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June 17, 2016

As you may be aware my blog is part of a fab collective for the over 30’s. Thirty Plus was created by Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen as a celebration of Women and Men bloggers in the over 30 age category.

As much as it is fantastic to get a view point, opinion, make up look from someone younger, you may be more my age – 41 – and appreciate my hints, tips and advice just a little bit more. On my blog I aim to show that regardless of age, we can wear sparkly glitter on our eyes if we want to, we can follow make up trends and new brands or we can happily stick to what we know and love. I bring you lots of new brand launches and try and break down the sometimes baffling scientific jargon into more easily, digestible information. I love sharing my honest ( and sometimes quite scary ) before and after photos with you, when I have been trialling new skincare, devices or make up, completely untouched or edited, showing my pigmentation, eye bags, wrinkles and all. If I am not completely honest with you then why trust me?

I am not about erasing the signs of ageing, we all deserve out place in this world and the life we have lived comes out in our skin. My laughter lines show I have had a very happy life so far full of joy and smiles. My pigmentation reminds me of those naughty, naughty, but ever so much fun times in Tenerife and Ibiza when I was 18 wearing only baby oil (good Grief what was I thinking?!!?!?! WEAR SUN PROTECTION PEOPLE) and although I strive to cover the pigmentation, its part of my life and my history. My dehydrated skin is caused by medication from a serious illness which I was not expected to survive… but hey I did! My worry lines..well I am a mum its my job to worry! What I am basically saying is I am proud of who I am as you should be too, so yes we can cover what we don’t like in amazing make up, we can make our skin glow and look healthy and hydrated with beautiful skincare but lets also embrace who we are, the life we live and how lucky that we are to live it. Life is all about fun xx

If any part of what I do on my blog makes you smile, helps you or just gives you 5 minutes a day with a coffee to sit and have a read, then why not nominate me for an award?

The Thirty plus awards “have seven categories, which aim to break down the traditional barriers between genres and celebrate the passion beneath. They include:
The awards are open for nominations between 1st and 22nd June, which gives you plenty of time to decide who is your winner”

So  do you enjoy my posts and the information in them? Perhaps you like the photos I take, post and share across all social media including Instagram HERE? Do you find me helpful in answering questions on my blog and Facebook page HERE, posting swatches or sharing before and after photos of me using product?

If so, could you spare me 5 minutes of your time and nominate my blog for an award? There are 7 categories and you can nominate me for all if you wish. Just click the link below and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT:  My blog URL ,which you HAVE to post each time, is

If enough people nominate me it will then go to a vote. I work really, really hard to bring honest, up to date information to you all via my Blog and Social Media and would appreciate your help. Thank you so, so much for always supporting me, from the bottom of my heart.

VOTE HERE pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee! Hahahaha x

To find out more about these awards which are in conjunction with The Body shop and to read about the judges please visit HERE

Lots of Love and Smiles  Sharon xx

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