Little Mix Launch LMX Beauty range – The Highly anticipated Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Just over a month ago, before its actual launch I was able to get my hands on the new LMX beauty range by Little Mix. As huge Little Mix fans in my family, it was only right I tested out the products that will be on every teenagers wish list this Christmas.

LMX Beauty Range

With over 25 items – including lashes – in this debut collection, the Little Mix ladies have tried to create a range that picks out each of their personalities, colourings and vibes. Does it work? If you are into glitzy make up then yes it does. Although this range is not “Cutesy” by any standard, and some products are perfectly suitable for men and women of all ages, there are lots of holographic vibes going on and lipglosses on keyrings so, really it is proper suited to that young teenage market.

However, in the vein of all that is Holy in the make – up world, it would have been wrong of me not to feature it.

The three products I picked up were :

LMX Turn up the Base Face Palette

LMX Beauty Face Palette

Containing highlight, blush and contour shades, these pans are a decent size and easy to dip your brush into. They are aslo a little bit “Out There”. What you will find in this palette is that they have tried to create a shade range for all skin types in one palette so you might find yourself reaching for just one or two shades. The contour shades are super smooth, but you do need to build them and build them and build them to find the pigment, as you can see from my second set of swatches showing the four shades on the right hand side of the palette, there is just no pigment.

LMX Beauty Face Palette Swatches 1

LMX Beauty Face Palette Swatches 2

The blush shades look super scary in the palette but are actually quite pretty on the skin, when used with a light hand as these contain a lot of pigment, but sadly for me, the highlighter shades are just too chunky and chalky with the lightest shade pretty much crumbling of my face. A great idea in principle but the formulas just do not work. Available from Boots priced £14.00 HERE

LMX Eyeconix Luxe Eye Palette

LMX Beauty Eye palette 2

 When I first laid eyes on this palette I fell in love as these warm tones are right up my street. Containing 16 mattes and shimmers in shades from black, brown, purples and reds through to beige, rose gold and pink, it looks like a very versatile palette. I know many other bloggers have had some inconsistencies with the shades and found them patchy and crumbly and with barely any pigments, but I have really enjoyed using this palette.

Lmx Beauty Eye Palette Swatches 1

Lmx Beauty Eye Palette Swatches 2

 The colours are buildable but give me a nice pay off and I found they lasted all day and into the night. Even the black shade worked well for me and that is usually a hard shade to get right. It’s not the deepest of the deep blacks but it is perfect for a Smokey eye or to line the eyes. I found the shades creamy, blendable, buildable and easy to wear. Great little palette. Certainly the one worth buying from those Christmas wish lists! Available from Boots priced £16.00 but is currently out of stock HERE

LMX Shout Out To My Pout

LMX Beauty Pout Out to My Ex

 I love a Matte liquid lip, I really do, but it has to be good, so I was very surprised to find that I really enjoy the formulas of these and have been reaching for them at any given opportunity. Though at first glance the shades of liquid lip all look the same in the packaging, when you swatch them you will note they are varying shades of nude with hits of brown, peach, and maybe pink.

LMX Beauty Liquid Lip

The colours are very pigmented and opaque but are more on the dramatic/dark end of the nude liquid lip spectrum, which then creates a more fuller mouth and more made up look over all.

Lmx Beauty Liquid Lip Swatches

 Whilst I wouldn’t recommend these shades to young fans, I think anyone over 16 and above will enjoy them and hey…..who am I to police which age you can and can’t wear a dark lip?

LMX Beauty Lip Liner

 Included in this set are four liquid lips and four complimenting lip liners (one of which I have already lost). The liners are also really nice, but I do like to warm them on the back of my hand first to make them less scratchy. Available from Boots priced £18.00 HERE

My thoughts on LMX Beauty by Little Mix – I adore the Little Mix girls I really do, I love what they stand for with their girl empowerment and I love that they are strong women. I have also taken my youngest to see them in concert and was complety blown away. I know that no matter what I say this collection will fly off the shelves this Christmas. The packaging is nice, trendy and blends well with other palettes in my collection, I just wish they would have tested the formulas more on the face palette. If you asked me to choose, it would be the Eyeconix palette or the Matte Lip and Liner collection. I have only tried these three products but there is so much more available exclusively to Boots and currently it is all on 3 for 2 You can purchase the products below.

I would love to know if you will be purchasing these for yourself or for a Christmas gift. Leave me a comment below

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  1. Annie Qadeer
    October 23, 2018 / 11:37 am

    I'm surprised how great it all looks! I was not expecting this at all! x

  2. Majean G
    October 23, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Wow now that's what I call a collection! Love the neutral look one x

  3. Debbie
    October 23, 2018 / 1:45 pm

    Those lippies look amazing, and I'm impressed it looks grown up enough for non fans, and mature users can buy, without feeling daft

  4. Erin Russell
    October 24, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    Those lipsticks are SO beautiful! I am really impressed with them, the shades are perfection! Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. amellia mae
    November 15, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    The blush looks really lovely on your skin, much more subtle than they look in the pallet. I also really like the look of the eye pallet, a really good mix of colours

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