Victoria Beckham Beauty – The long awaited debut collection

I have to admit I have been super excited about the launch of Victoria Beckham Beauty and possibly not for the reasons everyone else was.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Signature Brick

With respect to VB I was never a Spice Girls fan, i’m that bit older (44) and had a full time career buying and selling shares in the City when they were BIG. But what I do have a vested interest in is beauty, make up and a women that can go out and create something that has been their dream. Victoria Beckham has always been about Empowering Women a value that I follow too, and so I was looking forward to seeing how that would convey into her own brand.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Collection

Now, weirdly, not being a Spice Girls fan, I also read Victorias autobiography years ago and I remember her talking about her love for beauty back then, and with her love for Fashion and a very affluent designer Fashion Brand still going strong, beauty seemed to be the natural progression.  A few people have spoken about this as a “Celebrity” launch a “Popstar” launch and we all know how well (not) those things tend to go down, but for me I see Victoria Beckham Beauty as a Designer, Luxury, Beauty Brand just like you would with say Tom Ford or Dior.

With all that in mind, I was super excited for the release of these products and more so to see peoples reactions, as we really are quick to knock a successful person down. On the day of launch I purchased only two products. I was going to purchase the complete range to review but to be honest, I wanted to check out the formula first and they are pricy, along the lines of Charlotte Tilbury.

I purchased one of the Eyeshadow Bricks in the Signature shade and a lid Lustre in Midnight. Delivery took exactly 7 days, which was a annoying, but it did come all the way from America (strange) but that is where Victoria Beckham Beauty is registered.

victoria beckham beauty handwritten note

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to see a (printed) hand written note from Victoria included, a canvas dust bag with all the products in and I also received a free eyeliner sharpener which is a lovely touch! All wrapped in dissolvable packaging.

Back to you beauty holding vb signature brick

Co-Founded with Sarah Creal, a previous Estee Lauder employee whom Victoria had worked with one her Estee Lauder collaboration, the range is all about encompassing “Clean Beauty” (Make of it what you will) with a Luxurious high end feel.

Victoria Beckham Beauty is founded on the idea that beauty should complement and empower the dynamic life you lead.
When Victoria and Sarah envisioned what they wanted Victoria Beckham Beauty to be, they asked themselves- what would the most amazing luxury beauty brand look like in ten years? They concluded that the future of beauty would be super clean, perform at the highest luxury level, welcome everyone who loves beauty, help people fuel their lives inside and out, be sustainable, transparent, digital-first, cruelty-free, and created by women (naturally). This is the vision behind Victoria Beckham Beauty. We are a work in progress and a brand in motion.
Developed through Victoria Beckham’s unique perspective, these are the products she felt were missing from her makeup bag — cleanly formulated, high performance beauty solutions for the modern individual who lives life on-the-move and to the fullest.

Focused on Sustainability and recyclable packaging as well as a Clean Ingredients list, Victoria Beckham Beauty are trying to do it all. For a full run down on their ingredients list and policies go HERE . 

For me, I want to know if these products are any good, work magic on my face and whether or not they are worth us spending our hard earned cash on…..

Smoky Eye Brick in Signature £48.00

Victoria Beckham Beauty Signature Eyeshadow Block

I’m not going to lie, when my parcel turned up, I was really shocked at how small the package was… I mean REALLY shocked. The outer packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste and has taken the VERY simplisitic approach, but I appreciate what she is trying to do. When I unboxed this live on my Instastories HERE, you could clearly hear and see my shock at how small the product was, I mean it is literally the length of my middle finger…BUT you cannot deny the luxurious feel this compact has. Also shockingly when compared to a Charlotte Tilbury Quad palette which has 5.2g of product, the Victoria Beckham Beauty has a whopping 8.5g. Also the packaging is way above Charlotte Tilbury ( and you know I have practically everything CT has ever launched!!) Think back to old Hollywood gold cigarette cases, it has that kind of magic about it. The tortoiseshell vibe design against the gold looks beautiful and the compact has a weighty feel about it that I love. Inside the compact is a mirror just about big enough to see your eyes in and then an Ombre of four shades.

