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August 5, 2017

As we age our skin looses collagen, and it can cause use to have that saggy, almost sad look to our face. Many brands include Marine Collagen in their skincare but charge an absolute fortune for it. SBC is a great British brand that creates products full of highly active ingredients that have been put together easily and efficiently and do not cost the earth. Plus they have been clinically proven to have incredible results.

The Collagen Collection - SBC
The Collagen Collection – SBC

SBC have put together and exclusive collection for QvcUK as a One day only TSV. The Collagen Collection contains four products that will help you get your skins mojo back in no time.

Collagen Bath & Shower Crème 1 Litre – 

Collagen Bath & Shower Creme - SBC
Collagen Bath & Shower Creme – SBC

SBC do not believe that all Bath & shower Crèmes are made equal. As cleansing is the most repetitive step in our skincare regime, surely we should be using quality ingredients? This also includes our body products, as we age, it also takes its toll on our body right? So why not indulge it in some beautiful Marine Collagen to not only cleanse, but treat our delicate skin. I have been a huge fan of this product for many, many years. It smells absolutely gorgeous thanks to the inclusion of Passion Flower Oil and Kukui Seed Oil. It is also these two highly important ingredient’s, along with soluble Collagen that make this product deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory and nourishing. On a treatment level it is perfect for aged, mature skin, skin that is dry and needs some love and just to give an all round healthy, soft looking, plumper, smoother look and feel to the skin. On a beautiful bathing experience level, it is suitable for the whole family including children. It only takes 2 pumps under running water in the bath to create a luxurious foam, that leaves a delicate scent on the skin.
Fantastic when adding a pump to a shower sponge and used in the shower to wash head to toe, it really lifts away the grime and impurities of the day whilst leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated and not tight and dry. You  will feel so soft that you may find you can escape a night without body lotion! To read more of my posts on SBC shower gels please click HERE Shelf life opened 12 months.

Collagen Skincare Gel 1 Litre –

Collagen Skincare Gel - SBC
Collagen Skincare Gel

 SBC Collagen Gel is amazing! I cannot even begin to tell you how many people I have bought these Collagen Gels for! Why? Because personally on me, I know it works for my skin and I receive so many compliments. Used regularly, my skin is definitely looking firmer, my forehead lines less visible and across my stomach, marks from pregnancy have definitely faded with regular use. I know everybody’s skin is different but personally my results have been outstanding. It is great at dealing with the existing signs of ageing, wonderful on crows feet around the eyes, it can also be used as a relaxing eye mask by squeezing a generous amount of this gorgeous pink gel onto a cotton pad, fold in half  and place under the eyes around the area where you may get dark circles! My dad – in his 70’s – also adds a pump of Arnica to his Collagen and puts under his eyes and this helps him with swollen under eye bags and dark circles. You really can play around, mix and match and find your own unique blend of gels for you. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in all our ligaments and connective tissues and skin, as we get older our Collagen levels significantly decrease, therefore leaving some of us with dry, creapy, ageing, droopy skin. This gel is in such a huge size that you really can slather it on everywhere, I use this across my stomach, thighs and “bingo wings” and really massage it in well to help give a firming feel. I use it on my face, paying particular attention to my forehead and lip lines. It smooths in so easily, leaves no sticky residue, and allows me to apply make up straight away and get dressed straight after applying to my body. The great thing about these gels is if you already have a body lotion that you absolutely love, then why not add a pump of this to that lotion? Everybody could do with extra Collagen so this is an amazing way of adding it.

Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum Supersize  –

Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum Supersize - SBC
Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum Supersize – SBC

This Serum is fantastic! There I have said it, and yes I am a serum junkie, and yes I think lots of serums are amazing! I also think many are not so great and for such an important part of a skincare routine, I make sure I shout loud for the ones I love. Do not forget this is a 10% inclusion of Marine Collagen serum we are talking about here and some brands charge double the price for a lesser amount, plus this is a 70ml bottle!! Firstly the packing is sleek and lovely looking. Simple yet effective, airtight bottle which keeps the product clean, is also see through so you can see that it is filled all the way to the top and also great to keep an eye on when you need to restock, I love that touch on a serum. This intensive serum is packed with Marine Collagen which is used in products all over the world because of its anti-ageing benefits. This important ingredient is amazing at plumping and deeply hydrating the skin whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works wonderfully on mature, thinning skin and also on dry or dehydrated skin as it is gentle but effective and gives great results. Applied after cleansing this product lifts and brightens the skin and is an important part in your skincare routine. I adore the scent of this serum which is similar to the other collagen products in the collection.

Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum Supersize - SBC
SBC Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum

 A cooling white serum that is very easy to apply by gently tapping into the skin, or, if you have an area of dryness or fine lines that you are more concerned with, you can afford to apply a little more as a mask treatment. I have a very dry upper lip area, that has started to wrinkle more, which is due to sun damage, so I like to apply a thicker layer here and let it sink in. Also lovely around the outer laughter lines on the eyes.

Collagen Ultra Rich Cream 100ml –

Collagen Ultra Rich Cream - SBC
Collagen Ultra Rich Cream – SBC

This is a brand new product launch for SBC and the immediate results it achieves are absolutely incredible. It is a light weight, almost mouse like texture, which makes it very easy to apply to the face, neck and décolleté after applying the serum. Containing Marine Collagen, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Passion Flower Oil, and the brand new ingredient EPS Seafill, it does feel incredibly soft and hydrating on the skin, and instantly softens the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. However….rather strangely, it does contain Menthol and I could feel it. The menthol does give an immediate cooling and toning sensation to the skin, and kind of pulls everything taught, but for me, it is a weird sensation. It really did feel very menthol’y (is that a word?) on my skin and it did make my eyes smart just a little, which I just didn’t enjoy, so do be prepared. The upside of course is that my skin immediately looked fresher and brighter and much more plumped and hydrated…I just didn’t like the menthol and it is the first SBC product I have ever felt that way about. If you want immediate results though, on fine lines and slackened skin on the face, you absolutely will achieve it with this product.

My thoughts on this collection – Although the new Collagen Ultra Rich Cream is not my favourite, this collection is by far and above worth more than the price, for the other products included. This is Collagen, highly sought after and often incredibly expensive marine collagen. Bathe in it, plaster it all over your face and body, but most of all enjoy the experience of brighter, firmer more youthful looking skin.

This collection is available from QvcUK only on Tuesday 8th August for 24 hours or whilst stocks last you can purchase it HERE.
Have you tried anything from SBC? Here are some of my favourite products…Here and Here

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35 responses to “The Collagen Collection – SBC Tried and Tested Qvc Tsv”

  1. Tara says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for this anazing blog. I am totally in love with SBC Collagen and will certainly be stocking up on this beautiful range x

  2. The Sunday Girl says:

    There's something about large bottles that makes me what to splurge! Great review and value in this instance 🙂 x

  3. Allure La Vie says:

    The skincare gels sounds so good! Xx

  4. Heather Nixon says:

    It sounds like a great range – I love the packaging

  5. Emmy Writes About says:

    The serum sounds lovely. Such a fab range and the packaging is so

  6. Roxie Watt says:

    I love that the bath Creme comes in such a huge bottle!

  7. beautyqueenuk says:

    I haven't used the brand but I have seen it on many blogs and it sounds just lovely x

  8. Beautylymin says:

    You've completely sold this range to me! Will be checking it out tomorrow! xxBeautylymin

  9. fashion for lunch says:

    Such good value!!!!

  10. Erin Russell says:

    Is it bad I just love the colour of these so so much?

  11. Lauren Hills says:

    The packaging is so cute! Such great value for the collection x

  12. Gem flutterandsparkle says:

    Loved this post Sharon and definitely learned a few new facts about collagen! I didn't realise the gels were for the face as well as the body – the pink one is calling out to me as is the serum. I have sensitive eyes so I think I'd have to give the last cream a miss if it can sting a bit! Gemma x |

  13. Georgia Weedon says:

    The shower creme looks lovely. I love how big the bottles are! X

  14. Laura Hollier says:

    Love your skincare reviews! Xx

  15. Mammaful Zo says:

    I was drawn in immediately because of the pink ha ha, I love pink! The gel and serum sound amazing and both are things I need 🙂 Great informative post as always lovely xxx Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  16. Laura Louise says:

    I love the pink and the packaging! Very intriguing x

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why have I not tried this range before – very informative blog and it sounds incredible value for money. xxx Celia xxx

  18. Cassandra Thompson says:

    Shame about the Rich Cream, but the other products sound amazing!Cass | CassandraMyee

  19. Catherine says:

    I'm on wait list for 2 sets of this really looking forward to it in September. . But I also started using the SBC cleanser only 3 days in and my skin feels and looks amazing .. highly recommend to all fabulous product!!! X

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