Judith Williams launches New products on QVCUK within The Beauty Institute and Life Long Beauty Ranges – Winter skin sorted!

Judith Williams is Back in the UK with some new Skincare  products that are absolutely perfect for this time of year.

If you are suffering from dry, dull, irritated skin then these products could quite easily slot into your usual routine. If you have not heard of Judith Williams please read more on my previous Blogs Here.
In the UK Judith features her beautiful collection of products on QVC, she has many different ranges within her collection so, depending on age, skin type and concern, you will most definitely find something suitable for you.

Coming to QVCUK on 20th January is a beautiful collection that forms part of her much loved Life Long Beauty Range. This range is primarily aimed at the 40+ age group BUT if you are in your thirties and already seeing the signs of a more mature skin, fine lines, puffiness and skin that lacks vitality, this  beautifully nurturing, caring, calming range could be for you.

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Night Cream & Super Strength Face Oil

Life Long Beauty Super Strength Face Oil  – This oil comes in a decadently beautiful bottle and you know how much I love my packaging. Over and above that, it is superb quality. Containing maximum potency high quality care oil, derived from cold-pressed raspberry seed oil, this is perfect for addressing any redness or irritation your skin may have. Naturally full of Vitamins B and C, it is wonderful at combating fine lines and perfecting the tone of the skin. In the winter if the weather is leaving your skin dry and red with rough patches, this would be perfect to slot into your usual routine. It is so easy to use just apply a drop of oil from the pipette  onto clean skin morning and evening and this will calm and protect your skin. What I adore about this oil is its ease of use. I love face oils, I really do. I have mentioned many on my blog. I really think they add something extra to the skin. They can be used by all skin types including oily skin as they do not add additional oiliness to the skin. What they do is address any particular concerns your skin may be having at that moment in time. They are like little magic potions come rain or shine.

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Super Strength Face Oil

The smell of the Super Strength Face oil is beautiful, its ever so slightly fruity but in a comforting way not in a sweet cloying way. It is a really soft oil and by that I mean it sinks in beautifully and doesn’t just sit heavily on top of the skin. Now, I have redness on my cheeks which is actually a brand new revelation to me. I hadn’t noticed it before until I went for a face analyses at a spa in November.  It showed up redness in my cheeks,  so of course now that’s all I seem to notice, especially with this harsh whether and me having just had another birthday….im sure that doesn’t help!!

Using this oil has been so lovely at balancing out the issues I’ve had in that area, it has taken the redness down and evened up my skin tone. What I love about this as,I mentioned before, is that it can be a stand alone product as it is very hydrating  or you can slot it into your own regime. I am also using this on the back of my hands at the moment as a little trial to just make my hands a little smoother, brighter and plumper. Comes in a duo with the LLB Night Cream £36 purchase here

Judith Williams Super Strength Face Oil

Life Long Beauty Night Cream  – This is the perfect accompaniment to the above mentioned oil. Again fantastic for very mature skin, skin that may never have used a moisturiser before or skin that really needs a gentle, yet effective hydration boost. Containing Almond oil and Shea butter as well as Soya complex, this is hydration at a maximum level. This cream is light yet moisturising and smells amazing. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that, this really is best for dehydrated, unloved skin….or skin that has maybe gone through a sudden change due to medication, weather, stress etc.

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Night Cream

For me, as someone with dry skin, this is beautiful as my winter go-to for plumping and giving that dewy look in the morning. I think for me a course of about 8 weeks is ok, then I will put it away and bring it out later in the year. This will be my “Treatment” moisturiser, however for you it may be your absolute go to. My mum went pretty much all her years without using moisturiser (ouch). Its only been the past maybe 4 years that she has started to and this range is top of her go to list. It just brings a glow, a vitality and a youthfulness and really helps lift slackened skin. It really is a wonderful night cream. This should be used on cleansed skin at night after your serum/oil. It is easy to use and sinks in superbly leaving a wonderful light smell and velvety soft sheen on the skin. The next morning I always wake up with plumper skin. To find out more about the Life Long Beauty collection you can read my previous post HERE Comes in a duo with the Super Strength Face oil £36 purchase here

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Night Cream

Now moving on to another of Judith William’s ranges that I have written about. The Beauty Institute Professional Care range,( more HERE)  has brought out  a lovely new product for the body.

Judith Williams Superior Body Elixir

Superior Body Elixir  – Wow! Now the only way I can fully explain this is, and please forgive me any males reading this,  you know when you have just shaved your legs and they are silky smooth and you get into bed and the sheets just kind of glide over them? Well…..this elixir is kind of like that hahahaha. It is luxurious, pampering, indulgent, silky smooth loveliness that I am now going to be addicted to (another beauty addiction!). Imagine the lightest, silkiest, milkiest, lotion that almost changes to an oil on your skin. It is divine. You can see from the photo below how light and fluid it is…it trickles off the back of my hand, but when I was rubbing it into my legs and body it was a great texture to work with.

Judith Williams Beauty Institute Superior Body Elixir

 Containing a beautiful blend of Argan, Jojoba, Rice and Almond oil this body Elixir is not only highly hydrating but also anti-ageing. This product is perfect to start using now as many of us have hidden our bodies under layers and layers of clothing due to cold weather so, if you are like me, our skin can become very dehydrated and scaly. To get Spring ready skin, now is the time to up your game with your body products. Quick and easy enough to use every time you step out of the bath or shower, it is easily absorbing, non greasy and fast drying so you can immediately get dressed. This also looks beautiful on the arms and legs if you are wearing a dress as it makes the skin look so hydrated and soft. This will be a wonderful year round skincare product, I really rate this item and am thrilled to have been able to try it. This item is £28 you can purchase here

Judith Williams Beauty Institute Superior Body Elixir

These are brand new products will be on air on Wednesday 20th January.

What are your favourite Judith Williams products or are you new to her range? Leave me a comment below and leave me a comment below.

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  1. Julie Nattrass
    January 15, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Love this range and the new products sound fab

  2. Back To Beauty
    January 19, 2016 / 8:34 am

    I really hope you get to try them x

  3. Anne-Marie Mason
    January 20, 2016 / 12:33 am

    Hi, I still haven't managed to buy the rose oil, could you please tell me what you think the difference between that and the new oil is? x

    • Back To Beauty
      January 24, 2016 / 7:00 pm

      Hi Anne-Marie, This new raspberry seed oil works wonders on skin suffering from redness,it is also a much lighter "oil" in my opinion. The Rose oil is great at rehydration and dry patches and sealing all other products in too.

    • Anne-Marie Mason
      January 30, 2016 / 11:52 pm

      Sorry, I missed your reply somehow. Thank you. Think when I purchase I'll try the new one first then. Love all your info! x

  4. Anonymous
    January 29, 2016 / 6:46 pm

    Hi Sharon, just a quick note to say thanks from my mum for the very interesting and informative blog about the JW new products the other week. Mum does not do FB, and has only recently got into browsing websites on her own tablet! As we are huge big fan's of JW, I mentioned your blog to her and she said oooohh and then she asked me how she could read it and then I am proud to say she did read it and enjoyed it. I have also just mentioned to her about the Doll 10 Feb and she seemed interested in it. Thanks for all your hard work and fabulous findings. Keep up the good work. XXxX.

    • Back To Beauty
      January 29, 2016 / 9:10 pm

      Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! i am thrilled that your mum has discovered my blog and is enjoying it!! i will make sure i keep you updated on all things Doll 10. Thank you again for the compliment and love to your mum! x

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