Victoria Beckham signature

Why I chose this palette i am still not sure as these colours are quite….plain for me personally, but something about the creamy tones of the shades, and the contoured look appealed to my hooded eyes.

Signature Palette is apparently Victoria’s favourite and it does enable you to create a fast, smooth everyday smokey eye look with ease. The shades included are

Cami is a neutral beige
Slip is a soft peach pink
Saddle is a deep brown
Suede is a medium taupe

back to you beauty wearing VB signature block

In order to not mess up this palette completely you would really need a precise hand and small brushes to dip into the compact so as not to contaminate the colours with each other, but that is fine by me. I absolutely adore the formula! These shadows are buttery soft and lay down a wonderful pigment which has superb longevity. I love how easy it is to use the shades to create a very wearable Smokey eye and how the shadows can also be used wet to intensify the look. If you are a Smokey eye girl this will soon become the only palette you need.

Lid Lustre in Midnight

Victoria Beckham Midnight Lid Lustre

Infused with various Crystals depending on the colour you choose, the lid lustre I have tried is bloody amazing!! I have Midnight which is a Navy blue with Silver Pearl infused with Amethyst for prosperity and ambundance and hey…. i’m all about that. These are a very soft, pressed powder which I find works best on application with the finger or by applying a setting spray to a brush. They look absolutely stunning on the eye and offer that almost wet look which I love and strike a huge contrast to the palettes. You will get fallout with this product, as is the nature of the beast so I would do my eyes with this first then clean up and apply foundation etc after.  The pot they come in is very pretty and has a mini disc included to keep the lustre safe from spillage. For me these are beautiful and something I will reach for often.

Victoria Beckham Midnight Lid Lustre

I love what Victoria is trying to create with this brand and I do think with time she will get there. The brand is also launching Lipstick and Skincare which I am very excited for – the lipsticks not so much the skincare – and will also possibly be adding a mascara.

Midnight Lid Lustre Victoria Beckham

I think this is a great start to the range, however I do think with the eyeshadow bricks, as much as the formula is really nice, you are paying for the glamourous packaging. The problem is….that doesn’t bother me because it really is that beautiful but I think you will need to weigh up whether you really want it for the sake of wanting it.

Midnight Lid Lustre Victoria Beckham

Do you know what? I still will purchase more, because i LOVE the old Hollywood, glamourous feel, i love how they look on my face, dressing table and in my handbag, and if it makes me feel good then i’m sold. A brilliant start Victoria, I am a fan

Victoria Beckham Beauty is available HERE

I would Love to hear your thoughts on this range and what you think of the products.

Let me know below by leaving me a commenting

Thanks for reading

Love Sharon





  1. Laura
    September 28, 2019 / 2:43 pm

    Like you I was not a spice girls fan and agree that I don’t class her range as a “popstar” range. Really enjoyable read. I need to get the midnight lid lustre and I may as well get oynx as well! I bought blonde and mink which are both stunning!

    • backtoyoubeauty
      September 28, 2019 / 6:55 pm

      I saw the colours you bought and will be buying those too! Hahaha xx

  2. Melissa Lane
    October 3, 2019 / 10:33 am

    I really do think I want one of the bricks because I love to use something that feels luxurious and old school. It would be nice if they were refillable as well. I do like that blue lustre on you. Gonna put something from this range on my Santa list.

    Love Melissa. Xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      October 3, 2019 / 12:15 pm

      Hi Melissa, I honestly think they are so worth it. My initial response on my instastories was how small it was BUT it actually contains over double the amount of product than a bigger looking Charlotte Tilbury quad. So it just goes to show you. I actually think I will be moving over to VB for the old style Hollywood glamour – which I love, plus the eyeshadows were on my eyes for 13 hours yesterday without budging. Now that’s amazing x

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