Tarte UK Exclusive collection – June QVC TSV Skinvigorating ColourCollection

May 31, 2016

Tarte High Performance Naturals Cosmetics are launching another amazing value collection in the on 4th June 2016.

Tarte Cosmetics June Qvc Tsv

We are so lucky in the UK that we can now shop for Tarte Cosmetics from the comfort of our own home via QVCUK. When Tarte launch their special collections called a TSV (Todays Special Value) they literally fly out of the door so if the following collection is something you want, be quick. This upcoming collection is outstanding, Containing 8 items, 3 of which are Limited Edition, This really is your one stop summer make up wardrobe.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation – This was the product that made me fall in love with Tarte Cosmetics. I had seen so much coverage  a couple of years ago via you tube about this foundation, that I needed to see if it lived up to the hype. When I tried it not long after I was blown away at the full coverage and the staying power. Made from Amazonian Clay which is a magical ingrediant from nature, this foundation is able to matify those skin types that suffer from oiliness whilst also hydrating anyone with a dry skin type. The vitamin A in the foundation helps lock in moisturiser and protect the skin from free radicals, without looking cakey or cracking. Do not let the name “Clay ” fool you. All though this is a full coverage long lasting foundation, it feels really lightweight on the skin. I have a dehydrated skin type that does have dehydration lines on it and I absolutely adore this foundation. It covers everything I need so quickly and easily whilst leaving my skin looking natural and not plastered in make up. For me it hides my pigmentation, and really evens up my skin tone, which I love. If you have blemished or acne skin this would also be amazing at covering the skin whilst not causing any additional breakouts. It really does last all day so it is superb to wear to work as it still looks fresh hours later. In the UK this foundation is available in shades Deep, Fair, Light,  Light Medium Honey, Medium Honey and Tan ( for help with shade choice click here)

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation

The Limited Edition brush that is included in this collection is outstanding. Some of my absolute favourite make up brushes are from Tarte and this is just divine. At first glance this gold tone brush looks like it has a velvet head but in fact it is the softest, domed synthetic brush. Although not heavy, it has a perfect weight to it which I love as it gives a great quality look and feel to the brush. The tight bristles and domed shape make this perfect for that full coverage look enabling us to get into the curve of the under eye and around the nose. Absolutely beautiful. You can also use this as your blusher or bronzer brush instead of foundation so it is entirely up to you, as it is synthetic it can be used on both wet and dry products. I have mentioned in most of my foundation posts that if you do not get the coverage you were expecting from a foundation, try using a different brush or beauty blender. Everyone’s skin is different and so different tools work for different people.

Tarte ShowStopper Palette

Showstopper Clay Eye & Cheek Palette – Are you a collector of all-in-one palettes like I am? Well this is one you must add to your collection. Made from Amazonian clay it contains pure pigments and good-for-you ingredient’s. As the Amazonian River flows for over 4000 miles, it collect highly nutrient plant and fruit matter, the clay collects at the basin of the river and then these nutrient’s are baked into it, naturally, by the sun. This is then collected and finely milled down into a powder which is infused with other Tarte ingredients and made into these gorgeous eye shadows and face products.

Tarte ShowStopper Palette

Containing 6 never seen before eye shadow colours this palette really is perfect for all skin tones as you can build each shade to be as in depth in colour as you like. You can wear the warm, rich shades from left to right such as Showstopper Copper, Go for Gold and you’re a natural during the day and build up into the cool darker tones of Steel the scene, Rose to the top and Dim the lights in the evening. Not only is there a great matte base shade (You’re a natural) but each shade is perfect for transitional, crease, lid and liner.

Showstopper Swatch starting with shadows from right to left

What makes this palette stand out for me though, aside from the gorgeous packaging which on the outside is the distinctive Tarte purple, and inside the gold tone finishing and full sized lid mirror, is the blush, bronze and highlight.

