Ego Therapy Conditioning Tool…..Everyone needs one!

As much as I love having long hair, it is also sometimes
hard work to look after. My hair is very thick and has a slight, natural wave
to it and to be honest I don’t always get to the hairdressers as often as I
should. When a product comes along that promises to help my hair appear
silkier, healthier and stronger I just knew it was for me!

Ego Therapy Conditioning Tool* is an amazing piece of
equipment that looks just like a set of hair straighteners. The difference
being this product is a non-heated cold iron appliance.

Ultrasound Cold Therapy Infrared Technology uses a process known
as nano-technology, magnetic ultrasonic pulsating at 36,000 times per second.
This helps pre-applied hair treatments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft by
making the molecular structure of the product smaller.

Basically all you need to do is wet your hair, comb through
your favourite hair treatment, use this brilliant cold tool by pulling through
the hair as you would a set of hair straighteners, then washing out your
treatment as usual.

I used this on my waist length hair that was in desperate need of a cut. To get round my
whole head took me about 30 minutes, I then washed and dried my hair as usual.
The results were incredible! Pre-ego therapy my hair was dry, the ends split and
in desperate need of a cut… after using this product I can say my hair was
transformed, it looked silky, shiny and healthy and the split, dry ends were so
much less visible I was absolutely astounded by the results!


Now I know that this could be seen as an additional step
that you may not have time for, but if you regularly apply hair conditioning
treatments anyway, as part of a weekly pampering session and wrap your hair in
a towel for 20 minutes and wait… then why not try this as the results I achieved
after my first use were brilliant.

Available to purchase from Ego

*PR Sample

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