L(A)B = Life and Beauty Pro Lift Treatment machine launches on QVCUKthis March!

March 1, 2016

With so many different “at home” Beauty machines available to us now, it can sometimes be really difficult to know which to invest our money into. We want something that is easy to use, achieves everything we want it to and is worth the cost. Pro Lift by L(A)B = Life and Beauty is a Complete skincare solution, that can perform everything for us, at home, easily and effectively.

Created by Oxford University scientists and sisters Charlotte and Sophie, this system uses Scientifically proven technology to achieve professional results most of us are looking for within our daily skincare regime. Pro Lift is a very lightweight, portable handheld device with clear buttons on the front that enable us to Cleanse, tone, lift, treat and moisturise our skin. Thanks to very clever interchangeable heads including Titanium for cleansing, moisturising, lifting and toning, Blue LED Light treatment head for treating blemishes and actually killing the bacteria that cause acne and the red LED light which stimulates collagen production and helps reduce pigmentation, you have everything needed to quickly and easily preform treatments you would normally visit a salon for.

As you all know from reading my blog, I suffer from pigmentation and I know that it is a problem that will only get worse unless I start treating it now. I have had skin face mapping which has shown that this really is something I need to address sooner rather than later. I also worry about the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, slackening around my jaw and open pores. For all of those reasons I was very excited to be able to give this machine a thorough test. As a very busy person, I am not always able to dedicate as much time to myself as I sometimes would like so I need systems that work, and work fast, with as little “faff” as possible.

When you first receive your Pro Lift+ from L(A)B you will notice how everything is packed so that at a glance you can quickly familiarise yourself with all of the parts of the machine. The Titanium head will already be on the device and the Red and Blue lights will be labelled A and B on the back. Make sure the first thing you do is charge your machine and then read the very thorough instruction guide.

Pro Lift+ Packaging

There is also a great You Tube guide from Charlotte and Sophie HERE, which gives you a quick run through of how to use your Pro Lift+ System.

Here is a little bit about the science used in this system.

 In CLEANSE mode the Pro Lift+ uses Galvanic current, a constant stream of positive (+) charges to attract dirt and grime. As you move the system over your face with your cleanser, the current pulls the make up, excess oil, dirt and nasties gently from your skin, giving you a thorough deep down clean. This process is very gentle and thanks to the shape of the head you are able to gently glide the device across your face and get into the crevices of the nose and around the chin and really clean those pores deep down.

In NOURISH mode the Galvanic current is reversed to give a constant stream of negative (-) ions. What this means is that all those wonderful ingredient’s in our favourite serums and moisturisers are pushed deeper into our skin and increase our skins moisturisation. Fantastic!

In LIFT mode the Pro LIft+ uses a micro current of negative(-) and positive(+) ions to lift and firm our facial muscles and give us more definition and a better contour to the face! Winner, winner!.

Pro Lift+ In Rechargeable unit

How to use –

Step 1. Cleanse using the metal head. The ladies recommend removing excess makeup and eye make up before doing the cleansing process. Now, you may be thinking, well I might as well just continue cleansing it all off as usual at this stage, but remember, the Pro Lift+ offers a deeper level of cleansing than we would be able to achieve ourselves. If you are wearing thick, heavy make up then remove this first. Use a water based cleanser and apply a little to the head of the machine or at points on your face, and dampen with water. Press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to turn the machine on, then press the +/- so the CLEANSE light is on. The highest level is recommended to begin this process and enable you to see better results in a faster time. Keep your finger in contact with the conductive panel at the back of the machine, at all times then gentley begin.

Rotate the Pro Lift+ around the face being careful not to spend too long around the sensitive eye area. At first you may not feel anything and wonder if the device is working, but keep going. Eventually I felt a tiny amount of warmth and a few tingles. After four minutes there will be a short beep and the machine will go into standby mode. Your cleansing has now finished. Rinse your face of any excess cleanser with water, but DO NOT dry your skin. At this stage I was amazed when I wiped away the excess cleanser as there was so much dirt sitting on the cloth that had been pulled to the surface!! Plus this was my morning cleanse before make up!! Amazing!!

Step 2. Nourish is just as easy as step 1. After wiping any excess cleanser off the titanium head, apply your favourite water based serum or moisturiser. Press the +/- button twice so the NOURISH light is on and choose the level of intensity. Starting at the base of your neck work upwards in rotating movements up and across your entire face being careful around the eye areas. You may find you need to apply more serum so that the machine has enough of a slip to keep moving. After a few uses I found it better to dot my serum around my face instead of applying to the device. This step takes 4 minutes and the device will beep when completed. DO NOT dry your face, wipe the device and prepare for step 3.

