Tarte Shape Tape Foundation launches in the UK! QVC UK Tarte TSV

March 23, 2018

Its here! The exciting launch of the highly anticipated Tarte Hydrating Shape Tape Foundation! Is it worth the hype? Does it give full coverage? Is it hydrating? Well i have been using this collection for a few days and i am here to give you my view point from a mature, dehydrated, pigmentation covered, skin.

Tarte Shap Tape Foundation launches in the UK!  QVCUK Tarte TSV

Just to get it out there from the get go, the shade range available from QVCUK in this foundation is : Deep Honey, Fair Beige, Light Medium Honey, Light Sand, Medium Neutral and Tan Sand. You can see swatches of the shades available HERE

Included in this Tarte 5 piece Shape Tape Foundation collection are the following products :

Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation 30ml

Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation 30ml

I have shade light medium. Ok, where to begin….Packaged in a glass bottle to compliment the Shape Tape concealer, and with the same applicator but larger, this foundation is said to provide buildable, long wearing coverage whilst helping to plump the skin and refine the pores without creasing, caking or fading for 12 hours. Packed with collagen and hyaluronic acid this vegan foundation sounds like an absolute dream.

Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation 30ml  Swatch

As with all foundations i give the bottle a good shake to wake the ingredient’s. The first thing i noticed was how much i had to apply using the applicator, i started by dotting the foundation over my whole face as it is not a thick consistency and i wasn’t sure on the “Slip” factor. I then used the sponge (Which i will come to later) damp, very important, and started bouncing the foundation into my skin. From the get go this offers a very light coverage, which on my dehydrated skin, kind of disappeared. I went in with a second layer and immediately the coverage was better, offering a medium coverage that did really well at concealing  my pigmentation and discolouration without looking caked on. When i applied  the foundation without a primer – just to test it out, it did cling to every pore and fine line on my face, so i 100% recommend using a primer that is right for your skin concern. When i did use a primer the foundation went on much better and my skin looked lovely.

Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation 30ml  Swatch

I did notice the shade was a tad darker than usual so i would suggest checking out the shades to see if you need to go one lighter and also note this does not, in my opinion, offer the same level of full coverage as the Shape Tape concealer.

Throughout the day, although feeling comfortable, my skin did not feel any more hydrated than when i use any other Tarte foundation and it really reminds me of the Rainforest of the Sea foundation. Towards the end of the day i did notice some breakdown around my nose, and in my pores but all in all it was nice to wear and i did receive compliments on my skin. The only thing i would say is that although it is buildable, if you apply more than two layers, it will start to cake. Is it worth the hype….i just don’t know if i’m honest, it is just a nice foundation that offers a buildable coverage with some skincare benefits. Would i rush to repurchase….on my dehydrated skin….no, i was expecting it to feel so much more hydrating,  but if you are oily or normal/combo skin, i think you will really enjoy it.

The Shaper Sponge

Tarte The Shaper Sponge

Now this, this i love! As someone that loves to switch between a Beauty Blender and brushes i was very intrigued with this shaper sponge. I love how it has a rounded end to really bounce product into the skin and a straight edge to contour around the nose and under the eyes etc. As with most sponges you will achieve the best results and most flawless finish by using this damp. I run the sponge under water and really squeeze it out so that nothing remains. The Shaper Sponge swells much bigger than a Beauty Blender which is great as it is able to cover a larger surface area quickly. It is also incredibly soft and doesn’t eat up all the foundation or concealer. I am super impressed with this sponge and have been using it non stop.

Leave Your Mark Eye Shadow Palette

tarte Leave Your Mark Eye Shadow Palette

At first glance i thought this palette was a little bit ‘samey’ to some of the others, but the moment i started swatching and then applying the shadows i was hooked. As with all Tarte Shadows, these are beautifully made with Amazonian clay and offer a smooth, flawless, silky application that gives superb pigment and longevity.

tarte Leave Your Mark Eye Shadow Palette case

The shadows literally last all day and are as bright at the end of the day as they are at application. In cute packaging and with a great mirror inside this is perfect for popping in your make up bag for on the go. All shadows can be applied wet for liners or to intensify the shade.

tarte Leave Your Mark Eye Shadow Palette swatches

Containing 7 matte and shimmer shades plus a huge rose gold highlighter this is perfect for stepping into Spring and Summer. The highlighter is out of this world gold tone glow, so be prepared to shine!

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

I  make no bones of the fact that this is one of my all time favourite mascaras ever. I am always fully stocked ( don’t forget you must change your opened mascara every three months) of this fabulous mascara. I know there is a Tarte army that adore the Lights Camera lashes 4-in-1 mascara as I always receive great feedback when I write about it on my Blog. This velvety, Amazonian clay mascara, is the blackest of blacks and thickens and lengthens eyelashes amazingly! This Iconic mascara comes in it’s own faux leather jacket which adds a cute, fun, element to the brand. Claiming to instantly increase lash volume by 330% all I know is that when I apply it, my lashes get that false lash look which I love.