Wearing the Collection

Park Ave Princess Bronzer is absolutely Iconic! This Matte bronzer is beautiful and makes the perfect contour and bronzer shade but is also fabulous as an eye shadow crease shade. Using the huge gold brush included in this collection, sweep the bronzer down you face from your forehead creating a number 3 shape, around into your cheek bones and down to your jaw. This immediately gives skin a vibrant, healthy sun kissed glow and as it is Matte it contains no shimmer what so ever and is so flattering. If you are a huge Hula Fan from Benefit like I am , you will adore this Bronzer too.
Champagne Pink Highlighter is literally an OMG highlighter. You know I am addicted to highlighters and have tried tens if not hundreds out to find the perfect one, Well this is beautiful with a capital B. When you first apply it you may notice that it is quite a bright highlight, however as it is a powder it is very easy to blend it out so that it gives a nice pink glow to the highs of the cheekbones and under the brow. It really looks gorgeous used as an eye shadow an in the inner corner of the eyes so give that a go. I prefer to add my highlight with either a fan brush or an eye shadow brush, defiantly not a huge brush as your face will be ghostly!

Fame blusher is a full sized blush that looks so pretty in the compact with the Amazon river embossed on it, now, this colour has mixed reviews with me. This blush is Coral shade verging on Orange in my opinion and whilst on Deep skin tones this would looks absolutely gorgeous, on me I have to use it very, very lightly. If I had a tan it would look much much better, but it is certainly not a shade I would wear in the winter. You however may feel completely different to me. It is a completely Matte shade that has a huge pigment payoff and I also think for those brave enough, would make an amazing eyeshadow. This palette also comes with one of my absolute favourite eyshadow brushes ever, the double ended angled crease brush. Perfect for following the shape of you inner crease to give that contoured shadow look.

Tarte ShowStopper Palette

This is a great travel palette as you have everything you need here and the pigments are really great. I did notice Quite a bit powder when picking up the shadow so bare that in mind if applying when wearing black. Also make sure you tap your brush after picking up colour and you should be good to go. Don’t forget, make up washes off so if at first you have gone on a little heavy just blend it out or wash it off and start again, but have a good play.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes & Bottoms Up Mascara

Lights Camera Lashes & Bottoms Up – To compliment your eyeshadow you have a duo wand, double end mascara included in this TSV collection. One end features 7ml of Lights Camera Lashes Mascara which I have raved about HERE and HERE and 7ml of Bottoms Up lower lash mascara. As I have spoken before about LCL on the links above i think Bottoms up deserves all the glory today. I have probably been wearing mascara for …ooohhh 30 years? And yep, i do love a big, fat wand…But! when it comes to Lower lashes i want them covered in mascara without messing up my perfectly bright under eye area. That is where Bottoms up is genius. This teeny tiny wand literallyclings to every single lash, including those that you didn’t know you had and coats each one perfectly in mascara. Because my lashes are so fair anyway i am always astounded at how long a great mascara can make them look, but this on the bottom lashes is the perfect finishing touch. Also great for getting to those inner eye top lashes if you do not feel confident enough to use your normal fat wand. The staying power on this mascara is remarkable, it doesn’t smudge or flake or leave behind any panda eyes and most of all it is looking after our lashes and keeping them nourished.

Tarte Silk Eyeliner in Black

Silk Amazonian Clay eyeliner in Black – Personally i never wear a black eyeliner unless it is on the top of my upper lashes. To wear black on my lower lash line is just too harsh and i prefer to use shadows there instead. However, if you love a black liner or like to wing out your upper lid, then this is great. You can either use it on its very tip for a tight, thin line, or sideways for a fuller, fatter line. the colour is completely smudge proof from the moment it dries and literally lasts all day only coming off with make up remover. Comes with a smudger on the end to soften the line, but if you gently pull the smudger end off there is also a little sharpener. For more info please click HERE.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick in Plummy Rose

Limited Edition Rainforest of the Sea Lip Splash Lipstick in Plummy Rose – This lipstick completes the collection perfectly, not only because of its beautiful ombre look packaging which sits so well against the purple of the Showstopper palette, but because of the shade. Plummy Rose is a beautifully hydrating, long weaing Matte lipstick in a creamy rose/plum shade. On me it is more of a plum than a rose coloured shade but either way it is a very complimentary shade to my medium skin tone. It has a great tip so you can get precise coverage over the cupids bow and into the corners and great pigmentation which expertly hides those fines lines. It makes my lips look absolutely huge!! It really is a beautiful colour.

Last but not least this whole collection comes in the most beautiful Limited Edition Make up bag which is big enough to house the TSV and some. A very summary cream and turquoise bag with a beautiful turquoise inlay and gold coloured hard wear, it looks super stylish and super pretty. The Tarte logo on the zip makes the perfect finishing touch.

