Philosophy Take us on a Fragrance and Skincare journey to the Land of Hope and Wonder

Christmas is an absolutely magical time, fun, friends, family, films, nostalgia, sweet treats and gifts. This year Philosophy have captured the Christmas magic entirely with their gorgeous ‘The Nutcracker’ inspired packaging. Not only are their inspiring quotes on each product uplifting, but so are the memories evoked when smelling these beautiful products. Welcome to The Land of hope and wonder, where dreams and wishes come true……

Philosophy The Nutcracker Christmas Collection

The Nutcracker is a  Magical ballet set on Christmas Eve. A wealthy family are hosting their annual Christmas party in their grand house, when a toy maker arrives and gifts the family two Life size Dolls which dance and amaze everyone. He also gives the two children of the house presents and whilst the sons gift is nice, he is jealous of his sisters Nutcracker soldier and breaks it. The toy maker magically repairs it with a handkerchief for the devastated little girl and the party resumes.
When the party is over and the guests have departed, the little girl Clara sneaks back to the Christmas tree to check on her Christmas soldier and falls asleep with him in her arms.
Suddenly as the clock strikes midnight, strange things begin to happen. Clara starts shrinking as her Christmas tree grows high above her and all the Christmas toys including the Nutcracker soldier come to life, the room fills with an army of mice lead by the Mouse King. The Nutcracker leads his army into battle with the mice but they are too much for him! Suddenly Clara throws her slipper at the mouse which hits him on the head and he drops to the floor, the mice army scurry off carrying their lifeless King with them.

Philosophy The Nutcracker Christmas Collection

The Nutcracker then turns into a handsome prince and takes Clara on a magical journey through a beautiful enchanted forest, full of dancing snowflakes. They then enter The Land of Sweets and come across the Sugar Plum fairy, who when she hears of Claras bravery, awards them with beautiful cakes. Soon after, Clara awakes and realises it was all a dream. There is the magical Christmas tail in a Nutshell ( see what I did).

Fun packaging, full of beautiful products is a must have when you are treating someone at Christmas

Snow Angel Bath, Shampoo and Shower 480ml

Snow Angel by Philosophy

Imagine that moment in the middle of the night when the snow has just fallen, is all quiet and still and everything has a blue, glistening hue. This is what philosophy have captured in this delicately scented bath product. A beautiful pearl shimmer gel that gently glistens on the body as you apply it on a wet shower sponge, creates soft delicate bubbles that envelope you in a comforting hug. Beautiful when poured under a running tap to create a bubble bath where your cares can slip away for a moment or two. Lovely as a shampoo on all ages as it does not dry the hair or strip it of its oils, this really is a lovely all round product that will lift anyone’s spirit’s this Christmas. The scent is as you would imagine an Angels wings to be, slightly sweet, with an undertone of vanilla and warmth. If you love Falling in Love (which is a favourite of mine) you will adore this fragrance. I would suggest this is more of a feminine scent, but to be honest the boys in my house use EVERY philosophy product that comes their way hahaha!

Amazing Grace EDT Nutcracker Limited Edition

Amazing Grace Edt by Philosophy Limited Edition Packaging

“In the end, it all comes down to one word. Grace” Pink, pretty and incredibly feminine, this is an iconic philosophy fragrance and was the first one launched to commemorate the birth of the founders daughter. The Christmas design is absolutely gorgeous! The box has been decorated to look like a a scene from The Nutcracker ballet with the beautiful ballerina and theatre on the box, a pretty ballerina on the bottle and a cute tutu on the neck of the bottle. This fragrance is a delicately soft floral, it is so, so pretty. It smells beautifully clean, non cloying and just lifts your mood to make you smile.

Limited Edition Amazing Grace suitable for all ages

This would make a gorgeous first fragrance for any girl as it really suits all ages. It does not offend, it is delicate and pretty as the design on the bottle would suggest. This is for someone you love, whether that be a daughter, mother, sister or girlfriend, this is a fragrance choice where you just cannot go wrong.

Sparkling Hollyberries Bath and Body Gift Set

Philosophy Limited Edited Christmas Collection Sparkling Hollyberries

“Celebrate the year with happiness and good cheer” A beautiful sweet treat that will lift the spirits of anyone who receives it this Christmas! This pretty collection encompasses all the good things about the festive season and spreading joy, happiness and good cheer!. If you end up having had a little too much good cheer then whisk your self away to the bathroom and enjoy a well deserved pamper.

Philosophy Christmas Sparkling HollyBerries Collection

Containing 240ml, bright pink Sparkling Hollyberries bath, shower gel and shampoo and 240ml of the white Body lotion this is the gift for someone that  wants to feel bright, awake and alert (even if you have had one to many sherries) but also a great one for the kids.

Sparkling HollyBerries Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel

This.Smells. INCREDIBLE. This is most definitely my shower scent, my get up and go scent. I could take on the world after showering in this haha. It reminds me of candy canes. It is a sweet, but not cloying scent, almost floral and green but with a slight undertone of minty fresh. Now im not a minty scent person, but this has an effervescence about it that just gives it that early morning fizz and it is divine. This is definitely something to stockpile as these are only around for Christmas. Again, great when used as a shampoo as it leaves the hair delicately scented yet beautiful and clean and lovely used in the bath or shower. Add to this the lightweight body lotion that you get in the set and this is an absolute winner.

Sparkling HollyBerries Body Lotion beautiful light texture

The body lotion is light and cooling on the skin and sinks in incredibly fast without leaving behind any sticky residue allowing you to dress immediately. Such an incredible collection and when layered together you will be smelling festive and fresh whilst partying into the small hours.

My thoughts on these collections – If you are a regular to my blog you will know that I adore Philosophy. I love how you can layer their fragrances and skincare and smell and feel amazing. I love the ethos behind the brand and inspirational quotes used that really give us all a lift. Their Christmas collections this year are beautiful and perfect to share with friends and family. Although The Gingerbread man and The Snowman are firm favourites every Christmas I think they will have to move over and share bathroom space with the Snow Angel this year.

These products are available in Boots right now but are a Limited Edition Collection For Christmas only. I would love to hear your thoughts on these fragrances or other Philosophy Favourites. Do leave me a comment below.

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