10 Beauty Treatments you can do during Lockdown

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Lockdown, that strange term that has become part of our everyday vocabulary now… Lockdown… a time when everything has changed but so much has stayed the same. I like to find a positive in every situation and right now being in Lockdown has given many of us so much more freetime. It’s a time where we can really invest in ourselves and indulge in lots of selfcare. Here are 10 Beauty Treatments you can do during Lockdown


  1. Hair Removal

Hollywood Browzer on face

Are you struggling with facial hair? Well now is the time to invest in some tools to help you safetly and efficiently remove it. First off is the Hollywood Browzer, an absolute favourite product of mine that i wrote about HERE. It is the fast, fuss free way to remove unwanted hair on the face and body, safetly in minutes. Then, for more long term results,  how about picking up your at home IPL devices, yes i know you bought one with good intentions of using it but haven’t had the time or inclination.

sensilight mini

Well having this period of time at home where not many people will see you other than if you are a key worker, live with family or take meetings over Zoom, this is the perfect time to start a treatment, as the hair grows in cycles you could potentionally be permantely hair free when this is all over!! I love my Sensica Sensilight mini  – Its lightweight, portable and clinically proven to reduce facial and body hair using Reactive Pulse Light. Available HERE

2. Beauty Gadgets


Speaking of hair removal treamtnets above, I know how many of you have purchased Beauty Tools to give yourself at home treamtnets to save time and money instead of going to the Beauty Salon. Well, now that we cant get to a Beauty Salon, USE THEM!! There has never been a better time to use those tools, learn to use them and set aside an hour everyday to really get to grips with these fab tools and see incredible skin benefits. I love my Talika Genius Light Therapy Mask, and use it regularly, but if you have a Beauty Tool you don’t have the time to reach for often enough…now is its time to shine!! Available HERE

3. Hair Treatments


Now is the perfect time to show your hair and scalp lots of love and attention. For those of you that colour your hair often, now might be the perfect time to treat you hair to some deep conditiong. As you know i have long been a fan of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and use it regularly, so if that is something you never seem to have time for, pop on your favourite deep conditioning treatment, pop on a shower cap and sit in the Sun for half an hour, i promise you, your hair will thank you for it. Available HERE

4. Face Masks

too cool for school egg mousse pack

How many times have you promised yourself you will indulge in a luxurious, deeply hydrating face mask, only to find it unopened, weeks later, in the back of the bathroom cupboard. Crack open that facemask, pour yourself a lovely luxurious bubble bath and pile that stuff on. With most of us at home, the central heating indoors and Sunshine from the garden, can really suck the hydration out of our skin, so having the luxury of time right now, means we can schedule 3 times a week for our hair and face masks. I love lots of different masks from ElemisSkinsense and am currently enjoying this Egg Mousse Pack from Too Cool For School. If you really have not got the time to spend 20 minutes on masking, try this one. It will probably be the most fun you have ever had with a face mask oo-er missus. A cross between whipped meringue and shaving foam, this lightweight, bubbly mask goes onto dry skin with a dry hand and then you gently massage the creamy mixture over your face avoiding the eye area. After 3 minutes or so, wash off to reveal fresh radiant skin. Love this! Contains Egg White and Egg Yolk. Available HERE

5. Foot Mask

SVR Foot Peel

If you are anything like me, you will have had one of these foot masks in your collection for such a long time and been too scared to use it. Well, i was too scared to use mine, i knew that the skin would shed quite dramatically after using one of these and as i am usually always rushing around to meetings or in sandals, as i live by the beach, there never seemed a perfect time to use one! Until now, other than showing off my tootsie to my hubby and kids (sorry family) i have been able to indulge in my first ever foot mask and boy oh boy are the results impressive!! Yes your feet look horrific before they look better but the baby soft results after are so worth it! My feet have never looked so good! I have had incredible results from the Procoal foot mask and the SVR Foot Mask. Available HERE

6. Whiten your teeth

Procoal Teeth whitening

Again, if like me you have been promising yourself you will crack on with whitening your teeth, but always used to find weekends too busy and weekdays packed with work and family, now is the time to do it. I have been enjoying these whitening Strips and activated Charcoal Whitening powder from Procoal. I have more time to use these kits and concentrate on what i need to do. I particularly love the powder as this is something i will be able to do on a more long term basis. It is 100% natural and is brilliant at removing stubborn coffee ‘stains and discolouration from the teeth. Derived from the highest quality Coconut Charcoal, its super gentle on the gums and cleans really well. Yes it looks ugly as it makes your teeth really black whilst using it, but personally i find it works really well. Available HERE

