe a Christmas present option? Xx

    11. Nicole Baxter
      October 8, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      This is such a gorgeous little set! I feel like my mum would love it!

    12. The Sunday Girl
      October 8, 2017 / 4:36 pm

      This is one of my favourite fragrance brands, I really hope 2018 is their year!

    13. Heather Nixon
      October 8, 2017 / 5:01 pm

      I haven’t tried anything from this brand but it looks lovely

    14. Laura Hollier
      October 8, 2017 / 7:59 pm

      This brand has such lovely packaging xx

    15. Roxie Watt
      October 8, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      I'd never heard of this brand before but I love how classic and vintage the packaging looks.

    16. Georgia Weedon
      October 9, 2017 / 6:06 pm

      I haven't come across this brand before but the packaging makes it look really luxurious! x

    17. Cassandra Thompson
      October 10, 2017 / 7:49 am

      What lovely packaging!Cass | CassandraMyee

    18. Birdy44
      October 10, 2017 / 9:59 am

      I have the blood orange from a Tili box, which I like very much. Would have liked to have seen a bigger variety of fragrances in the TSV

    19. Anonymous
      October 10, 2017 / 4:32 pm

      Sheila M.I'm new to Shay and Blue, I received my first one Blood Orange in the Tili Box. However I like that one enough to order the TSV, the description sounds delightful and it's a great price. I'm very much looking forward to receiving it.

    20. Anonymous
      October 10, 2017 / 4:43 pm

      I have ordered mine. I love the blood orange, which was in the tili box. This one sounds gorgeous as well xx

    21. Lauren Hills
      October 15, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      Such a great deal! Everything about the collection screams luxe to me x

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