Step 3. Lift, again an easy to follow step. I applied the included toner, switched to the LIFT program and began. I started at the base of my neck and slowly moved upwards to the centre of my face and slowly outwards thinking of the areas that needed lifting. Across my forehead wrinkles I moved in a vertical motion and on the stubborn “Harry Potter” wrinkle I stayed there for a few seconds. This process took 4 minutes to complete.

Pro Lift+

The next stage of blue lights would be if you suffer from blemishes or acne so switch the head to the blue LED one and follow the instructions included. Great to use on blemishes or hormonal breakouts.

Areas to use Pro Lift+ Red Led Light

The red LED lights are used on wrinkles, nose to mouth lines and crows feet. Switch the head to the RED, turn on and press the Photo facial button. Hold the device in contact with the area to be treated for 3 minutes, until the machine bleeps, and then move on to the next area to be treated.

The lights are very bright so do keep your eyes closed. Try to keep as still as possible when holding the light on each area for the best results.

I love how light and portable this device is also it is rechargeable so you do not need to worry about batteries. Having used this product for a few days I am loving the results on my skin. Not only does my skin look brighter but it feels so unbelievably smooth, soft and deeply hydrated. My only concern is whether I would keep this up every night  as sometimes I just want to fall into bed as soon as my children are asleep. I wonder if the 12 minutes for the Cleanse, Serum & Moisturiser might be pushing it? Only time will tell and I will report back in a few weeks.
In my before and after photo you can see me completely clear of make up so you can see how uneven my skin tone is. The before is on the left and the after on the right after just one use. I definitely look brighter, and my skin looks so much cleaner. Time will tell with the discoloration and wrinkles but I am looking forward to reporting back.

(SCARY) Before & After

 L(A)B do suggest for the first month to use the system steps 1,2&3 everyday. After the first month you should then be able to cut this down to twice a week. However, I would definitely invest the 4 minutes needed to cleanse as I was so surprised at how clean and clear my skin looked after use. I would also do a full treatment a few times a week as I loved the idea of the lifting and Red LED on my fine lines and wrinkles. If you have acne they do suggest using the blue LED light everyday continually. Obviously I will need to use it longer to see results on the fine lines.

Pro Lift+ Results Achieveable

 I think if you are someone that really needs to invest in your skin, this is a fantastic, easy to use all in one system. im not going to lie, it is a considered purchase. Their testimonials show amazing results and I believe as long as  use it and actually use it often, you can achieve fantastic results on yourself. Just remember, it only works if you take it out of the box.

There are medical Precautions when using this kind of technology so please DO NOT use on broken, burnt, infected skin. Eczema prone skin or on any tumors.
Please DO NOT use on children.
DO NOT use on Eyelids or inside the mouth
If you have undergone cosmetic surgery or have a pacemaker please contact your doctor.
If you are pregnant consult your doctor.
DO NOT use if you have photo sensitive skin

For other Medical precautions and warning please visit L(A)B

You can purchase this product from Boots HERE (£260) however, on 3rd March 2016 this product will be LAUNCHING on Qvc at a lower Today’s Special Value price of £149.94 HERE

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product, please leave me a comment below.
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31 comments so far.

31 responses to “L(A)B = Life and Beauty Pro Lift Treatment machine launches on QVCUKthis March!”

  1. Blondie!! says:

    Its great to read your take on the LAB. Its a pity you didnt get the results you desired or tried it sooner. It would have made my mind up a bit better as to whether maybe purchasing it on Thurs. I will watch and see. Im very intrigued. X

  2. Minxster says:

    I tried this at QVC beauty bash and have been waiting to buy it ever since. I'm approaching 50 but with the tiniest of fine lines. What I have disappeared within a few minutes of using it. I was very impressed. Charlotte also said that it will help with the redness in my skin that is beginning to emerge. Can't wait to buy at TSV price. They told me it would be around £150

  3. Jules Stevens says:

    Nothing seems to be happening on the cleanse and nourish. No heat or beebs after 4 min's. Red and blue lights working. 😢

  4. Jan says:

    Excellent review

  5. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed reading this, very informative. Used mine 3 times now, sure my face has lifted slightly already.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Had to stop using as caused numbness on left side of my face and metallic taste in my mouth. It was extremely uncomfortable.