7. Try New Skincare

Filorga 2 weeks programme

How many times have your purchased new skincare only to stick to the same ole routine. I know, i’m guilty of it myself and there is nothing wrong with having ole favourites and ride or die products. But…. if you bought something, it means that some part of you was wanting to try it. Now is the perfect time, obviously always patch test skincare a little behind your ear, but you might see even better results than what your current routine is giving you. I recently did a 2 week trial of these kits from Filorga which are just £7!! These kits give you just enough product for such an affordable price, meaning you can test out the feel and formula on your skin with or without make up to see if it is a brand you want to invest in in the future. Both these kits were incredible value for money and i have found some new favourite products. Available HERE

8. Wear that make up!!

Too Faced The Natural Nudes

As with everything I have mentioned above, I just know so many of you have make up palettes in your collection you have never even opened or colours you have never ever tried. Well i am here to help you with that. Every weekday morning at 10am on my Instagram stories HERE you can join me live for #SharonsLockdownLook We are currently doing the Alphabet Colour Challenge and working our way through lots of different colours. This is where i encourage you my friends, readers and followers to step out of your comfort zone, learn some new techniques and wear colour. Its a fun, friendly 40 minutes each day which perks up our mornings and makes us feel good about ourselves and i really look forward to welcoming you over there.

9. Master the art of the self tan

Tarte Shape Tape Body Make Up

Look I am in no means a professional in self tan application and to be honest I rarely use it, but if you are someone that really loves the idea of using one, test your abilities  first with a Gradual Glow or Body Make Up. Gradual glows are just like moisturiser that you apply all over your body and within a few days a light natural colour emerges. For face i love the Utan CBD Tanning Water and use this regularly under or over my make up in the warmer months and for body i adore the Decleor Gradual Glow. A new body Make up i have been enjoying is the Tarte Shape Tape Body Make Up. This is applied in exactly the same way as a faux tan, onto smooth, clean dry skin with a mitt, but unlike a faux tan, this can wash off easily. It gives a lovely tan, tones the look of the skin and blurs imperfections but if you make a mistake it can be easily washed off with soap and water. This is a great way to practice faux tan application. Available HERE

10. Nail Treatment

Nails Inc Nail Kale Treatment

Become too used to vising the nail salon for your fortnightly Shellac application? Well now is the perfect time to let the nails breath. Using an acetone nail varnish remover, pads and foil strips remove any excess shellac, tidy up the cuticles, trim the nails and apply some lovely cuticle oil. Then apply a lovely nail food treatment. I love the Nail Kale treatment by Nails inc. I have used it for years and years to strengthen and feed my weak nails, love how it leaves a pretty shine and makes my nails look clean. Apply a generous amount of hand cream over the hands and cuticles after and you are done. Available HERE

Bonus –

sachet samples

Use those bloody sample sachets hahahaha if you are like me you probably have a box or tub of sample sachets that we get free with product from a lot of online retailers. Well open them up and use them, no you will not see any immediate results from a tiny sachet of serum, but you will find out whether you like the feel and texture of a product, then pop it on your wish list and treat yourself to it when all of this is over.

I hope this has helped you find some top to toe treatments you can do at home using products you probably already have and giving you some new ideas for products to try. I hope you have enjoyed this 10 Beauty Treatments you can do during Lockdown post. We will (hopefully) never be in this length of Lockdown Period again so be kind to yourself, love yourself and look after yourself.

Thank you for reading, 10 Beauty Treatments you can do during Lockdown, let me know some ways you have enjoyed looking after yourself’

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  1. Laura Coutts
    April 25, 2020 / 3:38 pm

    Fantastic post as always Sharon. I did my hair and face mask last night! Tackling the foot peel mask at the moment! Pedicure will be tomorrow’s task or I might do it later on today.

    • backtoyoubeauty
      April 28, 2020 / 8:37 am

      Thank you Laura, it certainly is the right time for everyone to look after themselves xx

  2. Lucy
    April 26, 2020 / 11:06 am

    Another great read. I am really enjoying the pampering side of lockdown and am using my PK Elasticizer and exfoliating/masking too. Plenty of good tips in here for new products tho which I always love learning about. Thank you as always xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      April 28, 2020 / 8:37 am

      Thanks Lucy, I think this really is the perfect time for everyone to shop their stash and have a good pamper session x

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