Before and after Using this collection

My Thoughts – I am totally amazed at how much product is included in this collection along with two fantastic brushes and a great looking bag. This is superb for any Tarte fan thanks to the Limited Editions and never before seen Shadows, but also for a Tarte Novice this is a great place to start as it contains everything you need. This really is a pretty neutrals palette Now, take a breath and prepare for what i am about to say next. If you had this collection you wouldn’t need anything else ever….well except maybe a primer and brow product…but, if like me, you are a make up junkie just ignore that sentence. It really is your one stop shop collection that will see you through summer, on your travels, in your work bag and also everyday use. Great collection of products over all.

This collection as a whole is availale for one day only ( or whilst stocks last) at a special value of under £40.00!! on QVCUK on 4th June 2016. Available to purchase HERE if the link shows as sold out please keep checking back until 4th June.

Please let me know what you think about the products listed above and also about my blog by leaving me a comment below.

 To read more of my Tarte posts please just type Tarte in the search engine.

For more info on Tarte please click HERE

For your chance to win a collection as above (minus the make up bag) in your foundation shade choice of either Light-Medium honey, Deep Sand, Medium Honey, Tan Honey, Light Sand or Fair sand, Please enter BELOW.

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This competition is open to UK residents only. Back to you beauty or Tarte Cosmetics cannot be held responsible for any product that is lost or damaged in transit. The Competition is being run fairly with Rafflecopter and all decisions are final.

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55 comments so far.

55 responses to “Tarte UK Exclusive collection – June QVC TSV Skinvigorating ColourCollection”

  1. Jude Dunn says:

    I haven't tried Tarte cosmetics yet, I have been reading lots of great things about it and I have a shopping list for my trip to Florida in Sept, I didn't know it was available on QVC so I'll probably be making some purchases before Sept.

  2. Beauty Addict says:

    Fabulous blog as always Sharon. This tsv is a must have,i have been watching some of the YouTube video's using this palette and the looks created goes from office to dance floor. Your before and after is amazing and i love the lippy – i'm a sucker for a good lippy. Great collection,quality and QVCUK have kicked the cost right out of the park!! Roll on Saturday 4 June x

  3. Nicola Hollern says:

    I love everything about tarte cosmetics and all of the amazing products they bring to us, I also love the fact that their products contain good for your skin ingredients in it which gives me alot of confidence that the make up I wear is helping myskin in a daily basis. I suffer with really sensitive skin due to long term health problems and due to the meds I have to take, I have never suffered a bad reaction to any of Tarte's products and I also love how natural the makeup looks, wearing tartes makeup really help me to feel alot brighter and more self confident on a daily basis. Their skincare including their face oil, neck cream and eye cream are also brilliant. I have never been disappointed my any of my purchases and I am slowly building up a great collection of Tarte's pallets, new foundations etcI can't wait for this Tsv visit, brilliant blog as always Sharon x

  4. Nicola Hollern says:

    I can't wait for this amazing TSV to launch since I had the chance to see the collection at this year's beauty bash.i can't believe that the whole collection will cost under £40 qvc have given us all an amazing deal.I have wanted to try this pallete for ages after watching alot of you tube video of the many different looks you can achieve with this amazing pallete, the foundation, mascara and eyeliner are already a massive favourite of mine and I use them daily, u can't wait to try the new lipstick formula it looks amazing. I love everything about tarte cosmetics and all of the different good for your skin Ingredients they put into every product, which helps my very sensitive skin on q daily basis when I wear their products. I have long term health problems and using Tarte cosmetics products helps me to feel brighter and more self confident on a daily basis, despite how poorly I am feeling. I had the opportunity to meet the very beautiful Leigh at this year's beauty bash and she is a great ambassador for the brand very helpful and knowledgeable about all of the products and what might work best for you depending on skin type etc. Just wanted to say Sharon this is another amazing and very informative blog, I really enjoy reading them all x

  5. Sandra says:

    I can't wait for Saturday to add this to my growing collection of Tarte makeup. I find the products such high quality which makes it easy to get a great finish quickly and easily. The mascara is the best I have found (and I've tried a few!) and I'm really interested to try out the Bottoms Up one. Gorgeous colours and good for my skin too – I love Tarte!

