My top 5 High Street Autumn/Winter Bronzers

I don’t do pale and interesting, really I don’t. I know so many people do, naturally, and look beautiful with pale skin.

High Street Bronzers

If I am not armed with Bronzer I do “pale and dead”. Maybe it is the Essex girl in me but Bronzer has long been my best friend for at least 25 years. I am sure it was thanks to Rimmel that I fell in love with bronzer and i remember getting right down to pan with it and re-purchasing time and time again. The 1990’s were amazing for that bronzed look thanks to the sun kissed looks of the”Supermodels”. I would wear the same shade on my eyes, my cheeks as a contour (Yep all that time ago!) and on my lips with a little Vaseline over the top! It was an incredible multi-use product and very cheap.

Fast forward to today in my 40’s and I still love to look tanned and healthy. I don’t care that its Autumn, Winter or snowing. I want bronze! So below are a list of some of my current favourite high street bronzers and I use different ones at different times. I may add sparkle for a night out, want more matte for day time etc. So please don’t pack away your bronzers thinking they are only for Summer, continue to use them through-out the transitional months so that when it comes to the party season you can completely release your inner Bronzed Goddess without scaring anyone! Hahaha.

Here are my current favourites:

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel

Without a doubt this gel bronzer is one of my top finds of 2016. Full of ethically sourced Ethiopian Honey, not only does this product make your skin look beautiful, but it keeps it hydrated and feeling fabulous. It smells absolutely amazing, with an edge of warming Honey but not sickly sweet. Do not be scared when you first squeeze it out of the tube. It comes out very dark, but you need such a small amount. Easy to apply, this cool gel bronzer can be blended easily on the face with fingers or a brush ( I love a Well brush – So I pop the colour into the well and blend it on) it gives the most natural hint of colour without adding any shimmer and immediately lifts the complexion. It has a buildable coverage and can create an incredible light and natural contour for Autumn/Winter. I reach for this every morning on the school run and within seconds I have colour on my skin and look and feel more awake than I am. Great for anyone that prefers a liquid base on their skin. Not to be used on the eyes. Highly recommend this.

Benefit Hula Bronzer

Benefit The Hula

 Unless you have been living under a rock forever, I think you would have heard all about this iconic bronzer. Benefit’s multi award winning bronzer has been a staple in my handbag and make up bags for years. I go for the travel sizes as they contain so much powder and are perfect for on the go touch ups. Completely Matte, this is the most natural bronzer I have ever used. Brilliant for contouring, even pale skins can use this with a light touch and achieve a sun kissed glow. I love this on my forehead and as a nose contour because it is so natural, also makes a beautiful transition shade in the crease of the eye as eye shadow.  I use a fluffy brush, dab it in the bronzer and buff around the contours of my face. It never looks muddy and can instantly create a natural contour.

Laura Geller Baked Mediterranean Bronzer

Laura Geller Baked Mediterranean Bronzer

Baked by artisans in Italy, this bronzer, which starts life as a liquid, is infused with Vitamin C and E. This bronzer is incredibly hydrating on the skin. Not only does it look beautiful in the palette with its embossed pattern, it also looks very natural on the skin. I love that is doesn’t sit in the pores or fine lines and glides effortlessly onto the skin. This also looks great on the collar bones and shoulders, but in the colder months, this is a well balanced, buildable bronzer that can be worn lighter for day and deeper for evening. It comes in three shades Desert Sands (Light), Moroccan Bronze (Deep) and Terracotta Sun (Medium). I wear the Desert sand shade as it really suits my skin colouring. It comes in a really pretty palette that has a satisfying snap when you close it and a lovely sized mirror inside. I wear this when I am going out to dinner or out for drinks as it feels and looks quite glamorous on the skin. If you have come back from a recent holiday in the sun, this is perfect for continuing that tan as it begins to fade, as it gives that great Mediterranean look.

Studio 10 Radiance Glow

Studio 10 Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil

Set in sleek packaging, this incredibly light bronzer sits beautifully on more mature, dry skin without caking or clogging the skin. It is jet milled, making it super fine and feels silky in application then like nothing on the skin. I also love how this comes with its perfect match highlighter which can be used on the cheeks bones, under and over the brow and lift the complexion. If my skin is incredibly dull, or I am not feeling well and don’t even want to apply foundation, I apply a dusting of this over my face neck and décolleté and instantly I look healthier. Infused with D’Orientine, this helps to delay the visible signs of ageing. A wonderful bronzer for all year use that is easily blend able and buildable and great on all skin types.

*Benecos Natural Fresh Bronzing Duo –  At £6.95 ( at the time of writing) this Vegan friendly Duo in shade Ibiza Nights is an absolute must. This works wonderful on pale skin and is a much lighter bronzer than those I usually wear. However I love its soft, soft texture, that feels almost creamy on my dehydrated skin. I love that it comes with a very complimentary pink blush and when swirled together this duo creates a really uplifting sheen of colour. The bronzer has a more light tan shade and works well on me on days when I am incredibly pale and would be my Winter bronzer of choice. I love it as an eye shadow as the light highlight in this really opens my eyes and makes the green, greener! A beautiful, Vegan duo.

These are my top 5 from the High Street, they all vary in price, colour texture and consistency. I use bronzer in many different ways, for different reasons and to create different looks. I really think bronzer is an important make up item to keep using throughout Winter to just gently, (not crazy orange Oopma Lumpa way), lift the complexion and add warmth, health and vitality to the skin. In the swatches below please note I have used these on the lightest part of my arm, I have also applied them with one light swipe with my finger, as you would use a blusher/bronzing brush the colour will deepen and evens out over the face. I think it shows on the photo how versatile and non scary these bronzers are for winter use.

Bronzer one swipe swatch

I would love to know some of your favourite High Street Bronzers, let me know below which ones I should look out for!

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  1. Gem flutterandsparkle
    September 27, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    I'm totally with you here – I'm never without a good bronzer and can be guilty of piling a little too much in sometimes! I've been meaning to do a favourite bronzers type post, so you've reminded me to get on with it! Also you've inspired me to dig out my Benefit hoola – haven't used that one in ages! Gemma x | http://www.flutterandsparkle.comx |

  2. Back To You Beauty
    October 6, 2016 / 8:25 am

    Hi Gem! Yes get the Hula back out its perfect for everything!! Let me know when you write up your bronzer post 🙂

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