  7. susan foley says:

    a great read, would love to try it

  8. sandstorm says:

    Think i need this in my life 😉

  9. Anonymous says:

    I left a comment last week but it has not been posted – why would that be?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I've been sent the wrong product from LAB and had no response to 6 weeks of emailing I'm sad to say.No customer service whatsoever!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sadly there's no reply to emails from L(A)B so to me that is very worrying.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It's taking a gamble to purchase from L(A)B as there's no reply from customer service which is a concern and they don't seem to be concerned about Trading Standards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi. I purchased this from QVC as the December TSV. Today is Sunday, I called their customer care and got an answer straight away from a lady who sounded as though she was in America but agreed to get someone to call me back when I got back from work tomorrow at 7pm. I thought it was not working on the cleans and nourish mode but now having completed all the steps my skin feels really good, firm and just different. I am keeping it. The box I received had the Red and Green light in so I just ordered the Blue light from QVC at £46.00. On the LAB Website it is £80.00. Its all good.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Got this from QVC The red light got very worm and left my skin red and sore And the Green light keeped flickering must have a fault on it have sent it back

    • Elizabeth Murray says:

      I just wanted to find out if you used it at the lowest setting? I know they say to use it at the highest setting, but I think that is for people who can't feel any sensation at all. I tried it and at first I got large painful spots. I persevered and now my skin is more taught and clear. This could be because my skin was detoxing. This may or may not be the case for you, but I hope this helps.

  14. patricia says:

    i bought this on qvc and used it on a friend who is 74 and she was thrilled with the result

  15. Maureen Brookes says:

    Thank you Sharon it was very informative. I can't wait to read what results you have had at the end of the trial. I think it has made a difference to my wrinkles and also my face seems slightly lifted. I have used the lift and wrinkle modes religiously since I got it. I am going to give it the full 60 day trial tho before my final decision.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Could you please let me know if it is safe to use when you have dental implants I have 2

  17. Anonymous says:

    I urge anyone thinking of purchasing from Lab to try their phone number.No response should tell you all you need to know. Similar with email, auto reply but nothing more.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I agree that there is no customer care. I bought a product, was sent the wrong item and cannot get hold of customer services except to leave phone messages and emails which are ignored.Buy similar on line from a company you can trust.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree that Lab provide no customer service at all. I don't just mean that they're not helpful, they literally do not reply to phone messages or email.I couldn't buy in confidence as there is no follow up support if there is a problem. The lady earlier said that she'd had a response to a phone call but I think that was from QVC and not Lab.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I also can't get any reply from customer services after the automated response.I contacted the company by phone and email as I had been sent the wrong item.No reply, no refund and no customer service.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The customer service simply does not exist either through email or phone.It's quite a considered purchase on a gamble.Phone before placing your order, much cheaper as then you'll know for yourself that there's no after sales care.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please heed the comments about no after sales care. I didn't and have now experienced it for myself.They simply don't reply. You'll receive a generic email and then nothing.I've given up but wish I'd read these first.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I bought this from QVC and used it for a few times and to be fair my skin felt nice. After a couple of months it stopped working. I emailed L(A)B customer care several times and simply received generic replies so I duplicate the comments here about non-existant after sales and because of that I could not recommend you buy anything from this company. A total waste of money

    • Gill says:

      I had exactly the same problem but QVC took mine back due to the triple payment option. Might be worth you contacting them as they may have a hotline to the company.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Due to lack of customer service reported I will not be purchasing. Shame because it looked quite good but leaves me wondering!

  25. Gill says:

    I bought the complete kit from QVC. Used it in Lift mode a couple of times and then stuck with red light. It initially worked fine but then I noticed it would pack up after 3 minutes. I put it on charge for 8 hours, tried it again, 3 minutes, bleep, off, move to new area, light came on, went straight off and refused to do anything from there on.Put it on charge again for 8 hours and the next day, exactly the same, 3 minutes use then dead. It's not holding a charge.I emailed the L(A)B address it gives in the leaflet, received an automated reply but then silence so I contacted QVC. Luckily I had bought it on the 3 payments option which meant they were happy to take it back with no arguments.L(A)B need to do something about their customer service, there are far too many complaints on here from people failing to contact them.

  26. Rosaleen Cato says:

    I can’t get my lab pro lift to switch on I used it for about two months then didn’t have time to use it. For about a month I plugged it in to charge and the red light came on now it won’t work does anyone have any ideas of what to do next it is our of warranty but I have not used it much due to family commitments. Help it’s a very expensive dressing table ornament at the moment.

    • backtoyoubeauty says:

      I haven’t had contact with the brand for a while now but I would suggest contacting them on their social channels

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