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I know i have said this about the last few Gatineau QVCUK TSV collections but they really have been some of my favourites. The packaging looks incredible and the way they have been curated is beautiful.

Gatineau QVCUK TSV September 2019

I have written so, so many posts on Gatineau and have been using it in my routine for years and years. If you follow me on Instagram HERE you will know that i use Floracil eye make up remover every single day. So it is my privilege to share with you Septembers Todays Special Value featuring on QVCUK 1st September for one day only whilst stocks last.

Gatineau NEW MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique range

With 87 years of science in every jar, Gatineau really is a skincare range to behold and rejoice in. This collection really is a targeted range of products which, used daily, help to smooth, rehydrate and protect skin whilst promoting radiance and luminosity. Containing three NEW product launches from the MelatoGenine MorphBiotique range and a supersize, this is a must have collection for true Gatineu fans.

Included in this incredible collection are the following products:

Supersize Gentle Cleansing Micellar Water 400ml

Gatineau Micellar Water

You know i love a Micellar Cleanser, they are so quick and easy to use, whether for a first cleanse, or first thing in the morning to remove the previous nights skincare, or just to freshen the skin during the day. This Micellar water was one of the first created and now look how huge they are.This cleanser is so fast to use, it is fresh and soft on the skin. It removes every trace of make up, SPF and impurities in a few sweeps of a pad. I love how this leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft after use without a tight feeling. A much loved salon product too. Beautiful

NEW Alkessence Mist 150ml

Gatineau NEW Alkessence Mist 150ml

OMG I love a Mist spray and would urge everyone to invest in one. To get one in this collection is bloody brilliant because it slots into this regime so well. This brand new launch for Gatineau is so exciting and I think so many of you will fall in love with it as I have. This Ionized Alkaline water is rich in natural minerals. Using patented technology, this is not just a water spray that hydrates the skin, but it also creates a natural defence for the skin, neutralising free radicals and detoxifying the skin of those external aggressors. In clinical trials 100% of participants noticed a more brighter and luminous skin, 100% noticed a more uniform complexion, 82% of people noticed less visable pores. For me, I love how cooling it is, it’s a light, yet continuous spray that immediately hydrates the skin. Fabulous to use after cleansing and before your serum but I also love it on top of my make up. Winner Winner

NEW MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique Serum 30ml

Gatineau NEW MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique Serum 30ml

This fast absorbing serum smells ever so fresh and feels ever so light on the skin. More like a milky lotion in texture it sinks immediately into the skin leaving a veil of hydration. This new MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique range combines the cell plumping power of the already much loved and hard working MelatoGenine molecule that we all know and love. This has a Tripeptide Complex of Great Burdock Root, Chestnut Seed Extract which protects cells from free radical damage and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I will take this by the bucket load please!. It is a dream to use, just a couple of pumps lightly swept across the face, neck and decollete each morning and night, leaves the skin glowing.

NEW MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique Cream 50ml

Gatineau NEW MelatoGenine MorphoBiotique Cream 50ml

A wonderfully lightweight cream that immediately leaves the skin looking radiant, this is a beauty. Containing Vitamin E which is a rich source of antioxidants as well as Great Burdock Root, Chestnut Seed Extract and the MorphoTriPeptide, this really will tackle those fine lines and wrinkles, fight against pollutants, and help with a dull, tired complexion.

This collection really feels like a step into luxury. The packaging is gorgeous, and the products feel so lovely and luxurious on the skin. They hydrate well, give the skin a lovely subtle sheen and really nourish and feed the skin. Lovely for use at this time of year as we have experienced a very warm Summer, this is perfect for feeding parched skin. I am really impressed by this collection.

Available for one day only as a Todays Special Value on QVCUK I will post the link HERE when it becomes available.

Are you a long time Gatineau user or will this be your first dip into the Gatineau pool?

I would love to hear from you so please do leave me a comment below

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  1. Lucy Hough
    August 31, 2019 / 5:55 pm

    This looks gorgeous – I really fancy trying the mist. Beautifully presented blog xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      September 2, 2019 / 7:16 am

      Thanks Lucy, ive been wearing the mist loads, I love how it has a continuous light spray. The whole range is beautiful I really feel they are taking their products to another level x

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