  6. Eirian Jones says:

    Great post as always! I've been waiting for this Tarte TSV for ages and can't wait to get it 🙂 Everything looks fab,especially the showstopper palette. x

  7. Kathleen McClure says:

    So looking forward to Saturday Tarte tsv looks amazing.

  8. Katie Prentice says:

    I've never tried Tarte Cosmetics, but I have to say I am tempted by this comprehensive collection! I've heard so many great things, I'd love to try for myself! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway! @OwlyKatz xx

  9. Angie Hoggett says:

    I've been dying to try them out but not had a chance yet, the products look great

  10. Adele says:

    I haven't tried Tarte cosmetics before but have heard so many great comments. I'm thinking my daughter would love this, especially the palette. She is very pale and from the high street always buys the lightest shade. Which shade in Tarte would be best Sharon?

  11. zoe says:

    Thank-you Sharon, I would love to win this set! Tarte is my favourite make up – and the results are always reliable xx

  12. Laura says:

    I love everything about Tarte. The packaging, the brushes but most importantly that it is good for your skin and doesn't contain all the rubbish like some other more expensive brands. Thanks for the chance to win this collection. Lx

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love the tarte range, this would be a great addition to my make up routine

  14. susan1375 says:

    (Joan gray on rafflecopter) such a great collection , so looking forwards to this tsv and at such a great price!

  15. Julie Baker says:

    Stunning good for you makeup that really lasts but looks classy and sophisticated X

  16. j x says:

    I love the LCL mascara, which is the only Tarte product I have used. I am now so tempted to try the TSV even although I don't wear makeup regularly. It looks gorgeous. x

  17. Trufflepixie says:

    Love Tarte and have been waiting for a TSV from them this year. This set looks wonderful and Sharon as always looks gorgeous

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for doing this blog post – I was a bit worried about the palette as I thought the colours would be too pale, but it's another one I will simply have to have!! Tarte palettes and blushes are just unbeatable. So looking forward to the TSV x Sinead x

  19. Anonymous says:

    I suffer from sensitive skin and Tarte is amazing with my skin, it actually improves my psoriasis on my face better than medicated creams. CHERYL HADFIELD

  20. Cinderella says:

    Great post as usual. Thanks for letting us know what's in the tsv. I love Tarte as they are good for your skin and the colours are just bang on.

  21. Nicola Newman says:

    I can't WAIT for this collection and under £40 excites me even more because I know how much Tarte palettes are and how much their foundations are…creamy confidence is in the 30s so to get a whole tube plus a palette plus a brush plus a liner plus a lip colour and a bad for under £40 is nuts. I've tried both the liquid clay and powder clay foundations. Now I generally don't wear liquid foundations. They don't last well on me and I just find powders last better. I have sensitive, dry yet oily areas on my face…so imagine my shock when I finally got both (after a long wait!) and the powder version was actually HORRENDOUS in comparison to this. Tarte products are great and are ethical unlike many other brands. I'm a new lover of Tarte and can't wait to own this collection, wether it be as a win or when I buy it 🙂

  22. Nicola Newman says:

    This collection looks wonderful and I'm so excited to try it. As a new lover of Tarte, I love buying their products and to know this set will be under £40 makes me SO excited, I've tried the clay foundation. While it can feel a tad heavy, its stay power is exactly as it says: 12 hours. I had this on all day in a job where I get hot, sweaty and therefore oily, and it hardly moved at all. I own both the first Tartlette and Tarte In Bloom so cannot wait for the palette. Whether I win or buy, this set will be mine!

  23. Charlotte Evans says:

    This looks amazing! I have a couple of the blushes and they are lovely 🙂 xx

  24. Christina Taylor says:

    I am a recent convert to Tarte Cosmetics, I love their eyeshadows, mascara and of course the amazing 12 hour Clay Foundation.

  25. Chlo Fairhall says:

    Amazing post and love tarte.

  26. Chlo Fairhall says:

    Amazing price and value. love this post.

