Doll 10 Dolls get ready because the new make up launches hitting the U.K. are incredible

Call it favouritism, call it an obsession, call it what you like, but when it comes to Doll 10 Beauty, there is nothing I do not like!! In the six years since its launch here in England, I can pretty much say I have everything ever launched and am obsessed with this brand…

For me Doll 10 encompasses everything my make up obsessive personality could wish for. Incredibly skin friendly ingredients, outstanding pigments, beautiful packaging and make up that literally takes you from day to night in a flash. A Cruelty Free brand that does not worry about whether you are 18 or 80, it is a range that suits everyone. You can search all over my blog and read more about the woman behind the brand, and all the products that have been released, but for today I am sharing the new U.K releases just launching! Exciting!

Ok, there is so much, and this haul is going to be huge, so grab yourself a coffee and a snack and read on…..

Doll 10 Master Palette

Doll 10 Master Palette

 One of my much loved and still used palettes is the Original Matte palette that doll 10 launched years ago. But you know I LOVE colour so as soon as I saw this brand new Master Palette, it was a no brainer. This palette is inspired by the unique tones of crushed crystals and positive energy ions and whether that floats your boat or not, the shades are just beautiful. Powerful pigments containing a range of Mattes and Shimmer shades that have been infused with crushed particles from Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald, create water and oil resistant shades that will enrich your eyes in pigment so pure, you will be amazed.

The palette has a pretty design on the front, going a little left field from the usual Doll 10 packaging, has a great sized mirror inside and contains 24 shades ranging from beautiful warm toned browns and cocoa and linen shades, to the more cool toned dove and storm greys and lilac shades. I am obsessed with this palette and think it is perfect for taking on holiday as it contains every shade I could ever need. This palette also comes with a beautifully soft, synthetic double ended eyeshadow brush.

Doll 10 Master Palette Row 1

Doll 10 Master Palette Row 2

Doll 10 Master Palette Row 3

Doll 10 Master Palette Row 4

Eyeshadow colours:

  • Ivory – Linen – satin soft peach
  • Organza- rose gold shimmer
  • Honey – satin light warm brown
  • Fawn – medium warm brown
  • Suede – ash brown
  • Cocoa – satin cream
  • Silk Sheets – satin grey taupe
  • Cashmere – shimmer soft taupe
  • Pixie Dust – shimmer purple brown
  • Velvet – taupe
  • Impress – shimmer dark purple
  • Amethyst – pink cream
  • Angelic – shimmer copper rose
  • Moon Dust – matte pale lavender
  • Lovely – dusty lilac
  • Daydream – shimmer purple rose
  • Wanderlust – deep rose
  • Tea Rose – pale shimmer pink
  • Opal – pale mauve
  • Fairytale – light slate grey
  • Dove – shimmer graphite grey
  • Galaxy – matte charcoal grey
  • Mystic – deep grey storm

Hydralux Shadow Liner Trio – 

Doll 10 Shadow Liner trio

A lovely trio of super creamy, super fast to apply eye shadow sticks. We have recently seen the shade Minx in the Todays Special Value HERE, we have three new colours to add to the collection.  In the lovely trademark Doll 10 Nude/Pink packaging, these are handy shadow sticks to have. With a precision point to enable you to line your eyes above or below your lash line, I find these also work well as a shadow all over the lid. 

Doll 10 Shadow Liner Trio

They have a smooth consistency due to the Rice Bran wax which makes this easy to smudge and blend onto the eyes using just your finger. It has a long lasting formula too, is not deep dark pigment but you certainly see it, and doesn’t crease on the lids. A lovely product that is super quick to apply.

Split Decision Gel Eyeliner

Doll 10 Split Decision Gel Liner

Now, for those of you that prefer a gel eyeliner to a pencil eyeliner, you will adore these. Rich, rich silky pigments that glide effortlessley across the eye lid without any effort or dragging. The colour inside is split into a super glossy satin finish that gives real definition, whilst the other side adds a bit of sparkle to the eyes whilst reflecting the light.

