SkinSense Launch Double Strength 0.6 % Retinol Night Serum

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Well what a great start to the New Year this is featuring my first new launch of 2020! We are not even into the second week of January and already I have lots of goodies to share. But first….. SkinSense Double Strength 0.6 % Retinol Night Serum Woo Hoo!

Skinsense Double strength Retinol

Regular BTUB readers will probably be very used to me sharing all the new launches from SkinSense, a brand created by Abi Cleeve, which uses new technology and super ingredients to produce high performing, affordable skincare. You can see lots of SkinSense products i have reviewed and featured previously Here and Here.

Today I am excited to talk all about their new launch Double Strength 0.6% Retinol Night Serum . Having previously wrote all about Retinol Here and including the original SkinSense retinol this new launch is a great “Step up” product for anyone wishing to see even better results.

Back to you Beauty applying skinsense Double Strength Retinol

What is a Retinol? Well, Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that works at every level of the skin. It can break up pigmentation, it helps amazingly with fine lines and wrinkles, boosts Collagen, makes your skin better at hydrating itself and speeds up skin cell turnover. It is pretty darn amazing and is the most incredible active ingredient that has clinical evidence to prove all of the above. But knowing which strength to use how and when is important for your skin type and age. With variations from Retinyl Palmitrate, Retinol and prescription only Retin-A, it is important to start gently and build slowly, depending on your age, skin type and concern.
It is best not to layer a Retinol product with a Glycolic or Vitamin C and to use on different nights, but always always use a SPF the following day. Not only does this protect the strength of Retinol that you are using (as it breaks down in the sun) but obviously also protects your skin. The best advise really, when it comes to Retinol products is to start slowly and build up. Whether you are starting in your twenties as a preventative measure, or want something more hardcore in you forties and beyond it’s time to start now!

SkinSense Double Strength Night Retinol Serum offers a higher Retinol Concentrate of 0.6% for those to progress ingredient potency from the bestselling 0.3% SkinSense Retinol Serum that launched early last year.

Retinol is encapsulated in this super light serum, and I mean SUPER LIGHT, it has an almost Satin feel and finish and leaves the skin feeling super hydrated and looking radiant, thanks to the inclusion of Lamellar protected Hyaluronic. Unlike some other Retinol products, this doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped or parched and will not leave the skin feeling raw, looking red or for the need of any down time (do always patch test).

skinsense double strength

Thanks to SkinSense Lamellar formula this Double Strength 0.6 % Retinol Night Serum is delivered gradually, below and above the skins surface throughout the night as you sleep to ensure maximum results gently.

I have literally only just started using this one and I do use Retinol regularly anyway, but I will take some before and after photos and stick to just this for a minimum of 6 weeks (where testing other products allows) and get back to you with my results.

Available now on QVCUK Here you can also check out the video of Abi Cleeve explaining the product in more detail.

Let me know your thoughts on Retinol, the brand SkinSense and if you will be trying this out!

Have a wonderful day!

Love Sharon xx

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  1. Lucy
    January 9, 2020 / 8:03 pm

    Ooooh I might give this a try. Very interested to see your verdict after using it fir longer. Beautifully styled blog xxxx Lucy xxxx

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