Wearing Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Infused with a range of plant botanical’s and waxes, this mascara is amazing at lengthening, adding volume and curling the lashes. The rice bran inclusion plumps up and coats your lashes without making them look thick or feel heavy. Easy to apply, I start right at the base of my lash and give a little wiggle with my brush as I pull it through the lashes, it doesn’t clump and gives a lovely even coat. This mascara does not budge until I take it off with cleanser. Most definitely a big hit with me

Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash Lipstick in shade Escape

Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash Lipstick in shade Escape

One word OBSESSED!! Glides on like an absolute dream whilst laying down a beautifully opaque pigment this lipstick not only feels incredibly comfortable to wear but also makes the lips look plumper and fuller.

Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash Lipstick in shade Escape

Incredibly hydrating and moisturising this beautiful rose shade offers that amazing pop of colour that i absolutely adore. Never be afraid to wear colour because you might be surprised as to how much you enjoy it. Love, love, love this!

Cosmetics bag – This collection also comes with a really nice sized Tarte embossed cosmetics bag in purple. Perfect for holding this complete collection (which comes gift boxed) it is a lovely addition.

My thoughts on this collection – In my opinion you can never go wrong with a Tarte Tsv from QVCUK. Although i am not as amazed by the foundation as i thought i would be, (i fell for the hype) there is no doubt that it is a very good buildable foundation. I have posted my completely unedited and unretouched photos to give you as close a look as possible in daylight as to how the collection works on my face. I think you will agree the way it has concealed my dark circles and pigmentation is exceptional. The complete collection as a whole is well thought out and very beautiful plus the value is outstanding and it comes gift boxed. I do think you need to be very careful choosing your foundation shade though so deffo head to the QVCUK website to check those out. If bought direct from Tarte you would pay £123.00  however you can purchase this from QVCUK as a Todays Special Value on Sunday 25th March on 3 easy pays for £44.97. Purchase HERE

I would be so interested to hear your thoughts on this collection and see if it is what you expected. Please leave me a comment below

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38 comments so far.

38 responses to “Tarte Shape Tape Foundation launches in the UK! QVC UK Tarte TSV”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great blog. Looks lovely Sharon 😘 Francesca xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your honest opion on the foundation. I have seen other reviews where it’s not as good as expected. I am giving this one a miss

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for a really honest review, I think it all looks stunning on you.Shelagh

  4. Maureen says:

    Thanks Sharon you have given me food for thought. I am now wondering if the foundation would be right for my aging skin. I have the shape tape concealer which I love but I prefer a foundation that is light reflecting x

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      Hi Maureen, thank you so much for commenting! In that case I actually think you will love it. It is light reflecting which I hope you can see in my photos but I prefer something more creamier on the skin such as the Tarte clay foundation stick which I love xx

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for such an honest review.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great honest review as always. I have ordered as they do have my fave shade of Medium Neutral in this set – but it will be hard to beat the clay or clay stick foundation but as a kit it is a no brainer to try it as the palette looks lovely and like you say quite different when swatched to what you expect looking at the pas of colour. Fab and can't wait to get it. xxx Celia/Lucy xxx

  7. Anonymous says:

    First Foundation from Tarte that is the right shade, am glad I went to their website and took the test. I'm a Laura Geller girl for foundation, but for light coverage this is good. Shadows are lovely and always love the mascara. Lipstick vnot a good shade for me, too strong I prefer a light look on lips. Value for money imo.

  8. Annie Qadeer says:

    Omg I love this set!! What great value for money! You look lovely x

  9. beautyqueenuk says:

    I’m not sure, even from the swatches, what shade I would be x

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sharon thanks for your honest review of the TSV. My skin is really dehydrated so I will give this a miss. Your comments have helped me to decide that I will definitely try the mascara. The after pic of you looks great. Angela x

  11. Erin Russell says:

    That is such a good price. If it had the concealer I would SO be getting this! Wish it had the concealer lol Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Laura P says:

    I caved last night and bought this set! It's such a good deal, I'm excited to receive it. I can't wait to try the foundation.. i just wish this had the concealer included as I'm running low! xoLaura | Blush and Bronze

  13. Lauren Hills says:

    I would’ve loved this but all the foundation shades are way too dark for me. Such a shame as it’s such a good bargain! X

  14. Corrie Arnold says:

    What amazing value! My skin is more oily/combination so maybe this foundation will work better for me. I've been dying to try the mascara for the longest time. Just both those products make it worth it in my eyes to get this set!Corrie | Corrie Arnold

  15. Heather Nixon says:

    I really want to try this kit but I'm not sure about the foundation xwww.ofbeautyandnothingness.co.uk

  16. Nicole Baxter says:

    The foundation looks absolutely amazing on your skin! xxwww.coleoftheball.com

  17. Anonymous says:

    Funny that you get tonnes of anonymous comments when you post about QVC TSV’s but none with every other post? Leaving yourself comments are we dear?

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      The comments are not anonymous as people have left their names? Are you really so bored that you’ve had to show yourself up? Thanks though, it’s always great when people visit my site x

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      Oh and FYI it’s physically impossible for me to do so as the owner and content creator of the blog 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sharon. Sharon here. Just kidding lol. But I am anonymous as I haven’t got any accounts I can sign into and use to comment. Thanks for the blog, really helped to sway me to purchase. Along with the live video yesterday! Really appreciate it. X

  19. Chantelle Nelson says:

    I can't believe how much of a bargain this set is!!!Chantelle xThe Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  20. The Sunday Girl says:

    I need to try the shape tape foundation but agree the shades are a little dodgy! x

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