Doll 10 Split Decision Gel Liner

Doll 10 Split Decision Gel Liner

 Very similar to a Tarte gel liner I used to love, years ago. Available currently in two shades, Black or Luna (a deep dark brown) these are super, super long lasting (so use a good eye make up remover after) and also come with a double ended brush for application. COMING SOON

HydraGel Eyeliner

Doll 10 Hydralux Gel Liner

 If you want a traditional pot of one colour eyeliner, then go for these. The airtight container houses 3.05g of gel eyeliner using Doll 10’s HydraGel formula. These are super pigmented and literally last all day. I’m rubbish with pencil liner for doing a wing so love a gel for that. As you blink, the Gel is completely budge proof and water resistant and does not come off until you take it off. Available in two colours
Moonlight Glow – Medium Brown Pearl
Midnight Sky – Black Pearl

Hydrabalm Precision Concealer

Doll 10 Hydrabalm Concealer

An absolute favourite concealer of mine for the under eyes, due to the shape and the creamy consistency, is this. I know it has been out a while but i’ve never written about it. It actually took over 300 hundred chemists to create the perfect product for Doll 10 and this works. It covers, it conceals and it lifts the complexion. This is a portable, pen, clicker system which has a precision tip, which is a triangular shape making it great for around the nose and under the eye. It has a balm texture, meaning it is super light, and smoothes onto the skin easily. It has incredible coverage on under eye circles, redness or blemishes, and leaves a beautifully lit look to the skin too. I am obsessed with this product. Available in shades Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Deep

Cheek Stamp

Doll 10 Beauty Cheek Stamp

This incredibly portable cream blush is super handy and super fast to use. Spring loaded with the pigment inside the lid, this stamp sponge collects pigment each time you close the product or dip it into the lid.

Doll 10 Beauty Cheek Stamp Swatches

Easy to use you then stamp the product onto your cheeks and blend with your highlighter, or alone for a beautiful sheen of colour. Super hydrating and long lasting, this is a great on the go product. Available in shades Blush Me (Barbie Pink) and Cheeky Vibes (Mauvey Red)

Hydralux Lip Liners

Doll 10 Hydralux Lip Liner

Yay! I am super excited about these as I love a lip liner, and there are some great dupes here for Mac Spice and Charlotte Tilburys Pillow Talk (both favourites of mine). I’m thrilled Doris is now creating liners, as they are super important to stop lipstick bleeding, especially as we age and our lips loose their definition. Super creamy and long lasting these are available in these fab nude pink and brown shades:

Doll 10 Hydralux Lip Liner swatches

Big Shot
Hollywood – COMING SOON

Skin Reviving Setting Mist 70ml

Doll 10 Skin Reviving Setting Mist

Yay I hear you all cry!! It’s finally launching in the U.K! Yes indeed it is and as I have been lucky enough to have been testing this out for a few months I think you will love it. Now. I am a huge lover of setting sprays with Mac Fix Plus, Morphe continuous Mist and Pixi Glow Mist being my favourites. I knew this had to be something special to win me over. If you love coconut you will adore this mist. Infused with Coconut Water, Tripeptides, Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel and Argan Oil, this is so much more than a setting spray. This is perfect at refreshing and hydrating your make up during the day, great for setting your make up and taking away that “Powdered” look, but what I love love, love it for is a spray primer. Due to its slight tackiness when you spray it, it is incredible at holding your foundation in place when applied over the top. The packaging is super pretty and the design pf the bottle is great as it can stand
on your dressing. I do need to confirm the price, I know on the Doll 10 website this is £22.11 so I am hoping Qvc can do it for a lot less as that is expensive for a setting spray otherwise.

So, phew! I hope you have made it this far down. All I have been told about theses products is that they are launching soon. Doll 10 Beauty in the U.K is exclusive to QVCUK. I have noticed that some are already on the QVCUK website HERE and will of course update this page as and when others are released. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do leave me a comment below.

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  1. Annie Qadeer
    September 26, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    So many amazing colours! Heard great things about this brand x

  2. Anonymous
    September 26, 2018 / 6:28 pm

    Oh nooooooo – I want it all. First on my list is the palette and dual eyeliner pots, but I know I need it all . Love everything about Doll 10. Great blog post for a newbie to the brand too xxx Lucy xxx

  3. Amellia Mae
    September 27, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    Oh no I think I need all of these!!! That pallet! Those lip liners! It’s all so pretty. I can see why you’re so enamoured with it. I’m going to have to make a purchase come pay day…

  4. Erin Russell
    September 27, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    The range looks incredible, I might just need to get some bits, the liners look so so good! Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Prettiful Blog
    September 28, 2018 / 8:35 am

    I love the eyeshadow sticks!

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