SBC 5 piece Supercharged Skincare Collection – A gel for all occasions

Its no surprise that I am a huge fan of SBC gels as they feature heavily on my blog. These easy to use skincare gels are a firm favourite in my family from the very young to the more mature, males and females alike, and have been for many, many years.

SBC 5 piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

SBC are very clever at creating skincare products from natures finest ingredient’s including plant extracts and essential vitamins that are easy to mix and blend and help us with a range of skincare concerns. More info from my previous posts can be found HERE.

The 5 piece Supercharged Skincare Collection  has been put together with 5 products each aimed at Supercharging our skin and allowing us to create the perfect signature, bespoke blends for us.

The first Collection Consists of:

SBC 5 Piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

 500ml Collagen Skincare Gel
100ml Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Lavender Skincare Gel
100ml Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Propolis Skincare Gel

The second choice of collection consists of:

SBC 5 Piece Supercharged Skincare Collection

500ml Arnica Skincare Gel
100ml Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Lavender Skincare Gel
100ml Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel
100ml Propolis Skincare Gel

Collagen Gel 500ml –

SBC Collagen Skincare Gel 500ml

 Ok Rewind a bit…yes I said Collagen Gel. This Collagen Gel is Amazing! I cannot even begin to tell you how many people I have bought These Collagen Gels for! Why? Because personally on me I know it works for my skin and I receive so many compliments. Used regularly my skin is definitely looking firmer, my forehead lines less visible and across my stomach, marks from pregnancy have definitely faded with regular use. I know everybody’s skin is different but personally my results have been outstanding. It is great at dealing with the existing signs of ageing, wonderful on Crows feet around the eyes, it can also be used as a relaxing eye mask by squeezing a generous amount of this gorgeous pink Gel onto a cotton pad, fold in half  and place under the eyes around the area where you may get dark circles! My dad – in his late 6o’s – also adds a pump of Arnica to his Collagen and puts under his eyes and this helps him with swollen under eye bags and dark circles. You really can play around, mix and match and find your own unique blend of gels for you. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in all our ligaments and connective tissues and skin, as we get older our Collagen levels significantly decrease, therefore leaving some of us with dry, creapy, ageing, droopy skin. This Gel is in such a huge size that you really can slather it on everywhere, I use this across my stomach, thighs and “bingo wings” and really massage it in well to help give a firming feel. I use it on my face, paying particular attention to my forehead and lip lines. It smoothes in so easily,  leaves no sticky residue, and allows me to apply make up straight away and get dressed straight after applying to my body. The great thing about these Gels is if you already have a body lotion that you absolutely love, then why not add a pump of this to that lotion? Everybody could do with extra Collagen so this is an amazing way of adding it.

Arnica Gel 500ml  –

SBC Arnica Skincare Gel 500ml

Arnica, Arnica, Arnica!! Ok, as mentioned before I have previously blogged about this product here. I love it and have been using it on my family for at least 17 years so I think it is safe to say I am a fanatic!. This was the first product I ever tried from SBC and for many years the only one.  As I was so impressed by its ease of use, ingredients and integrity, I moved further into the range. In my option Arnica is way up there as my top notch “Medicine” cupboard staple. Obviously it would be wrong of me to sit here and state all the medicinal things it can do because it really is a personal thing, however I can tell you how it helps me. This is an amazing Gel for treating your wellbeing. If you have any aches and pains in your body you can rub this Gel in and it really helps get into the soft tissues and gives so much relief. If you are lucky enough to have someone massaging it in for you it is wonderful to use, there is no redness, no dragging, it is very easy to massage in and sinks in without being sticky, it is great for flushing out toxins using lymphatic drainage and you can use it as many times per day as needed. If I have lots of pain in my neck and no one around to help, I sometimes put a few pumps on a towel or cloth and just lay it across my shoulder or back of the neck and leave it to sink it. Its great to use on children on bruises and bumps and really an amazing all round product. School summer holidays this is my must have and whenever we are out with friends its me they turn to for “The magic lotion” hahaha!