  27. Tracy Clark says:

    Ooh great post Back to you Beauty. I think the fair sand is actually going to work for me.My new obsession and great products,Thanks for a great competition and the chance to win

  28. Sprout says:

    Fantastic blog Sharon, very informative with detailed pictures and information of each product. Love the before and after photo, it allows us all to see the finished effect. Cannot wait to try the palette, and the TSV (which I have ordered). Would love the chance to win the set so I can try a lighter shade foundation (for the winter). Keep up the good work xx

  29. Claire Wilson says:

    Love love love tarte cosmetics and don't use any other eyeshadow apart from theirs now and the palettes are in such beatiful packaging too. Can't wait to try the foundation ����

  30. Claire Wilson says:

    Love love love tarte cosmetics and don't use any other eyeshadow now. Their palettes are in such beautiful packaging too. Can't wait to try their foundation 😀😇

  31. Pam Merrifield says:

    I have ordered this on auto delivery after hearing Sharon's glowing review of the foundation. I am normally a Laura Geller Balance and Brighten gal but I sometimes need more coverage than that can provide. I have tried the eyeshadows from Tarte and was very impressed so really looking forward to trying the rest. Wonderful blog, as usual, Sharon X

  32. Anne-Marie Mason says:

    I'm yet to try this brand but it looks fab and your blogs always make me want it! If I was lucky with the competition though I'd put it away for mum, she has a special birthday later this year so I'm trying to make a supersize gift box up for her. x

  33. Anne-Marie Mason says:

    Oops, I'm not sure if I said which shade I would like, sorry. If I won I think mum would be Light Sand please. x

  34. susycat says:

    Love the Tarte palettes I have a couple that I brought from QVC and use them everyday.

  35. Tracy Grenter says:

    Sharon I really enjoy getting your blog posts. Love Tarte they becoming some of my everyday staples.

  36. sue anderson says:

    Not tried Tarte cosmetics so would like to win the TSV. Good blogs Sharon ��

  37. Hayley D says:

    Didn't get the Tsv as thought I had too much makeup. How silly of me.. a girl can never have too much makeup!! Don't know what colour I would be. Love the Facebook group and posts sharon. Thank you for all you do!!

  38. Sandy says:

    I have heard lots of great things about Tarte cosmetics. I would love to try them.

  39. kj19 says:

    I've not tried them before but I love the colours and your before and after pics are amazing

  40. kiddie26 says:

    Hi👋 I haven't tried tarte before but wonder if it would be good for my awkward sensitive skin. Love reading your reviews.

  41. Jill Carson says:

    I love their mascara but would love to try the foundation as im still to find the perfect one.

  42. Margaret Cross says:

    Loved my Tarte TSV, unfortunately, so did my granddaughters, so now I need aanother one.

  43. Lisa Dudley says:

    Fabulous brand, fabulous blog…would be fabulous to win in light sand..😉

  44. Kim Styles says:

    I love Tarte Cosmestics becuase they use natural ingredients such as Amazonian Clay

  45. Unknown says:

    I've been waiting for a while to try these amazing products out. Cannot wait. This collection has all the necessary ingredients to make the perfect kit!

  46. Micaela C. says:

    Can't wait to try these amazing products. It has the perfect color palette for me. I've heard only good things about Tarte cosmetics.

  47. Unknown says:

    I love Tarte and so does my teenage daughter! I never get to keep any of my Tarte products as they 'disappear' into her make up bag!!! Would love a set of my own 🙂

  48. Petra May says:

    Love your blog posts and this tsv. Hope to win another xx

  49. Martina Sheils says:

    I've not tried Tarte Cosmetics before but I loved the live makeover Leigh did on FB. Fabulous big and prize Sharon x

  50. Louise Ward says:

    I would LOVE to win this! ❤️

  51. Susanna Lewis says:

    I've not tried Tarte Cosmetics before but I've been hovering around watching all the presentations. I'm just going through menopause and my old make up routine is just not working and I'm feeling and looking 'old' ! This could be the start of the new me.So I would love to win this prize. I know it cant work miracles but hey..its worth a try ! xx ps. fab blog post by the way xx

  52. jdunkley says:

    Great hints and tips and real life usage from you again Sharon, thank you! X

  53. Natalie Crossan says:

    Great tips 🙂 xxx

  54. Carly Meaden says:

    Recently tried a few products in the range and I'm absolutely blown away! The pigments in the eye shadows and blushes are amazing that you don't need to use much! They last forever too which is great for my hay fever eyes! Looking to try the foundation and concealers next! Fab review Sharon as always 🙂 x

  55. Carly Meaden says:

    Recently discovered Tarte after being recommended by a friend! Absolutely blown away by the pigments and longevity of the eye-shadows and blushes! Next on my list to try is the foundation and concealer. Fab blog review 🙂 x

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