Ark Age Defend Night Treatment

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We have all heard the words Beauty Sleep many times, but did you know Beauty Sleep is actually a real thing? Without enough sleep and rest our body is unable to rejuvenate itself and our skin can look sallow and fatigued. Back in January, Vegan brand Ark Skincare launched two incredible age intelligent night treatments, which have become best sellers. I am thrilled to tell you that one of these products, the Ark Age Defend Night Treatment, has been Nominated in the Pure Beauty Awards and you can vote for it HERE.
Ark Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment
Regular readers and followers of mine will know that since its January launch I have regularly added this product to my evening skincare regime and achieved incredible results. Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment is specifically formulated for those of us in our 30’s and 40’s. Once we hit this age bracket we need skincare products that work that bit harder at repairing our skin. This products features a plethora of incredible actives that repair the skin whilst we sleep, combating those signs of fatigue and stress which, eventually, lead to the skin ageing faster. I have noticed that since using this 97% natural product my skin has a suppleness to it that can sometimes disappear when I am feeling stressed and tired. My mature skin has a beautiful bounce and glow and always feels really hydrated after use.
Ark Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment
Suitable for all skin types including those struggling with Acne, Over Sensitized Skin and Rosacea, Ark Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment is full of wonderfully detoxifying, conditioning and anti-bacterial properties which calm, sooth, repair, refresh and reboot tired, dull lacklustre skin.


Rovisome Q10 – Acts as an antioxidant and radical scavenger and reduces appearance of
skin ageing and wrinkle formation. Contains coenzyme Q10 which embeds into the
liposomal lipid bilayer membrane.

Kiwi Seed Oil – with high concentrations of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Prevents drying and
scaling – an important ingredient to help dermatitis.

Passion Seed Oil – With 80% Linoleic Acid with anti inflammatory properties to help reduce rosacea and acne.

Cordarom Blue Lotus – Antibacterial, anti inflammatory and radical scavenging which is very helpful for sensitised or irritated skins.

Prodizia – Helps with the reductions of signs of fatigue such as dark circles, under eye bags, dull complexion by repairing skin and supporting detoxification .

Also includes Vitamin E, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Shea Butter.

What really encourages me to use this product so often, is how easy it is to use and the results my skin achieves. Look, we are all busy, we’ve just come out of Lockdown, I’m a busy working mum with a family and by the time bedtime roles around, I’m ready to collapse. Ark Skincare Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment, does all the hard work for me so that I can quickly go to sleep knowing my skin is being looked after. Who wouldn’t want that?
Ark Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment
In an airtight pump container, one pump gives enough product to quickly massage across the face. The cream is beautifully light, silky and cooling in texture and sinks in like a dream, leaving the skin immediately feeling hydrated. I love that Ark are a British, Vegan, free-from-irritants brand that are creating incredible skincare for all ages and stages of our lives. I have been a fan for a couple of years now and know that you will love it too.
Ark Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment
Please Vote for this incredible product in the Pure Beauty Awards HERE and show them how much you love them too.

To find out more about Ark Skincare or purchase the Age Defend Night Treatment click HERE
To celebrate being shortlisted in the PURE Beauty Awards ARK Skincare are offering 25% off their Night Treatments. Simply enter BEAUTYSLEEP at checkout to receive your discount.
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