Judith Williams Cosmetics launches the My Make Up Collection in the UK

July 30, 2016

I know I have lots of Judith Williams Skincare fans that read this blog, and I very much enjoy hearing from you all when I post about new skincare launches. So you can imagine my excitement knowing for a while that I was going to share some beautiful new cosmetics launches with you!

Judith Williams My Make up Brushes & Hello Sunshine

Skincare junkies need not panic as Judith Williams is also launching some beautiful new items within her Luxury Beauty Institute range, which you can read more about HERE. For now, lets get back to the new products in the ‘My Make Up’ Range.

Hello Sunshine Face Palette –

Judith Williams Hello Sunshine Face Palette

 This Mineral based powder palette is a must for make up bags. Featuring four Matte shades, that can easily be swirled together to create a lovely, natural, delicate sun kissed look to the skin, or picked out individually with a smaller brush and used as eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, bronzer and contour shades, it is great for a “Lift” to the skin. (Please note the palette is jet black but every time I photographed it, the light hit the palette).
The box packaging is sure you wake you up as it is bright gold and will certainly be noticed, it also has picture instrucions on the back to show you how to use it. However, if the outside is a little too bright for you please don’t be distracted. The palette inside is a lovely black with gold coloured embossing. Inside the lid is a full sized mirror which is perfect for seeing your whole face in and the palette fits in my hand so it is a generous size.

Judith Williams Hello Sunshine Palette

 The cake is divided into four shades. A bright, highlighting shade, a chocolate brown which is great for eyeshadow and contouring, a lovely, delicate Rose Pink and a Taupe shade which is great for eye shadow.

Judith Williams Hello Sunshine Palette

As I mentioned these can all be used individually, or swirled together with a big blusher/kabuki brush to create a beautifl glow. As eye shadows they offer a very delicate colour, as shown below.

Judith Williams Hello Sunshine Face palette as Eye Shadow

 I prefer them swirled together as a face powder. They cleverly blend to create a lightweight, light coverage sun kissed glow.

Judith Williams Hello Sunshine Face palette Before & After (Eyes & Face )

My palette was quite powdery on the brush so I did have to tap it out before application, but once on the skin it did not highlight pores or tiny hairs and I didn’t feel it on my skin at all. These would be wonderful on someone not used to bronzer or worried they may over do it. Please be reminded I have quite a yellow toned skin as above.

My Make Up Brush Collection –

Judith Williams My Make Up Brush Collection

 Ok, there is no getting away from the fact that the brush case of this collection is Gold, like….very Gold….in a moon-boot-Silver-but-Gold type of Gold. Just so that you are aware. The brush case opens out to reveal five brush slots each with beautiful, soft, duo fiber, synthetic brushes in. These brushes feel lovely on the skin and have a great weight in the hand. They are numbered one to five and make a nice core collection of brushes which would be absolutely perfect for travel. I must admit I actually use my brushes for what I personally need them for and not always what they are “meant” for so have a play with them and adapt them for your needs – as a guide the styles of the brushes are as follows:
Brush 01 –

Big, fluffy brush great for Bronzing and Blush ( I would also buff in foundation with this )

Brush 02 –

Flat, tapered brush great for foundation ( I would also use for highlighting)

Brush 03 –

Works brilliantly as a buffing brush, perfect for blending eyeshadow into your eye crease

Brush 04 –

 Lovely eyeshadow brush for the eyelid

Brush 05 –

Works fantastic for eyeliner, and although not angled can be used on the brows.

As I mentioned above these are all suggestions/recommendation’s for the brush uses, but feel free to do what works with you as you must be comfortable with your tools. The brushes look beautiful, with their high gloss wooden handle, Gold tone barrel and duo fibre bristles. They are incredibly soft on the skin and blend creams, liquids and powders really, really well. Although the Gold packaging is not for me, I love the style of the wallet, it really lays flat with the brushes in and fits easily into a handbag, or case for travel.

Judith Williams My Make Up Brush Collection

 My Overall thoughts  – Firstly, these would make a beautiful gift. I think the Hello Sunshine Palette would work really well on someone more mature, or shy/worried about using bronzer, highlighter etc. The palette really does give a soft, natural glow as opposed to a bright highlight and bronze. The brushes are perfect for travel or for anyone that only needs those few core essentials.

These new launches are available now QVCUK . Please also see my other posts on Judith Williams.

What do you think of the new cosmetic items listed above? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Pr Sample or Gift Thoughts & Opinions my own
All photographs were take by and are the property of Back to you Beauty

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3 responses to “Judith Williams Cosmetics launches the My Make Up Collection in the UK”

  1. Sue Stewart says:

    These look like a must for me. Especially the brushes. Great packaging on both items. Very glamorous to get out your handbag – classy.

  2. Eileen Lee Porter says:

    looks really good. I have plenty of makeup brushes as l rarely use them but the Sunshine Palette is a must for me xx

    • Back To You Beauty says:

      Hi Eileen, thanks for leaving me a comment. What do you use instead of make up brushes? do you like beauty sponges? Yes the palette is lovely x

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