Lavender Gel 100ml

SBC Lavender Skincare Gel 100ml

 This very travel friendly Lavender Gel really is a great all rounder. Firstly, it is an amazing gel in its own right as it is very cooling, calming and de-stressing on the skin, but secondly it blends beautifully with the Arnica gel to create a very relaxing massage treat. Great used all over the body and face, it is perfect to use this before bedtime to help aid restful sleep. My Little boy sometimes struggles with sleep and he LOVES this massaged into his feet at bed time! ( Little Diva) It just really relaxes him and smells beautiful. I love this gently tapped into my temples and massaged into my neck and shoulders when I suffer from headaches, but also it is very gentle to use on dry, stressed skin thanks to the Witch Hazel content. A very handy Gel to have. Beautiful used straight from the fridge on those (Hopefully) hot days. Can be used as often as necessary but please be aware that this contains essentials oils which may not be suitable in pregnancy.

Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil 100ml

SBC Jasmin & Evening Primrose Oil Skincare Gel dries down Matte but leaves a glow

This was a new gel to me, which I cannot believe as I thought I had tried them all! It smells really beautiful and intoxicating which I love. Very cooling and easy to use this very lightweight gel is great for oily skin or dry skin, so the two extremes. This is because it has a real balancing and clarifying effect on the skin. With Added extracts of Evening Primrose and Starflower rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids it is beautiful at hydrating the skin and offering a beautiful glow when used regularly. Again, be careful in pregnancy as this does contain essential oils. This can be used on face and body as often as needed and you can add a pump to your favourite moisturiser if you want to and even to your favourite body lotion to help with dry skin. A lovely one to add on the back or chest if you are oily and prone to stressed skin in those areas.

Rose & Argan Oil 100ml

SBC Rose & Argan Skincare Gel 100ml

 I adore this skincare gel from SBC and use it on and off when my skin needs it. Containing a gorgeous combination of Rose essential oils, Argan oil, Chamomile and Passion Flower, this works at cooling and calming the skin whilst also repairing and strengthening the skin. Now whilst I do not suffer extreme bouts of Rosacea I do have some red in my skin as I am getting older so I apply this on my cheeks and forehead to calm it down. If you do suffer from high colour in your skin, this would be perfect to apply as your moisturiser twice a day on face, neck and décolleté to help soothe and calm the area. I also enjoy this after a day out in the sun, when my skin is feeling hot and bothered as it instantly cools, calms and refreshes the skin. I have recommended this to so many people as it is also great for ageing thinning skin as it contains rose oil which is amazing at strengthening the skin. The smell is beautiful. It is your typical, full bloom English rose, but it is not cloying just very subtle. Again, you can mix and match with other gels or add this to any of your favourite moisturisers. Suitable for use on the face and body as often as needed.

Propolis 100ml

SBC Propolis Skincare Gel 100ml

 This gel is an absolute skin saver. This has been used for so many reasons in our household along with the matching shower gel. When my eldest son was going through his teenage acne phase, this was a godsend. This helped keep the area protected and clean and seemed to calm everything down. When my youngest son was going through the phase of picking the skin around his fingers, this again, helped calm and protect that area and soothe everything. In the winter this is great smoothed over chapped skin on the face, around the outside of the lips and cheeks. It works anywhere on the face or body that needs protecting from the elements and is dry, cracked, or blemished. This time of year this is perfect mixed in with foot lotion and rubbed into dry cracked heels, it works and absolute treat, also fab mixed in with hand cream. The possibilities of this one are endless. A great skincare gel to take on holiday with you too.

My Thoughts on these collections – Whichever choice you make each collection is fantastic and the value for money is outstanding. Each set will come with a fully comprehensive booklet so if at first you are not sure what to do with each gel you will soon become a master blender and have your own treatment room/spa at home. As mentioned they never leave any sticky residue behind at all so if you need to be out the door fast they are perfect. If used on the face they dry down Matte and make a great base for make up within seconds. They can be mixed, blended and layered together or with your other favourite products and are suited to all skin concerns and ages ( pregnant women please check). My family have been fans for at least 17 years and love that SBC are continually striving to bring out new products and formulas to move with our skincare needs. For best results store away from direct sunlight.

Create your own bespoke SBC Blend

All these products can be purchased from SBC HERE however the 5 Piece Supercharge collection with your choice of either 500ml Collagen or Arnica Skincare Gel above are exclusive to Qvc and can be purchased HERE.

I would love to hear your thoughts on SBC! Have you tried them before? Which are your favourite products? Please leave me a comment below

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